This is a very well measured article that makes valid …

Comment on Stuart statue should have King Charley as opposite by James.

This is a very well measured article that makes valid comment.
Some prominent Aboriginal people who come to mind for consideration to be acknowledged with a statue are Albert Namatjira, Charlie Perkins, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, John Moriarty.
A group statue of children from The Bungalow with Topsy Smith would also be a worthy consideration.
I am not so in favour of a statue even, in a group, of Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer given that he was the person who recommended in 1911 to the Commonwealth Government that Aboriginal children be forcibly removed from their families.

Recent Comments by James

The Territory is too big for them to grasp
Bob Beadman has it right. To reduce the Northern Territory back to one Federal electorate would be a travesty.
Special provisions for the determining electoral boundaries in the NT need to be implemented.
When the NT was one electorate with Jock Nelson being the Member for many years it did not have the required number of voters.
As a result for quite a number of years the Member for the NT did not have voting rights in the House of Representatives.
That must not happen again but there has to be a way for the NT to have more than one Federal Member.

The first Aboriginal preschool in Alice Springs
There wouldn’t have been many Aboriginal preschools in Australia in 1953.
Well done Father Smith and Mrs Britain.
The Education Department of South Australia administered schools in the NT up until the 1970s.
The practice of engaging junior teachers in SA departmental schools continued into the 1960s.
From there the junior teachers would go onto some form of teacher training.
It was not uncommon for them to start as junior teachers from the age of 16.
So it is quite feasible that Rona Glynn was 16 when she started as a junior teacher at the Alice Springs Higher Primary School.

Alice Springs boys first Indigenous players for Port Adelaide
Great story Erwin. Well chosen. There will be much interest locally in this account.
It just shows how well Aboriginal people can achieve given the right set of circumstances.
Much still needs to be done to create successful outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Listen to the people, say Marli Banks and Brian Jeffries
Father Jeffries makes some salient points in relation to Indigenous education and how governments need to respond. Grief and loss of culture, which often means loss of language are big issues for Indigenous Australians.
Father Jeffries is correct when he talks about a need for fostering ‘self-esteem.’ Many young Indigenous Australians still do not succeed in our education system and I am sure Father Jeffries is right when he says that governments need to encourage people who have a long term commitment to work with Indigenous children.
Anyone who examines the past in relation to Indigenous education will find that those who have been successful in providing opportunities for Indigenous children have usually worked with them and their families over a very long period of time.
Such people who come to mind are Pastor Carl Strehlow, Pastor F Albrecht, Sister Eileen Heath, Bishop Francis Gsell, Father Percy Smith, Father Ernest Gribble, Doctor Charles Duguid, Rev A J Dyer plus quite a number of others.
Father Jeffries is also correct when he indicates that a general lack of understanding within the general Australian community regarding how best to assist Indigenous educational development makes the task even more difficult.

Could this be the end of the CLP Opposition?
The Johnston by-election is a disastrous result for the CLP.
It isn’t much better for Territory Labor.
The next NT government is likely to be a minority Labor government supported by a variety of unreliable independents all with superficial policies.

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