Kieran Finnane

Way forward for nation-building projects – south of the Gap


Harold Furber (pictured) and Owen Cole, Chair and Deputy Chair of the Steering Committee of the National Indigenous Culture Centre, describe as “tragic” the unnecessary division caused by the proposed compulsory acquisition of the Anzac Oval site. The solution is to co-locate the gallery with the culture centre on the Desert Knowledge Precinct. FULL STORY »

‘What we see in our Country’: Yarrenyty Arltere 20 years on


A celebratory exhibition this month fell victim to the pandemic response. It would have shown where this valiant group of Town Camp artists have come from. KIERAN FINNANE reports on their persistence through the shutdown and aspirations for the future.  FULL STORY »

Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us

They accuse the NT Government of showing them “utter disrespect”  with their latest move to advance the proposed national Aboriginal art gallery.  Their unanimous support for the gallery only if located south of the Gap was communicated to Minister Lauren Moss in June 2019 by a meeting of the custodians as a family group, with more than 30 attending. They say further that Lhere Artepe, which has lent its support to the government, has no jurisdiction over the Anzac Oval precinct, where native title has been extinguished.


UPDATE 25May 2010, 4.05pm: Minister Moss replies. FULL STORY »

Covid-19 and the military: clear protocols in the north, obfuscation in the Centre


Is the protocol for US Marine Rotational Force arriving in Darwin being followed for Pine Gap personnel arriving in the NT from interstate or overseas? KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

The sound of stockwhips cracking and the thunder of hooves

Hot on the heels of her first memoir,
Alice to Prague– only published in May last year – Tanya Heaslip has launched her second. An Alice Girl explores her childhood growing up on Bond Springs cattle station during the 1960s and 70s. FULL STORY »

A touch of light: caper white butterflies



“At this moment they do resemble origami creations, strange and slightly awkward flying machines lifted up and animated by the breeze flowing through a desert gorge,” writes MIKE GILLAM.  FULL STORY »

Solar lights can be moved with ‘ease’



Town Council officers are investigating their removal; installation came at 15% of the total cost. FULL STORY »

Hardship rates waiver hits snag



The waiver, for both both residential and commercial ratepayers, looks set to go ahead despite councillors having voted down a motion to allow it. How can that be? asked Cr Marli Banks, the mover of that lost motion. FULL STORY »

Questions of conflict multiplied by two


Just in time for Deputy Mayor Matt Paterson’s announcement of his candidacy in the forthcoming Territory election, council’s Conflict Management Policy was up for discussion. Mayor Damien Ryan left the meeting; DM Paterson stayed. KIERAN FINNANE reports.  FULL STORY »

Solar lights may go



Or they may be made to look pretty. I think the approach is called “putting lipstick on a pig”. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »