I work with immigrants from all over the world. We …

Comment on Global statues controversy hits Alice Springs by Paul Murra.

I work with immigrants from all over the world.
We need to stop the feeling sorry for ourselves and join in Australia.
Migrants do not know I am Aboriginal and they ask why Aboriginal people cannot work and are always protesting about the people who built Australia.
They are just being honest on what they see in the media. We are 3% of the Australian population, immigrants are now 25% of the Australian population.
They will only grow larger and I can tell you now they will not support Aboriginal people unless we work alongside them and contribute positively to Australia.
Time to get our kids to school, educate all Aboriginal people and join in the great Australian way of life!

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Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray
Get ready for hard times when the government money dries up.
Reminds me of studying at Uni, the “Phony War” of WWII. The free world at war with the Axis powers with no shots fired. Then London blitzed with great devastation.
Jobkeeper will end soon and our great tourism industry is dead, Gunner government is a financial joke covering up their incompetence and dead broke as are the Feds and we have wanna be politicians that protest against their own actions.
Marli Banks, I cannot believe you are running?
You put the motion in council for a conflict of interest yet you backflip? If this is the best we can do then I feel for the youth of the Territory.

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