Wonder what sort of ROI the tax payer will get …

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Wonder what sort of ROI the tax payer will get out of this. I just don’t see it as being much of a tourist draw card. Looks like more Labor waste.
Instead, try cutting red tape and bureaucratic garbage and make it easier for alcohol involved industry to establish, operate and grow.

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New COVID initiative rehashes old projects
Charlie, by welfare for the rich you mean it is returning tax payers dollars to those who actually paid it in the first place? 50% of tax comes from the top 10% earners.
And yes, local tradies will definitely benefit! It is not unlikely to expect that middle class families may seek to add a bedroom and an en suite or similar works which can easily cost in excess of $150,000.
Evelyne: Good question – how much is this costing us?
And what does Dale know about (re)constructing?
She has never been in the real economic world in her life. Her pet project of the upgrades to the women shelter is all she can claim – and that is hardly an economic driver with strong return for the town.
I guess though it might have a comfortable office in it for when she loses her job in August!
We would not need re-constructing if her mob had not sent us down the gurgler in the first place, with dud economic policy and an explosion in crime.

Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’
Maybe they should just move the solar lights to the gym? The solar panels will provide some shade and get them out of the CBD.

The river gym area was not well thought out. There was no need to separate the equipment by a kilometre along Barrett Drive. No one does a half work out, runs 4 minutes then does another half work out.


Solar lights may go
Steve T: No argument here regarding the “abilities” of the NT Labor Government!
Just unsure what proven performance Mayor Ryan has ever demonstrated that suggests he is going to be a mover and shaker in NT Parliament.
He has consistently rejected calls for curfew. In Araluen, my money is on Robyn and – being realistic here – worst case scenario, hopefully, being a TAP/CLP Coalition Government.
Back to these lights: This is completely an Alice Springs Town Council stuff up. Not DIPL (not that DIPL are not an even more incompetent, spread sheet ticking top heavy bureaucrat run mess).
These lights stink of a relentless ideological pursuit of “green” initiatives with no consideration for logic (grid power available and existing light posts exist that could be upgraded) or aesthetics.

Solar lights may go
Steve T – Are you serious or just being facetious?
The area of works do not come under DIPL control. It is council road and walkways. DIPL should not be involved and they most certainly are not the people in charge on this matter.
What has the Mayor ever done? He has achieved nothing in council. He is still struggling with the youth curfew conundrum despite it being CLP policy.

Solar lights may go
Over armchair experts: The recyclability, or lack there of, of solar panels is a growing global issue. Alice Springs most certainly is not equipped to deal with this waste. There is certainly an argument that low value usage of solar panels should take into account the full life cycle.
Rip them out!

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