I commend the Territory Alliance on their announcement earlier this …

Comment on Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking by Dianna Newham.

I commend the Territory Alliance on their announcement earlier this week to ban fracking in the NT. We fully support the reasons given for this ban: that there is no social license for fracking in the NT; that there is no economic windfall to come out of a fracking industry in the NT; that the fracking industry in other jurisdictions has failed to meet benchmarks for emission levels, water sustainability and environmental damage; and, like Territory Alliance, we do not support continued government subsidies to the industry. $94 million over 10 years is well and truly more than enough.
The fossil fuel industry has wasted no time defending their interests.
We trust Territory Alliance can take heart from polling results published earlier this week by Media Reach that show 86% of the 1264 residents questioned from across the NT opposed fracking.
We will watch Territory Alliance with great interest, as many of us remember that NT Labor won government with a moratorium on fracking and then overturned that moratorium despite overwhelming support from NT Labor members for a ban.
NT Labor and CLP beware: fracking is a key election issue.
Dianna Newham
On behalf of the Central Australian Frack Free Alliance Inc.

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