What a sad state of affairs:Division politics of Aboriginal Australia. We …

Comment on Global statues controversy hits Alice Springs by Mark Sinclair.

What a sad state of affairs:Division politics of Aboriginal Australia.
We had serious murderous issues with the Japanese with beheadings en masse, torture and cruelty to our Diggers that beggars belief. We did ugly things too.
However, because we both have educated minds we now forgive and are best friends. My grandson is Australian – Japanese and our nations have the intellect to trade and enjoy a beautiful relationship.
Why cannot we do the same at home?
Because uneducated minds who deal in blood and misery divide Aboriginals against mainstream Australians with obtuse ideas that serve the Aboriginal blood money industry.
COVID19 happened and there’s no more money, a blessing in disguise, watch the Aboriginal industry rats desert Alice Springs as funds dry up.
Maybe then we can have education back for Aboriginal kids and the leeches cut from their skin.
Then we can all be united as multicultural Australians including Aboriginal Australians.

Recent Comments by Mark Sinclair

COVID spitters are grubs, idiots, and lowlife: Gunner
This is typical Labor propaganda, everyone knows the NT is broke and the idea of diverting attention to spitters is a bit dishonest.
Yes, they are knuckle draggers but the truth is there are very few jobs being placed anywhere and if you look at Alice Springs area you see bugger all jobs.
So many people say they will be moving on to another place over east where there will be work after this.
For sale signs and rents signs up all over the place.
The NT needs to be real on employment and that means employing those that are permanent residents and Australian citizens. These people build communities and economies.

Town camp drunks attack police, ignore COVID rules
Corona Virus has emptied Treasury. This means costs imposed on Australia by remote area crimes will be last on the list to be considered.
After all the economy is funded by people who work and produce income tax.
So there will be less police and constrained budgets.
Saudis have tent jails in their deserts and they are really harsh places.
The days of using police as punching bags are OVER!

CAAMA ‘drowning in debt’: Regulator
I would think the NT ICAC should be looking into this CAAMA Board and CEO.
It should be a matter of public record then who maybe have charged and convicted. This would then make these corporations more cautious when dealing with taxpayer funds.

Horses perish in abandoned Aboriginal outstation
These are animal atrocities in these so called outstations which are a complete waste of money and disrespect for what is the generosity of the Australian people for a [minority] group.
If this is culture then I am not for it, it is high time for some Aboriginal people who find this uncivilised to make their voices be known.
If not the stigma of being Aboriginal in mainstream Australia will continue to worsen.
Shared this with other Australians – their response: Uncivilised culture.

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