Maybe they should just move the solar lights to the …

Comment on Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’ by Interested Darwin Observer.

Maybe they should just move the solar lights to the gym? The solar panels will provide some shade and get them out of the CBD.

The river gym area was not well thought out. There was no need to separate the equipment by a kilometre along Barrett Drive. No one does a half work out, runs 4 minutes then does another half work out.


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24 hours to remove election signs
Constitutionally any Alice Springs Town Council By-Law or policy on the matter can be deemed to impinge upon political expression.
Policies and guidelines are empty words and do not have any relevance or power over we the people unless we so choose to enter into agreement or contract of them.
When was the last time a town council littering by-law was upheld? The council lawns is often covered in litter in front of council rangers.

Massive military spending: Election distraction?
Maya, what higher purpose does the democratically elected government of Australia have which is greater than national defence?
I am more than happy for my tax dollars to go to the cause of keeping Australia safe. That is job number one.
If you prefer a government that will instead raise taxes and spend it all on social outcomes such as education, housing and health – well that is your choice to vote those people in.
But Australia as a whole obviously doesn’t have an appetite for that. I can educate my children with or without taxpayers’ involvement. What I cannot do is buy and operate a missile system. That is what governments are for.
To believe that China does not or will not pose a threat to our way of life is naive in the extreme.

NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
Now we can be terribly “represented” by just the one member not two. I see this will make absolutely no difference. Neither MP has achieved anything meaningful for the NT.

Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray
Arrunta Man – Not so sure of your theory.
Marli will struggle to be anywhere near competitive in Braitling. Catherine will also have a tough time find relevance in Namatjira. Kenny in Gwoya I am not so sure, but I would anticipate a Labor win there.

Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray
This is a legitimate question to the candidates or the party leader:

Have any of the candidates established and operated a successful company and if so, what was it?

I see Marli is described as a “business woman” but this is somewhat vague.

Government is a business, when you don’t run it as a business you end up with endless programs and massive debts – just like what we currently have.

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