The Territory is a protectorate of the Commonwealth Government basically. …

Comment on Gunner’s rule: Economic cracks widen, accountability vanishes by Anne.

The Territory is a protectorate of the Commonwealth Government basically.
Even though commercial players have supplied services in and off they will always pull the plug when profits cannot be made.
We always have to fall back on government services like Telstra, Qantas, public health facilities, Australia Post etc.

Recent Comments by Anne

NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
The interests of the Top End are very different than the needs of Central Australia. If the Federal seat holder resides in Darwin I fear we will get no help in Central Australia.

Massive military spending: Election distraction?
Billions to be spent? Great, we should all be able to get a job then and make a living. Darwin will benefit greatly, not sure about Alice.

Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking
Fracking will go ahead. The Territory is broke. Not saying I support it.

Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
Without a good night’s sleep no learning takes place at school. No learning, no future.

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
Perhaps the rule should be just during school hours. The young people should not be in the library between 8.30 and 3 pm Monday to Friday.
Otherwise the library should be for everyone with the unruly asked to leave until they can behave appropriately.

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