NT police do a fantastic job. They put up with …

Comment on Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue by Jono.

NT police do a fantastic job. They put up with so much.
They arrest people who bite the back of their lips which produce lots of blood. The police open the back of the van and a mouthful of blood is spat over their face. The same getting pissed on while doing their duties.
Tell me why they should put up with this.
People are quite happy to complain about police and what they do. Take alcohol away, remove cars from the road that aren’t registered, no free housing.
If we all get the same there can’t be any complaints.
All lives matter and all lives deserve the same as each other. No more giving extras because of race.
Keep up the great work, NT Police.

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Increased fire prepared? Not the NT Government.
The airport cannot facilitate such a aircraft in terms of refilling with water.
There is not enough water and pump speed which needs to be beneficial in assisting in fire operations by the time the airport has filled it up the fire would of travelled another 10km in those west macs fires.
Even though I am very passionate about the environment they are mainly used for assets protection and the fires in Central Australia rarely effect properties. You need to understand the operations in a fire incident.
[ED – “Interested” is wrong. The details about adequate water availability and flow rate at the Alice Springs airport are here.]

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
I have worked in Central Australia for 11 years, heavily involved in Aboriginal communities.
I know many police officers who all do a fantastic job. Do people know what they have to go through, urinated on, spat on, bite their gums so they bleed and spit blood out through the bars
Police have to have tests regularly because of this. They can’t take their family to stay with them otherwise they are in risk from a family whose child, teenager or parent has been arrested. But yet after all this they want to stay and protect people. I worship them.
Now Yuendumu is one of the most dangerous communities in Central Australia [as is] Ali Curung.
People don’t protect a dangerous individual who stabs police officers.
It is a shame but don’t blame someone for doing their job and protecting their life.
Members respect police. Look after your families and this won’t happen.
He is not a black man killer. He is doing his job. I feel sorry for what he is going through. People who really don’t know what it’s like should not comment.

Because of eight grandmothers we can
You have a great website Erwin, well done! It gives everyone the opportunity to speak openly.
I have lived here for 10 years so still young in the scheme of things.
A lot of money has been given to Indigenous organisations to help and unfortunately they have not worked in recent times.
There have been a lot of groups like the one above who have come together to address these issues. The same outcome is blame the government, police etc.
Ladies, I admire what you are trying to do but it is about time that your people take the blame.
The government can’t tell you how to be good parents, to tell your kids to come home at a reasonable hour, go to school, respect people. The white person’s fault is becoming a bit tiring because its not ours.
Some of your people who choose not to work receive a lot more benefits than what white people get, we have to work to live.
I have numerous Indigenous friends, a lot of them senior, and they say school should be the priority and the only people that can make them go is their parents.
I hope your group can make a change but try to concentrate on what the issue is, who can change this and who is responsible. Not the blame game.
All the best.

Buffel inaction makes mockery of parks hype
Hi everyone,
I have always enjoyed reading various articles on this site. You have done well Erwin.
This topic above seems to be a regular topic and I keep finding it hard not to comment.
Steve, I am very confused where you come up with all your information. It seems like you speak for the whole pastoral industry when it comes to buffel. I will give you a tip, there are 74 pastoral stations plus CLC managed in Central Australia. I have nearly visited them all. They don’t all share your view.
In the past you have laughed at Peter Latz’s studies and comments by so called greenies, but reading and studying natural resource management their information is spot on. You need to take your hat of and look at the whole picture. Tourism, endangering native flora and fauna, soils and yes severe fires are caused or contributed by buffel.
My last comment is you mention not to use fire. How do you come to this point? Burning off is a key tool to be used in management for many people and from a property owner I thought you would understand this. Properties, infrastructure and life have all been saved by controlling fuel loads using fire.
I am more than happy to discuss this with you but I think you need to really understand the environment and not just assume since you and your family have been here for 100s of years you are experienced in the topic. Hope all is well.

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