Great article by Professor Fuller. Such a pity that CDU …

Comment on Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out by Meredith.

Great article by Professor Fuller. Such a pity that CDU is not undertaking its responsibilities in a clear and transparent manner to Alice.

Recent Comments by Meredith

Gunner’s rule: Economic cracks widen, accountability vanishes
The Auditor General should have the power to conduct performance audits of NT Government departments and agencies.

Not much left of Gunner’s lofty promises
Most NT politicians are far too self serving and self interested! We can’t continue with a Gunner Government!

Gunner Government: Budget misuse and democracy collide
I think Gunner should read Dr Fuller’s article. He would at least then know where he has gone wrong.

Industry development in the NT a government policy vacuum
For too long Territory power brokers have been the worst enemy of the Territory!
Often at their own benefit.

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