Ned Hargreaves does not represent me as an Aboriginal man. …

Comment on Zachary Rolfe prosecution: possible hearing in September by Peter Mundine.

Ned Hargreaves does not represent me as an Aboriginal man. I like all normal Australians know that NT Police overall are a first class police service that manage a difficult situation in remote communities very well.
In regard to some obtuse comments made on Mr Rolfe’s rights, I remind us all that Australian law states the right to the presumption of innocence is one of the guarantees in relation to legal proceedings.
The other guarantees are the right to a fair trial and fair hearing, and minimum guarantees in criminal proceedings, such as the right to counsel and not to be compelled to self-incriminate.
God Bless our NT police officers.

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COVID: Trouble in the bush
@ Frank Baarda: What Frank has pointed out is true and at the same time the greatest con ever put on a nation since Alfonzo Ponzi conned the United States during great depression.
The Indigenous Industry is made up of white and black people who only care about money.
Indigenous people are the pawns whose apathy about life, their kids, their education and generally dysfunction is converted into conning the Good Kind Australian People into completely supporting a lifestyle choice that is without doubt the lowest form of societal habitat.
For the future this Coronavirus may save Indigenous kids from a life of misery and abuse.
Certainly, Indigenous corporations will never save Indigenous kids when they are the next generational dollar.

When you mean sacking then say it
Charles Darwin University is ranked 651 internationally, when a University gets over 450 it is regarded as Junk so poorly it is regarded.
CDU has very few international students and Alice Springs Campus is a joke, a ghost college and everyone knows it.
CDU is a national disgrace and will be closed or be converted to a TAFE soon and so it should be.

Gaping loophole in COVID roadblocks
It would not surprise me if the police were using drones.
If anyone was expert at bush tracks around communities with grog runs, drugs and illegal operations police will know from previous experience and just as well.
Self-isolation is working and spreading this virus is death for many. This is about reality of things in Aboriginal communities.

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