It would be advisable for all Alice Springs and Central …

Comment on Deloitte to close Alice Springs office by David Lewis.

It would be advisable for all Alice Springs and Central Australian businesses to utilise Alice Springs accountants.
If Deloitte cannot support Alice Springs Business it naturally follows we cannot do the same.
There are plenty of accountants in Alice Springs who would be happy for the work.
Stay Local, Buy Local.

Recent Comments by David Lewis

Massive military spending: Election distraction?
We will not feel the economic benefits for years from this projected estimates funds, maybe not at all with weirdo fracking people. It’s up to the people on these issues, economic enterprise and prosperity or weirdo anxiety affected that creates high unemployment and extreme poverty. Your choice, NT.

Person offences up, property down, in lock-down month
I have lived in communities with curfew and they do not work.
Aboriginal kids actually play the game with Night Patrol and police by throwing rocks on roofs and disappearing into the bush.
Aboriginal kids think its fun and then when they are caught and taken home they laugh with parents who allow them out again.
What’s missing is a dedicated venue to hold these kids until their parents are called. Then there should be the question asked about the ability of the parents’ responsibility. Curfews sound good but in reality they are a bit of a dog whistle, really.

Conflict of interest: Councillors allow candidates Ryan, Paterson to attack Government
@ Greeny: Growing up in Melbourne it was announced every day such and such councillor or Mayor has been preselected for the seat of whatever.
This is normal democratic evolution of democracy. Whats the fuss?
If you do not know of this then maybe you have not had the everyday benefit of living in a built up area? Any way this is normal stuff. We love Alice Springs.

Masters Games this October, not 2022: Lambley
I’d like to see the Master Games back but it will only take one infected Coronavirus person to kill many Indigenous people. Right now it’s a Russian roulette just with movement to Indigenous communities.

Solar lights may go
@Target Practice.

Solar and Wind Power have been exposed as Al Gore and his rich mates manipulating governments around the world. Watch this free Youtube video and your uneasiness with renewables such as solar and wind are confirmed.

While we all hope to have non toxic renewable energy Moore exposes the renewable industry as extracting money from government and we are all paying for power through the nose.

We are using fossil fuels to build unreliable, highly toxic and fossil fuel dependent base load energy to prop up renewables such as wind and solar.

The part that exposes hybrid electric vehicles had me in stitches, the poor CEO of General Motors looked very ordinary admitting coal was the only real base load energy that could run these cars, and then it was admitted that solar does not work at night and wind is unreliable.

Everyone who has watched Moore’s expose is changed forever, I watched it 3 times, get some popcorn, you will not be able to turn it off.

P.S WARNING: Lithium-ion batteries and products that contain lithium-ion batteries can expose you to chemicals including cobalt lithium nickel oxide, and nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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