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Barkly Regional Deal

Backbone Team – Community Engagement Lead

The Opportunity:

The Barkly Regional Deal is the first regional deal in Australia — a 10 year $78.4 million commitment between the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government and Barkly Regional Council. The deal was signed on 13 April 2019 in Tennant Creek following a six month consultation process. The Community Engagement Lead will assist the Barkly Regional Deal Backbone Team’s implementation of the 28 Initiatives under the Barkly Regional Deal which fall into the three categories of Economic Development, Social Development, and Culture and Place – Making. The Barkly Regional Backbone Team is based in Tennant Creek and will work to deliver these initiatives across the Barkly Region.


To achieve our goal of engaging with as many people across the Barkly as possible we need a passionate, committed person with excellent communications kills to join the Backbone Team!

• Are you an excellent communicator?

• Do you enjoy bringing people together?

• Are you passionate about improving the outcomes for people in your community?

• Do you respect and value people’s opinions even when they are different from your own?

• Do you know and understand people from Tennant Creek and the communities around the Barkly?

• Do you have excellent written skills and an eye for detail?

• Are you a team p layer?


The Role:

• To engage and excite the Barkly community to get involved with the first Regional Deal in Australia.

• Be a champion of the 28 Initiatives under the Barkly Regional Deal help people understand why it’s so special.

• To help people understand the unique opportunities that the deal offers, and motivate the people of Tennant Creek and the Barkly to make the most if it!

• Be willing to learn and use a “collective impact” approach to community engagement.

• Help organize events and run workshops in Tennant Creek and communities around the Barkly

• Strategically communicate with a range of key stakeholders including the three Government partners.

• Provide administrative support to the Backbone Team at meetings.

• Be a professional, competent and committed public facing member of the Backbone Team.


What you need:

• Understand the background of the Barkly Regional Deal and the 28 Initiatives.

• Understand the high level goals and aspirations of the Barkly Regional Deal initiatives.

• Be self – motivated, passionate and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills with people from diverse backgrounds.

• Information and communication technology skills and experience is preferable including the use of Microsoft Office Suite and Social Media Platforms.

• Ability to build and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders including government, non – government an d community members in a regional and remote context.

• A passion for the diverse and unique people of Tennant Creek and the Barkly!

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants are encouraged to apply.

Award / Salary:

• Salary and Award: Barkly Regional Enterprise Agreement 2018 Level 6 .1 to 6 .5 – (Salary range $66,848.08 to $70,839.60 ) dependent on relevant skills and experience

• Zone allowance of up to $3,369.00

• Subsidised housing may be available

• Department: Barkly Regional Deal Backbone Team

• Region: Tennant Creek – Barkly Region

• Position Created: February 2020

• Tenure: Flexible contract up to period of 2 years (probationary period of 3 months, opportunity to extend)

Please send your covering letter and resume to the email address below to apply.



Applications close 19 June 2020.

Phone: Phone: (08) 89620091 Mobile: 0427 193 469

Email: tim.candler@barklybackbone.com.au

In person: First Floor, Government Centre (opposite the pool)

63 Haddock Street, Tennant Creek.





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