I listened to the ABC this morning with Mr Brash …

Comment on Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray by Verity S.

I listened to the ABC this morning with Mr Brash interviewing Councillor Marli Banks, or at least endeavoured to do so.
Dismayed is not the word I felt, it was worse.
Mr Brash was frustrated as was the electorate to the point he confronted Ms Banks on policy and of course Ms Banks was a policy vacuum. I cringed with embarrassment, it was not a good day for women inspired to go into politics.
Ms Banks is on the record for putting Council motions on conflict of interests for the councillors / representatives to run for State / Territory politics. Something reported in eastern states media and described as backward and uneducated in the Northern Territory.
Now she, like Mr Mills, has backflipped. Mr Mills versus Ms Banks in a sort of politics Olympics race for hypocritical behaviour.
Mr Mills I feel may well tie with Ms Banks. Though based on current form it may well be Ms Banks who wins the gold medal for political disingenuousness.
It really hurts our democracy when people calling themselves politicians so blatantly feel deception is an accepted part of their political ambitions.
We are not troglodytes, Ms Banks.
Please do not vote for politicians that treat us with such disdain, it only encourages bad behaviour in our community and retards good honest people entering community leadership.

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Massive military spending: Election distraction?
What concerns me is September 2020: What happens when Job Keeper is reviewed and business will need to make a decision on closing a failed business due to the recession we are in?
Also, it really is a selfish mind that puts out their petty ideologies in front of kids who will suffer the most from abject poverty.
Jobseeker will be reduced to poverty status as before.
Any business needs help now and I as everyone else who breathes wants a cleaner environment, but reality must be realised, putting food on the table and feeding our kids at this point in time is the priority.
Australia is in a huge recession, we thought a Corona Virus pandemic would never happen? These fracking people make me wonder what planet they are living on? I believe they are about to be awoken.

Council resignations and surprising alliances
I find this divisive history a wedge against Aboriginal People joining in Australia. We do not see any of this type of politicking from Migrants. Why does this come mainly from Caucasians, often from remote areas? Is is for personal gain at the expense of Aboriginal People?
Surely $33 Billion for 3% of the population has nothing to do with this?
This is blood and misery money perpetuated for the Aboriginal industry. Some call it organised genocide.
Anyone who genuinely cares for Aboriginal people would not want to put their names in this Völkermord.

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