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The fertile space between us   In this series KIERAN FINNANE considers key instances of inter-cultural and cross-cultural creativity in Alice Springs over the last 30 years, a rich heritage on which the town could build. This link is to Part One. Scroll down the piece for links to Parts 2, 3 & 4, the text and images of Finnane’s presentation at Watch This Space as 2013 LOFTY recipient.



Human causes of a river tragedy



When art meets sport meets community



For Country, for Nation: compels, moves without digging deep



Uluru cave paintings defaced



Do film’s omissions mislead viewers on school’s record?



Totem Theatre makes plans for its second half century



Dujuan’s moving story and its missing pieces



Between the sun and the moon, the spirit of David Nixon



Adaptive ingenuity: lessons for nation from Aboriginal artists



Hermannsburg Mission: questions of survival




Bearing witness to a mostly invisible world



Gallery: Anzac Oval still the sticking point



Learn Arrernte language online



Town Council considers $50m art gallery options




Country, people, cultures come together to heal a sick man


‘Consummate creator’ Beth Sometimes wins annual Lofty



An Indigemoji will make your point Centre-style


Questions of scale and artful answers



Gallery and library: political game vs solutions




A concert of hybrid culture celebrates climb down at Uluru


Portraits: it takes two


Guarding his culture with spear, canvas and book


Arrernte Mary and Jesus watch over Alice’s Catholics



Council backflip on Anzac Oval heritage



Desert Song: We are one and free



Alice Can Dance: thinking their moves


Ministers lash out at council over gallery

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer



Desert Mob: the enduring phenomenon


Gallery business case: still no answers to the big questions


Vincent Lingiari award: the art of truth-telling


Art and nature: a happy encounter



A songman for his place and time



Sustainable and stunning with a serious message



Stem tide of waste with craft and imagination



Cause for hope: notes from the NT Writers Festival



Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves



The festival of lights – and phones 



Ways of being: beyond the beauty of Papunya paintings



Thinking about Dreaming



A necessary remembrance



Weapons tell starkly different young men’s stories



National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table



Breadth and depth in Alice Prize – show and winner



School’s heritage listing may stop Anzac gallery



Film festival rethink but show goes on



‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans



Collective memoir of Tracker wins top prize



‘Bully method’ to swing Town Council vote on gallery



News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development



Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park



Blacken is beautiful



Gallery poll: less than 40% wanted Anzac Oval



Grand scheme meets small minds



Earsplittingly operatic vocals, symphonically aggressive



Anzac or Desert Park: More Qs than As



National Indigenous Cultural Centre to be ‘community-led’



National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’



Genocide in Australia – unthinkable?



Man in a hurry, surrounded by people who were not



Venturing into a famous marriage 



Who put Anzac Oval on the agenda as site for art gallery?



‘Proper’ drinking: elusive goal but how hard have we tried?



Sweet Country shines at the Alice box office



APY artists set to open gallery in central Sydney 



Emily’s work takes to the skies



Lifting the curtain on local lives and memories



How does a future in opera sound?




Architecture – with a side of red dirt




Sweet Country, a voice demanding to be heard




Still no answers on site for national Indigenous gallery




To die for country



The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters




José Petrick tells the story of her long life, well lived



The Centre’s landscape brought into a castle in town



Town still upset with Stuart statue, say researchers



What kind of world is this?




Alice Beat Festival no longer wanted?




Centre art stands out in SA festival


Flair, imagination, vitality: Watch This Space in 2017




‘Disappointing’ $2m sale of Earth’s Creation





Art at Anzac oval: No new rugby fields, says Lambley




Masterpiece to be lost as gallery planning plods on


What place for Centre in Darwin’s Museum of the NT?



Your ideas for the CBD sought, again




Moss ties together three Alice projects worth $90m




National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?





Gunner ‘demotes’ Alice: art gallery options ‘lacklustre’




Recommendations in for National Indigenous Art Gallery site




How much of Parrtjima’s $2m goes out of town?



Passing of the Namatjira matriarch



When NT was officially ‘a country for the White Man’



Namatjira copyright breakthrough: family, galleries celebrate



Painting and dancing pictures of their worlds



Saving, reopening Pitchi Richi: another step forward



Conflicting stories for Parrtjima’s lights on the hill



Dreamtime stories in the palm of your hand



Song injects life into lights on the hill



Namatjira Project: a story of triumphs and false hopes



Voices call, Nature responds: Desert Song in the gorge



Bush Bands Bash: music, language, country, fun!



Burst of desert art and life in Sydney CBD



Desert Mob: next generation always on their minds



Raising the bar: the art of keeping your shop safe



The audience is the actor: roll up for The Living Theatre



Stories from the inside, by the insiders



Finding and losing: self, love, home



Desert Mob: the real deal



‘Do you mind if I speak to you?’



Walking, writing between frontier and home



Work about youth justice wins top Indigenous art prize



This desert alive with the sound of music



Alice to Venice through Indigenous eyes



Hard-edged Alice could do with some softening: architects



Desert Festival launches with Henley-on-Todd



Coast to coast ‘grand tour’ for cycling architects



Triumphant painting revival at Papunya


Indigenous art gallery, cultural centre: combined or separate?


Bright future, sheer talent, the MONA effect: upbeat NAIDOC


Australia’s top furniture designer in 2017: Alice’s Elliat Rich


Respect language and the loss of language: NAIDOC forum


I’m not kungka, I’m arelhe


How’s your Arrernte going? Mwerre?


Birth of an art movement: the untold story


Refashion rhymes with passion


It’s a hug fest


Words that everyone who lives here should know!


And now, Finke the movie


Poetry of a personal and political journey


What bird is that? Artetyerretyerre!


Dancers slow time to shift perceptions


Art Trail, Explorer’s Way: big words, so far no substance


The Book of Revelations  (on zines and strange careers)


How did Alice Springs respond to the 1967 referendum?


NT Writers Festival salutes the ‘lifelines that join and cross’


‘Inheritors of our ancestors’ voices’: writers festival opens


The gaolers and the gaoled: new exhibition


Dick Kimber: premier scholar of Central Australia


Alice identity Maya Cifali remembers her girlhood in Egypt


Supreme Court – the inside story


Court placing itself above the community?


Fossils display will be in former Westpac building


Experience Aboriginal culture in the heart of the CBD


Just in case the postie gets lost!


CBD revitalisation: no need to reinvent the wheel


Open to those wide spaces


Fossil museum set to return to the CBD


Town artists extend a hand to visitors from APY Lands


Grant for Alice fest delayed in town council confusion


Finding home through metal: Blacken Open Air festival


They must be joking!


‘A feast of art, a spread of characters’


Meeting at the crossing


Something’s back and Somewhere’s different


Parrtjima to cost $2m, half will go interstate


‘Jasper Jones was just too much for me’


In the company of birds: Iain Campbell


Festival funding, take two?


Hetti Perkins on the legacy of ‘Australia’s artistic heritage’


Federal fest funds: does anyone know what’s going on?


‘Game-changing project’: committee heads announced


Farewell, Iain Campbell


Canberra to hear Arrernte plans for a Living Culture Centre


National Indigenous gallery: what should come first?


Canberra money for festivals all goes to Top End


Film festival of stories close to home and far afield


Action on trees, climate, arts & culture


Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice


Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice


Telling the stories of war: we could do so much better


Plays, poetry, politics


The art of collecting


‘Maverick artist and change-agent’ wins major fellowship


Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts


Position Doubtful: revealing excavation of our place & times


Into Blue – from the front line of climate change


Fashion designs may create local industry


Judges and people on song for Wearable Art’s top prize


Traynor’s Alice Springs: more than tale of heroic white men


Everyday realities dosed with humour and hope: TV series


Namatjira project: a film and a legacy


Before and after that famous handful of sand


Aboriginal sites authority gave no cultural advice


White guilt flopped but Okine’s braggadocio worked


Festival in Light ignores local advice, talent


Alanya making ‘dreams come true and bigger’


Benefactor was there at the start of huge art movement


Groundwork laid for NT film industry future


Pine Gap: wake-up call for Alice Springs


For richness and breadth there is nothing like Desert Mob


Stop the light show, says petition to Gunner


‘First authentic Indigenous light festival of its kind in the world’


‘My future is in my hands’: winning work


Ground-breaking Territory play on the local stage


Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape


All that jazz


Poetry festival for a poetic town


Coming eye to eye with the meaning of home and country


NAIDOC celebrates the Wild Dog Story of Alice Springs


Namatjira family: Getting listeners ‘through our art’


‘Making beanie dreams come true’


Couture on the wildside


Serious Whitefella Stuff: have we got a program for you!


Something is film, Somewhere is Alice


Getting the full theatrical package fit for national tour


Humble objects of women’s work used to ask big questions


Bush Bands Bash: women’s band in main line-up for first time


Jazz talent scores Darcy a place in top US music school


The sorrows of war


Plan for jobs, income and cultural understanding


‘TROUBLE mirrors our ugly parts: we can learn from this.’


Seeing his name in the credits drives Josh


Writing the stories of trouble


2.5km of the MacDonnell Ranges to be lit up


A re-visioned landscape


Hard and soft lessons of remote community school teacher


Mostly hilarious, sometimes poignant, never downbeat


2001 Yeperenye Federation Festival remains the benchmark


Alice Festival of Light coming out of the dark

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