@ Pip McManus: It is more complex than bigotry, Pip. For …

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@ Pip McManus: It is more complex than bigotry, Pip.
For those with Netflix, watch Oranges and Sunshine and you may understand the “other” side a little more.

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Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
@ 1 Frank Baarda: Frank, I watched the video. Yep it was poorly managed and clearly the senior of the police was grossly unfit causing him to loose his cool. I don’t understand why the police have to pass a fitness test at the beginning of their career but are allowed to get obese during their career.
Furthermore he (police) should be disciplined for saying “I’ll thump you” etc.
The situation should never have been allowed to go on that long and had they put the guy in a figure of four, it would have not escalated.
On the flip side, they gave the offender more than ample opportunity to comply and he did not, so that was his undoing.
One thing I have never liked is officials all yelling at the same time. Whilst it is one of their tactics, it only adds to the confusion.
Perhaps they should have had a NAAJA person or such there to explain what was going to happen because the Spiel was a little confusing to me.
But, had the guy complied none of this would have happened.

Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
@ Josh Davis: Josh, I am unsure what you mean specifically about my misinterpreting the facts “@ Surprised! What you seem to be missing in your interpretation of the facts is that Indigenous Australians only make up around 2% of Australia’s total population, so making up 20% of the deaths in custody is staggering” as I only mentioned watching Oranges and Sunshine and that “All lives matter”.
In response to your “when people say ‘black lives matter’ they are not saying only black lives matter or black lives matter more than other lives.”
So if I put and advertisement in the paper that says “Positions Vacant … White People are strongly encouraged to apply” or White Australian Identified Position (under Section 25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act). Tell me honestly that you don’t believe that these would not draw some racist feedback? Point being, it’s very similar to differentiating between black lives to white lives to all lives.
As and FYI, both of these phrases are frequently used to encourage Aboriginal people to the positions. (I substituted the words Aboriginal with White.)
But as you mentioned it, the 2% population making 20% of the deaths in custody, then we should look at that too. For a start, the stats suggest that there is a disproportionate number of Aboriginals in custody. Then that also suggests that they break the law more often, perhaps disproportionately. Surely that needs to be addressed!
Then there is what causes the deaths? My understanding is that a lot of these people have or had severe health issues prior to going into custody.
That being said, there may also be ill and immediate effects from withdrawal from various substances. So whilst they are in custody, perhaps that is not the best place for them, especially if they need medical (immediate or longer term) care.
To my mind, if the police arrest someone for a crime and take them to the watch house or gaol as the case may be. It’s not the police who should have to make the determination as to the person’s medical condition (unless its obvious) or suitability to be transported to the watch house or gaol.
We have Congress who get a heap of money ($30m) to help, but what do they do with regards to frontline work? There are a myriad of funded Aboriginal organisations, what do they do in terms of measurable resolutions? Have they really improved the lives of Aboriginal people?
Furthermore, to blame the police is ridiculous and very unfair.
I am sure there are members who need some guidance or perhaps even removal and we have to trust the system to see that it happens.
To blame the police in general because of a few bad eggs, is akin to blaming all Aboriginals for the crimes of a few.
Isn’t this how we got here in the first place?
In terms of other numbers, as I actually mentioned in my comment, make the effort to watch Oranges and Sunshine and see some “other” statistics or at least get some perspective of the unfairness of life.
In my opinion, Aboriginal organisations receive a disproportionate amount of money and resources (in comparison to non-Aboriginal organisations), to assist their people.
If they fail to administer effective, efficient and or appropriate care, compassion and educational necessities to make their lives better, then they have failed their people.
Probably, one thing that really gets to me, is that a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon about something that happened in the US and are drawing parallels (rightly or wrongly) to what’s going on in Australia.
BUT nobody really gives a shit about the thousands of people dying EVERY DAY around the world from starvation and other diseases or the hundreds of homeless and destitute people in Australia.
They haven’t broken the laws and haven’t ended up in gaol. They are mostly innocent.

Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
Correction. Netflix in Australia don’t have the movie. It is on DVD, Apple TV and Amazon.

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The militarised centre of Australia
“Environment of constant competition” is an excellent and politically correct metaphor for war. Very scary business if you ask me. Good luck with the book Kieran, I’m sure it will be an excellent read.
@2 Frank. Frank AWA defence arm was AWADI (Defence Industries).
Interestingly if they hadn’t put signs up no one would ever really have known. People are curious critters.

Who gets free quarantine here? Wakefield passes buck.
Well, given what is happening in Victoria, all the states and territories would do well to close their borders to anyone from Victoria.
Unfortunately and as is typical, there are a few who are continuing to put others lives at risk by not following isolation protocols. You only need to see the evidence in the police media stats. The selfishness and self entitlement of some people is putting all of us at further risk until harsh measures are adopted.
As unfortunate as it is, these people’s actions are affecting all of Victoria. That being said, the Federal Government should make it law that nobody can enter or leave Victoria until such time as there is a significant drop in the virus numbers.
Gunner, if he had any guts, would close the NT to anyone from Victoria, even if they have only transited and this is people people cannot be trusted. (A bit like the government really.)
At the end of the day, the safety of the many far outweighs the selfish needs of a few.

Bush problems? Nothing they can’t handle.
This looks really cool. As long as the pollies stay out of it, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Good work, Tiani!

Council resignations and surprising alliances
In essence I agree with what Hal and James have written. History and science in this regard have a lot in common.
The more time that passes by allows for more research and other facts become relevant or are discovered.
Let’s not try change the past and subsequently be held back by it.
Let’s accept what happened in the past and learn from the many mistakes that were made.
This will help us all in the long run.

Person offences up, property down, in lock-down month
@ Frank: You are correct, but statistics like this are used to mask reality.
Many years ago when Lada vehicles were available, they stated that in 12 months they had increased their sales by 100%. They sold their second one.

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