@ Ralph Folds. Right, so if the system cannot accomodate …

Comment on Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue by GC.

@ Ralph Folds.
Right, so if the system cannot accomodate those cultural differences, that to me is a form of violence. It presents a binary of conformity or punishment with no sensitivity to alternatives. Without ceding the power that white people have cultivated through that form of oppression, then that system remains corrupt – we profit while others are punished for cultural difference.

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Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
@Ralph Folds. It is unjust! We address it by abolishing the police and believing a different world is absolutely possible and absolutely essential. We do it collaboratively.

Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
Consider the fact that the police force in Australia were conceived in order to a) preserve and protect private property and b) restrict the freedoms of the poorest classes in order to maintain their subjugation so their labour could continue to be easily extracted.
Now consider that any private property the police were protecting in Australia was a) stolen and b) was underpinned by a mode of possessing specific to the European settler-state.
The police still operate in this way today.
By enforcing the logic of the settler-state, the police sustain a system that punishes those that possess alternative value structures.
We see this in the extraordinary number of Aboriginal people living below the poverty line, we see this in Aboriginal deaths in custody, we see this in the constant harassment of Aboriginal people by police, we see this in the disproportionate number of Aboriginal people in prison.
We cannot look at a statistic that tells us that 100% of inmates in youth prisons in NT are Aboriginal and not see a corrupt and discriminatory system and a violent and racist police force that upholds it.
No freedoms have ever been given to Aboriginal people.
They have been forced to take freedom for themselves, always with immense struggle. It’s time we, as uninvited settlers, listen properly, so we can learn how to help make that struggle much, much easier.

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