Books & Arts 2013/14

Reviews of books, arts and design in The Centre from the Alice Springs News Online archive, from the more recent back to early 2013. Click on the headline to go to the original post.




Black is beautiful on the fashion runway

KIERAN FINNANE on the inaugural Yapa Styles Fashion Festival (‘Yapa’ meaning ‘Aboriginal people’ in Warlpiri).





Hop-on, hop-off bus tour into a world of art

RACHEL McFADDEN on the Art Bus tour of Aboriginal art centres in Alice.




The joy of an Hour of Power

KIERAN FINNANE on the latest ‘live arts’ project by the ‘Sorrealists’, Melissa Kerl and Franca Barraclough.





Mad hatters come out to play in Alice

RACHEL McFADDEN on the 18th Beanie Festival.





From gorgeous to outrageous

Sustainable Couture in its 6th year – Kieran Finnane.




Javanese eyes on Alice

KIERAN FINNANE on Jogjakarta artist Akiq Abdul Wahid (Akiq AW) and his work in Alice Springs during a recent artist residency.






Sequins to satire: life at The Totem

RACHEL McFADDEN on the historic Totem Theatre and the Alice Springs Theatre Group.




Immersed in metal

JULZ WILLSON on Central Australia’s metal music scene.






More than a driveway, it’s a story

KIERAN FINNANE on Alice Springs’ most imaginative driveway.




Beyond beauty

KIERAN FINNANE (and botanist Peter Latz) on Ghost Gums, an exhibition by Mel Robson and Elliat Rich.



The Centre’s winning literature

Central Australian authors honoured in the NT Literary Awards.





Maralinga on their minds

KIERAN FINNANE reviews the 38th Alice Prize, judged by Dr Michael Brand, director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.





Neil Murray: Bring Thunder and Rain

RUSSELL GUY reviews Murray’s new album.





Young & Rich open workshop of old and new

KIERAN FINNANE on Elbowrkshp, the design studio of Elliat Rich and bespoke shoemaker James B. Young.




Artists tell it like it is

KIERAN FINNANE on Tangentyere Artists.










Iain Campbell: reflections on an artist’s life and times

MIKE GILLAM on the Iain Campbell retrospective.









The canvas of history

KIERAN FINNANE on the 50th anniversary show by the Central Australian Art Society.










Colours of landscape, of dreams across five generations

KIERAN FINNANE on the Namatjira legacy exhibition.










A funny thing happened to me on the way to the tip …

KIERAN FINNANE on public art at the landfill.










Unfolding mall design

KIERAN FINNANE on the latest design surprises in Todd Mall.









Writer acknowledged for ‘significant contribution’ to local creative culture

Watch This Space judges award The LOFTY to Kieran Finnane.









‘Sculpture can be personal’

LUKE SCHOLES on Sia Cox’s exhibition Good Friends. 










What makes a patch of dirt a place?

RUSSELL GOLDFLAM on the traveling exhibition roads cross: contemporary directions in Australian art.









From Somebody Everybody, with artistry and love

KIERAN FINNANE on a theatrical performance by the StArts with D ensemble.











A make-your-own show

KIERAN FINNANE on David Nixon’s LOFTY exhibition, Verisimilitude.









The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers

RAINER CHLANDA on skateboarding as an art form.











Wearable warriors

KIERAN FINNANE reviews the annual Wearable Arts Awards. PHOTOS and VIDEO by ERWIN CHLANDA.








Batchelor students show off desert design flair

KIERAN FINNANE on a new textile arts venture.










Mbantua Festival future dreaming

KIERAN FINNANE on Mbantua Festival. Photos and video by ERWIN CHLANDA; additional photos by KIERAN FINNANE.







Bush mechanics fires on one cylinder

ERWIN CHLANDA on the live spectacle based on the popular TV series.











Bungalow Song, the living past

KIERAN FINNANE on Mbantua Festival’s headline production, a story of the Stolen Generations. Photos by ERWIN CHLANDA.








The social value of art in desert communities

ANNA GEORGIA MACKAY on the Desert Mob 2013 Symposium.









Ambush of delightful silliness

Another ‘live arts’ project – Kieran Finnane.









A little interruption of the ordinary

A ‘live arts’ project in the Alice CBD – Kieran Finnane.









The risk in going risqué

KIERAN FINNANE on the Cat’s Meow Nine Lives Cabaret, part of the Alice Desert Festival.










Fresh, relevant, moving, funny: 24 Hour Theatre

KIERAN FINNANE on Alice Desert Festival’s InQbator event, 24 Hour Theatre.










Circus of madness and magic

KIERAN FINNANE on Circus Dust’s Philosophe, part of the Alice Desert Festival. Video by ERWIN CHLANDA.










Dancers take over after dark

KIERAN FINNANE on the Dusty Feet Dance Collective performance, Dance Jam After Dark, an Alice Desert Festival event. Video by ERWIN CHLANDA.









Never ending story: Desert Mob 2013

KIERAN FINNANE on the annual survey show of Aboriginal art centres in The Centre art the Araluen Arts centre, as well as The Wild Ones at Raft Artspace.








Finding the songs left to sing

KIERAN FINNANE on the sculpture show Art or cunning? at Watch This Space.










The desert in all its grandeur

KIERAN FINNANE on Desert Colour at Talapi, and particularly on work by Adrian Robertson  of Mwerre Anthurre Artists.










The product of time spent joyfully

ANNA GEORGIA MACKAY on Lilly Ulah’s solo show at Raft Artspace.










Distinction of design reflecting a sense of place

KIERAN FINNANE on the the design work of architects Susan Dugdale and Associates, particularly in relation to the Green Well Building on Bath Street and the redevelopment of the northern Todd Mall and Parsons Street.








The Cutting Times

KIERAN FINNANE on Rod Moss’ new book One Thousand Cuts – Life and Art in Central Australia. UQP, 2013.








Ode to a sombrero: Neil Murray

RUSSELL GUY on Sing the Song: The Essential Neil Murray double CD released by ABC.











Passing through light and time

Anatomy Lesson – You. Me. Us. KIERAN FINNANE on the Rod Moss retrospective opening. Araluen Galleries.













Different words, different ideas: family talk in Arrernte

KIERAN FINNANE on Anpernirrentye – Kin and skin. Talking about family in Arrernte by Veronica Perrurle Dobson AM and John Henderson. IAD Press, 2013.












The politics of love

KIERAN FINNANE on From Alice with Love. Jo Dutton’s third novel. Arena, Allen  & Unwin, 2013.














Across the world, through time: a quest for meaning

KIERAN FINNANE on Belomor by Nicolas Rothwell. Text Publishing, 2013.













Haunting excursion into Alice’s psyche

KIERAN FINNANE on Craig San Roque’s The Long Weekend in Alice Springs. Adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito. San Kessto Publications, 2013.











Town camp artists do it their way

KIERAN FINNANE on Our Way, Their Way, at RAFT Artspace, 2013. An exhibition by Tangentyere Artists and Yarrenyty Arltere Artists.

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