No wonder the councils been so bloody dysfunctional. You have Damien …

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No wonder the councils been so bloody dysfunctional.
You have Damien running as a candidate.
You have Matt running as a candidate.
You have Marli running as a candidate.
You have Cathy running as a candidate.
You have Jamie DeBrennie as the vice-president of the CLP.
You have Jacinta Price running in the previous Federal election.
At the moment Glen Auricht and Jimmy Cocking are the only ones not sticking knives into one another.
These people are simply warming seats while eyeing up bigger ones and completely incapable of working with one another over even the small things like municipal services.
How the hell are they gonna work together in Parliament?

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Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
Also, with respect to the CLP.
It’s obvious given that Bill hasn’t even read the bloody report and Joshua Burgoyne’s refusal to answer questions around the report (which subtly suggests to me he’s afraid of having an in-depth conversation for “unstated” reasons) that someone in the CLP likely higher up the food chain has said: “The elections coming up, were taking the safe option and siding with the report” in an attempt to not get themselves in the muck?
In the process of doing this however, they have pissed off half the people who don’t want it at ANZAC Oval because they wanted it south of The Gap, along with some of those TOs and a bunch of local businesses who are their own bloody voters and whom they will be throwing under the bus if they end up getting their way!
Still, at least they had the CLP decency to take a stand on the issue and put their honest opinion forward.
I had great hopes for Territory Alliance to do so but it looks like they are gonna just resort to political games and hope nobody notices their constant flip flopping on the issue when people around town put the question to them. What a waste.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
I think with respect to the question of consultation with Aboriginal people there are some major considerations to be taken into account here that the media is just plainly ignoring or are ignorant about.
Firstly, its extremely obvious that the local TOs are fractured, probably along family lines in the usual fashion.
The fact that Lhere Artepe have signed off on it however suggests that under the waves of certain local TOs, detractors who want it south of The Gap, a majority of Arrernte seem to be sold on the idea, or are at least OK with it enough to not be up in arms about it, being put at ANZAC oval.
It’s also no secret that certain local TO families might benefit more from it being south of The Gap for their own reasons. I hate to say it, but commercial settlements, and who gets what money or influence over the gallery, does come into the calculus here for some of those people. Consider that seriously.
Secondly, with respect to the wider question, what about non Arrernte people? This is a national gallery after all and a lot of people from the surrounding regional communities up to Tennant, down to Port Augusta and across WA who come into Alice might have some different takes on it being at the Desert Park or south of The Gap. Especially considering many come into town to do their shopping, go to their appointments and to generally congregate and socialise anyway.
Personally, I think it being in the centre of town is a good thing and I reckon a lotta community folks would agree.
It’s easier for folks who have come in from community because the flow of traffic comes naturally into town anyway, for various things. And thinking from the whitefella perspective, it’s a lot better for local business owners who might benefit from the tourist foot traffic and the additional creation of jobs when we are otherwise losing them, never mind artists from community, who might have their artworks hanging in all the little galleries up and down the Mall.
When a cashed up and briefly impressed tourist comes wandering out of the Gallery with pockets full of cash and a desire to take something special home with them, local businesses and artists have maybe the time it takes for them to walk the length of the mall to strike while the iron is hot and sell them a local artists work.
Or at the very least, benefit from extra bums on seats in local resturants, cafes, bars or people visiting retail shops along the Mall.
If the Gallery is on the edge of town, there is nothing there and likely it will be a single overpriced souvenir shop and the time it takes them to walk to their car and drive back into town for them to lose interest.
Not likely to have a lot of local ladies just sitting on the grassy knoll like they do in the Mall selling their art directly to the buyer.
Artists will probably be much more fiscally better off if its at ANZAC oval, let alone our really struggling business owners.
And to be really blunt about it, just because some people in this town howl the loudest about the issue because they played footy there once upon a time at the oval back in the 80s or because they think its the only “green space” in town despite barely visiting it and most of them being grey haired folks in their 60s on the verge of retirement and therefore not considering the factors I mentioned above doesn’t mean that’s what is best for everyone else.
This gallery will be here for another 50 years, long after those folks and their sentimentality about the oval are long dead.
But younger people, who managed to get a job along the Todd Mall because it was kept alive by the extra foot traffic or community artists, who maybe get to put a couple hundred extra bucks in their pockets each week to support their struggling families because of the tourism dollars buying art from them directly off the grass or off the racks along the Todd in all those local galleries will also benefit.
If we don’t want the project to end up another white elephant project at a burning cost to the town or the Territory like the Desert Park and the Desert Knowledge Centre south of The Gap already are, then we need be realistic about this.
Never mind the fact that a $150m gallery won’t somehow have a “green space” at it. Hell, if anything it would be a much better one because it would have millions of dollars thrown at it and would act as a centrepiece for the gallery complex.
Me thinks there’s a lotta detractors here who ain’t looking at the bigger picture here and who just don’t want blackfella’s congregating in the CBD, or have personal agendas for it being south of The Gap or their precious sentimental memories left alone at the cost of everyone else’s future.
Time to get real, folks.

Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes
So instead of spending this massive rates surplus on helping Alice Springs families get through the Coronavirus, they are gonna enter a piss it up the wall in legal fees over a court battle they will ultimately lose with the NTG for a bit of land most of the town don’t really care that much about, except for the same half a dozen rusted-on commentators here and on the Forum harp on about.
And if by some chance they actually manage to pull it off, Gunna will just say its too politically difficult to deal with the Alice Springs Town Council and will just up sticks on the project and take it to Darwin where their construction industry desperately want it and won’t squabble over the location.
Real smart thinkin right there, fellas … give ya’selves a big ole pat on the back.

Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
Good on Cr Matt Paterson for having the balls to vote in favour of flying the flag in previous votes and good on Cr Cathy Satour for proposing it. The sky was never going to fall in and thankfully, being reasonable won over being regressive.

As a councillor who seems to increasingly sit in the middle ground, he will be one to watch in future elections I think…

Glad to finally see the Tories recognising that the writing is on the wall on this issue and despite their voting history, that they were standing on the wrong side of history on this one. Except for Price. She bailed again.

Lambley: Another government backflip?
This letter oozes with hypocrisy.
First things first, this problem with carparking at the hospital is a problem now just like it was two years ago when you were the Minister for Health in the previous CLP government and the number two in that Government.
You literally had the resources and the position to fix it and instead you didn’t and now your winging that it isn’t fixed! Frankly, Robyn, I would be cautious of throwing stones considering the fragility of your own glasshouse on this one.

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