I was shocked to read this story. Is Mr Hargreaves in …

Comment on Zachary Rolfe prosecution: possible hearing in September by Whitehouse.

I was shocked to read this story.
Is Mr Hargreaves in contempt of court?
Contempt of court refers to any type of behaviour that interferes with, or impedes, the administration of justice, or undermines the authority, dignity or performance of the court. It also includes the publication of anything that could prejudice the course of justice.
If Mr Hargreaves was accused of inciting violence would he invoke the above? I would believe so.
Will Aboriginal people ever be free to join multicultural Australia when such divisiveness exists?

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Federation Party announces candidates: more councillors joining the fray
Is this the same Marli Banks that said that there is a conflict of interest with councillors in office using their position to influence issues if running for state government?
I can see her sports betting background, having a two way bet is a bit much.

Territory Government debt goes up by a further $600m
Canberra have assigned a classified team in Treasury to examine T-Corp (NT Treasury).
This is very unusual and informed sources say the Northern Territory economy is near tipping point for Federal intervention.

Call for more funding to bring back ABC Open
It would be nice but calling for funding on anything public puts our kids in huge debt. The days of asking for money are well and truly gone.
TVNZ was the ABC of New Zealand, now it is fully privatised and making a small profit but not much.
Newscorp has just closed most regional papers.
Unemployment in reality is at 20% higher than the great depression.
The Northern Territory has and is subsidised by Australia and will be for generations, however Australia is in debt to its eyeballs.
We need to get used to this, the mindset is lagging in reality.
We will now see government spending cut to the bone as we recover.
This is the reality.
I expect the ABC to be privatised like TVNZ in the near future.
Sorry to say this Australia.
In regard to economic reality, as they say: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Mayor, Deputy let council flounder
If the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor sat in the meetings then they would be accused of bias, that they have tried to do the right thing and abstain they are at fault is ridiculous?
I think we know this is a Darwin Labor Government stuff up who are not listening to locals in Alice Springs as usual.
The Berrimah Line attitude is alive and well.

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