@ Eleanor Diflo: Fools is dead right. Fracking is proven …

Comment on Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking by Geoff Hindmarsh.

@ Eleanor Diflo: Fools is dead right. Fracking is proven safe and economic.
Terry Mills: Global investors are marking fracking jurisdictions down as increased sovereign risk. This is a lie.
If there’s something I cannot abide it is vote grabbing or pork barrelling.
Mills knows the US are now the largest exporter of gas and oil, it’s driving their economy through the roof.
There’s NO sovereign risk there with fracking, its proved safe and economic.
I can see why the NT is in such a state of disrepair with political FOOLS like Mills, and Robyn Lambley who has sold herself out by joining his vengeance party.
God help the Northern Territory, or will it be absorbed by neighbouring states because it cannot pay its bills?

Recent Comments by Geoff Hindmarsh

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
It seems to seem that the Labor Party want to tell you what to do by compulsorily acquisition, a bit like China’s communist Party at the moment, very dictatorial. Not for me thanks.
Territory Alliance: I was looking for Robyn Lambley’s view?
Has anyone heard from her or the Territory Alliance on the Art Gallery Issue? In fact any issue other than the curfew which is off the boil with COVID-19 isolation happening.
The CLP have issued a policy which at least gives us something to discuss without treating us like things as Mao Tse Tung did.
I say run with the Desert Park, we are gong to need this project with unemployment and it may should stimulate the airport and give us better services when completed.
Come on Robyn, what are Territory Alliances policy on the art gallery? I checked both Territory Alliance and Robyn’s web site, nothing. A bit Darwin focused for me.
We need this art gallery, travelling just to Darwin is getting too expensive for most people.

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