Sex business in residential areas gets the nod

Sir – Without any fanfare, the Gunner Government has legalised the operation of sex businesses in the Territory’s residential areas.


We know this is a highly controversial decision and it is unsurprising that the Gunner Government hasn’t been open and transparent about it.


Whatever your attitude towards sex work in general, Territorians have told me they do not approve of sex services business being established where there are children, seniors, and vulnerable people living.


Sex services are often delivered in the evening and late at night, leading to potential disruption in urban areas through parking, noise, and the additional safety concerns.


Territorians are also concerned that the operation of a sex services business in a neighbourhood or unit block may also lead to a decrease in property values.


Under the changes, new sex services businesses of two or fewer sex workers would be allowed to operate in residential areas, so long as they are not abutting or directly opposite a preschool, school, child care or place of worship.


The definition of abutting or directly opposite is also a concern for Territorians. Does it mean a sex services business can operate diagonally opposite a school?


We also have concerns around the transfer of illegal sex services businesses, to legal, and why they have been grandfathered allowing them to fall outside their location rules.


The Opposition stands by its commitment that sex services businesses of any size must be restricted to operating, with consent, in non-residential areas.


Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro





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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Concerned Local
    Posted June 30, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    I have said it before but these “businesses” should be only be allowed to operate in the industrial areas like Elder Street or Cameron Street.
    Keep them away from residential areas, full stop.
    Follow Queensland’s legislation. An operator cannot promise or guarantee that they will have respectable clients attend their services.
    They could unfortunately get an outsider not from town who is going to cause trouble.
    It could be too late for the police to arrive and in the meantime something could go wrong and the immediate neighbours will be first to know.
    Some people might not mind these “businesses” operating in their areas but others will and I will guarantee that one day something will go wrong.
    Because selling sex is wrong, full stop.
    I guess the only positive thing that could happen is: People sooner or later know where the sex operations are when they see particular cars turning up at odd hours on a regular or irregular basis.
    Private investigators could easily hunt down their clients cheating partners.
    Like seriously, who would actually go to see a sex worker in a residential area?
    One would have to have absolutely no shame. No care in the world if they were found out or not.

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