A great idea, statues of our great ancestors representing …

Comment on Stuart statue should have King Charley as opposite by Arunta Man.

A great idea, statues of our great ancestors representing our people.
Joel, while in the process of getting backing to build these wonderful statues let’s look at your grandfather Charles Perkins who fought for the rights of all Aboriginal people Australia wide.
Being a cultural man bred and born at the Bungalow Telegraph Station, maybe all these so called Aboriginal Corporations should come together and organise to pay for and build a statue at the old Bungalow.
This man, if not for him, these black corporations would not exist.
Let all black Australians show that we appreciate what this man did for the future of all our children and grandchildren.

Recent Comments by Arunta Man

The allure and the conflicts of rural living
Somewhere off Ragonesi Road a contractor was going to do wonders building a subdivision.
All came to a halt, too many rocks for digging anything. A failure and will happen again. Rocks in the head.
Let’s look at the land between Colonel Rose Drive and Roger Vale Drive. Wide open spaces – it has to be ideal. Airport Suburb. Own shopping centre. No problems with digging. Put the art centre there, close to the SA turnoff where tourist will not miss it.
The lot number 9394 years ago sat with two council members with a plan to build a dam with roads and BBQ. Areas for the people of our town would be a big tourist drawcard. MtIsa has gone ahead building their dam. No reply.
I put it to the Native Title Lhere Artepe to go through Centrecorp or Aboriginal Benefits Association so we could run and employ our own people.
Will look into it. NEVER.
WATER. There is a basin on Undoolya Rocky Hill grape farm. Bores can be put down with the permission of the Hayes Family to come to an agreement?
Money in their pocket. WORTH A TRY.

Country Liberal Party: custodians ignored on gallery
Jack, you hit the right tune mate.
We, the true traditional owners have no say in this issue.
The CEO of Lhere Artepe (LA) and the chairman have never called an AGM or a special general meeting all these years where all the estate groups could have a say on the matter.
The chair of Ilpme, Fabian Conway, has never been notified when the LA Chair Shane Lindner, CEO Robert Campbell or Graeme Smith were nominated for these positions.
This is about government representatives trying to win a seat and then forget us.
In the Advocate Owen Cole and Harold Furber were meeting with government and others but no Aboriginal owners. The same crap: Leave them out of it.
To stop all arguments let’s look at the Aboriginal land that these three people tried to sell, five lots, to the government.
One suitable lot, 8102, and another with no lot number next door over the Eastside on the Undoolya Station Road would be ideal for BOTH galleries which should be kept together.
Once Lhere Artepe sorts out its problems we should be running it with the help of an art director and TRUE Aboriginal cultural men and women on the board.
All the Lhere Artepe shemozzel has been reported to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations of the Australian Government, in charge of all Aboriginal corporations.
It looks like it has washed its hands of what has been going on for the last four years.
Divide and rule.

Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us
We Aboriginals respect our dead (sorry business). All I see with you people and the two ministers it’s all about money. Let’s build at the Desert Knowledge. The cultural centre and art gallery together.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Lhere Artepe closed for the last six months not because of the virus.
The CEO was on holidays in Darwin.
There has not been a meeting by all estate groups for him to be granted leave.
Dale Wakefield, you are doing what the CLC have done all these years – listening to people who do not belong to our Arunta Country making trouble.
For instance Graham Smith and his family are Yawatta people from Utopia.
Their grandmother Tilly Tilmouth and her brother Roy Tilmouth (the father of Bruce Tilmouth) born and bred Yawatta.
Last year we had a meeting 60 of us men in the room at Anzac Hill with some of your people and Benedict Steven chaired the meeting.
The decision for the art gallery was 60 against, nil for.
So, we would like you and Graham Smith to organise a meeting, rather sooner than later, for Graham to explain who he is and where he originates from.
There seems to be one estate group, Maparntwe, with Robert’s family making all the decisions.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
The parcel of lands portion numbers 8118, 8869 and 4051 are in the swamp area.
According to the NT Government rules the developer would have to build a metre high footing to build. A lot of carting of sand and gravel.

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