Hi Charlie, More than 25 years ago I was being …

Comment on Off-roading with rules for our New Normal by Scott McConnell.

Hi Charlie, More than 25 years ago I was being told similar reasons why the Larapinta Trail wouldn’t work here and mountain biking wouldn’t work here.
The scale may be different here than the examples I have used, but that doesn’t mean the concept should be completely disregarded.
Most Finke Desert Race participants are from interstate. There are also already local businesses catering to adventure motorbike riders.
And, in fact, establishing some modern legislation around off-road Motorsport would reduce unregulated riding currently damaging our environment.
In addition to providing new opportunities for tourists, it would also provide additional recreational opportunities for locals (and those we would like to encourage to become locals, like FIFO workers). Motorbike technology is evolving too. They produce far less emissions now, and there are hybrid and electric versions emerging in the market.
Happy to keep discussing to achieve something that is sustainable and community-driven.

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