Let’s have a local Masters Games, says Gerry Wood



Sir – Why not a local NT Masters in Alice?


I am disappointed by the government’s decision to cancel the Master’s Games this year.


In light of the fact we don’t have any Corona Virus surely a local NT Master’s competition would still be a goer.


It could be run by the various sporting groups in Alice Springs and to reduce costs no medals awarded just running or playing to celebrate what we love.


If 42% of participants normally come from interstate then surely we can have a local Masters for the other 58%.


As well it would help the local tourist industry and those driving into Alice would help those places on the way, after all every little bit helps.


He says if there are any interstaters who want to come they still have to do quarantine and usually if you are fit enough to do the Master’s you are pretty healthy.


So come on, give it a go, I’ll be two years older by 2022 and I can’t have all my training go to waste by then.


Gerry Wood

Independent Member for Nelson




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  1. James
    Posted June 12, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    Good on you, Gerry.

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  2. Michael Dean
    Posted June 9, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    This is on a different tangent I accept, but I was thinking about any new events we could get going.
    Indulge me, a rally or journey of Rolls Royce vehicles, from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Springs.
    The coverage could be incredible for the NT, and the footage of new and old Royces travelling the outback highways would be great footage for the NT.
    I’m only assuming, but there could be interest and it might require government help, but just a thought.

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