What a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money. How can they …

Comment on Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out by Brian.

What a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money. How can they get away with this?

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Not much left of Gunner’s lofty promises
NT politicians – carpetbaggers!!

Gunner Government: Budget misuse and democracy collide
How could a senior politician be so incompetent!

Industry development in the NT a government policy vacuum
Jason hasn’t understood the article.
The article was about how to diversify the Territory economy. Sure it’s tough.
But you don’t give up before you start.
There are huge mineral and gas resources in the territory.
Territorians, not only mining companies, need to share in the wealth.
We shouldn’t give everything away just because some of us suffer from a belief that “we are not good enough”.
Solve the problems on the ground! Let’s not adopt a lazy loser attitude.

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