Thank God for those who stop to smell the roses! …

Comment on A touch of light: caper white butterflies by Daryl Gray.

Thank God for those who stop to smell the roses! (Desert or otherwise).
Times of isolation like these gives us all a chance to pause and reflect on the intrinsic wonder and beauty of life around us!
Our very own Attenborough in the form of Mike is a treasure as are his photos and eloquent and poetic words.
Thank you Mr Gillam for taking the time on behalf of us all, allowing us to see things we might never get to experience otherwise.
As a now limited traveller, your work is truly a real and lasting gift!

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Alice Prize: online but undaunted
An impressive selection from talented artists. Nice that this has gone ahead, albeit online.
But, for those of us who now live far away, online is a treat!
Well done to all involved, keep the faith: Art matters!

Alice Springs boys first Indigenous players for Port Adelaide
Steve O’Brien, a LeFevre Peninsula lad, played his first of many games on the wing for Port Adelaide in 1973.
A decade later he transferred from managing Steel Mains depot in Port Adelaide, to manage the company’s factory in Alice Springs. Steve is one of those 54 players celebrated by the PAFC.

The water is there, but our swamp is dying
I was fortunate to live in a house in Lindsay Avenue with an old style stock gate as the only thing between us the the Coolabah Swamp as it was known then. Sunrise through the grass and the trees was the highlight of starting my day. I wrote to the editor of the other paper that shall not be named here, as the whole area was under threat those decades ago, and the Stott Tce causeway added insult to injury by its design, which gave little account of the damage to the area. It is a very handy link to Sadadeen and Undoolya, especially in times of flooding etcetera, but, given that, more love and attention, and funding by government agencies needs to be forthcoming now to support and encourage the longevity of this remnant from our ancient past. Otherwise if allowed to wither and die, well may other fellow Australians and overseas visitors say … Why?

A living connection with the past
Congratulations Jose! A well deserved honour and recognition of your services to so many people. I loved reading your well crafted memories of people, places and events, you bring the past alive in your story telling.
As Bob Hope used to say (and sing); Thanks for the memories!

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
Alex, you write a terrific history of the Anzac High School, and its many incarnations.
I enjoyed the details surrounding the people both past and present involved with the history and development of the site. W
hat great link with pre and post WW2 politics and place.
Keep writing these local historical accounts, because even though the buildings may have gone, the rich history and characters remain in print and photos for many generations to enjoy.
Thank you for your passionate defence of Alice Springs and its unique history.
You are a great advocate for Central Australia, so please, keep the well researched human face of history coming!

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