Very well written and informed piece by Prof Fuller and …

Comment on Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out by Publius.

Very well written and informed piece by Prof Fuller and I’m grateful that he has remained engaged in this issue so important to the future of the Territory.
The VET restructure proposal that Prof Fuller mentioned has now been abandoned by CDU. It was the product of leadership unfamiliar with the nuances of a successful VET organisation and how it can best serve our community.
There is a great deal of talent, dedication, and innovation within the lower ranks of the CDU VET organisation, yet they struggle to meet the needs of Territory students and industry.
Saddled with slow, cumbersome, ill-suited university processes and structures, and burdensome overheads that add no value to VET delivery, CDU VET has lost significant ground to competitors. There are no synergies or efficiencies created by having the two truly diverse organisations under one command.
On the contrary, it forces funding meant to strengthen skill development in the NT to be diverted to support the university’s institutional structure.
An independent, leaner, agile, more responsive organisation with a focus on serving the Territory can be successful and is our best option if we want a financially stable, Territory-focused VET organisation.
As we look to rebuild the Territory’s post-COVID workforce, having a stand-alone public VET provider will be even more essential to create bright economic future for the Territory and opportunities for Territorians.

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