It’s a great joke. The Aboriginal people turn every news event …

Comment on Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue by Dursun Rushdie.

It’s a great joke.
The Aboriginal people turn every news event to suit themselves.
I don’t see any reporting on an Indigenous male being bashed to death by Indigenous males on Friday and the “payback“ to another Indigenous male on Monday.
“Black Live Don’t Matter” when it comes to the Australian Aboriginal.

Recent Comments by Dursun Rushdie

Top End nursing: footy injuries, common cold to heart attack
Glad you enjoyed your two weeks of nursing placement.
You have no idea what a remote area nurse, in a two nurse post, has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.
The amount of taxpayers’ money that is poured into Indigenous health is astronomical.
The Indigenous population in communities break in to shops, clinics, schools and trash the places, destroying the ambulances and vehicles and then tell the government that they are not doing enough.
The government are so gutless they pour more money into the Indigenous just to keep them quiet.
When the government spends more than $100m a year of taxpayers’ money on health and infrastructure because of the destruction the Indigenous have cause, one would think an investigation would have occurred.
But no, the government will sweep it under the carpet and give them more money, on top of the $200m the Indigenous receive from royalties.
So please tell us all again what a wonderful time you had.

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