I can’t find logic in the reasoning behind why changing …

Comment on Global statues controversy hits Alice Springs by Logos of Araluen.

I can’t find logic in the reasoning behind why changing this street name isn’t a good thing for our town.
History isn’t being erased by this movement – it’s being brought into balance.
There is always another side to a story, different to whose perspective we’re being taught.
In 1970s schooling, what we heard was very much one side of the story. Thankfully, this is changing and global eyes are opening to what is true.
As for a metal directional plate fixed to a pole, I’d be curious to know how prevalent in the minds of GenY/Zs are Google searches for street name histories, because I am struggling to imagine any young resident driving past Willshire Street and, being suddenly possessed by intrigue, having the fortitude to then Google the name to learn its history.
An Arrernte street name stands a far better chance of being researched by, perhaps, a new resident keen to learn and understand more about this ancient country.
Ex-COVID, these people are a substantial portion of our modest population’s natural ebb and flow.
I also feel, the right to rename sits with Willshire’s victims.
Invite the most senior Central Arrernte custodian to present an appropriate new name, and then together we celebrate the renaming.
I’m sure the residents of Willshire Street would rather be associated with a positive recognition.
Then hang a little metal plate, under the official street name plate, that says “formerly Willshire”.
Now, you’ve provided a third solution: Anyone struck with the curiosity bug upon seeing this dual naming can then Google both names and perspectives of this story.
Who knows, they might then learn to see with two eyes.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor