More wonder-filled reportage from, as Daryl aptly dubs Mike, our …

Comment on A touch of light: caper white butterflies by Rod Moss.

More wonder-filled reportage from, as Daryl aptly dubs Mike, our local Attenborough.
Apart from leading readers into parts perhaps less valued by many travellers, its a relief to find these missives featuring amongst the usual drumbeats of The News.
That’s not to say that an equally serious urgency drives these brilliant snapshots.

Recent Comments by Rod Moss

A touch of light: native passionfruit
Yet again Mike, a brilliant article. Look forward to these regular epistles.

A touch of light: at home among the corkwoods
Mike, I anticipate more of you finely balanced and informed observations.

A touch of light: sculptural giants
Another urgent message, Mike, that I only hope finds responses from those elected to perform the necessary tasks you’ve outlined.

A touch of light: termite alates
Another brilliant piece Mike. Keep these raptures rolling! They draw us closer to the world at large.

A touch of light: totemic caterpillars
Loved this reportage from the ground up, Mike.

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