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We greatly appreciate and enjoy the huge feedback we’re getting from our readers. Please join in.


There are two ways you can:-


• Use the comment box at the bottom of the “full story” page. For this you can quote a pseudonym or a pen name, although we strongly urge you to supply your full name for publication: This will enhance greatly the importance the readers will attribute to your comment.


• We will not permit personal attacks from a position of anonymity. If you are attacking a private person, you need to provide, for publication, your name and town or city of residence, plus a phone number for verification purposes. We will not publish your email address nor your phone number.


• We extend the privilege of anonymity to readers attacking people who put themselves into the public arena as elected members, politicians or spokespeople, but the comments need to be restricted to the field in which those “public” people are operating. Comments need to be civilised and not include excessively crude language.


• Playing the ball rather than the person advances the conversation and better helps to further explore issues.


• Email us a Letter to the Editor. For this we require, for publication, your name and town or city of residence, plus a phone number for verification purposes. This form of making your point is far more credible and effective than making a comment anonymously.


• We accept, with regret, that some corporations and public service institutions will seek to silence and even victimise people who speak out. Vital information and pertinent opinions would be withheld from public knowledge if we required comment writers to disclose their names.


• The comments are moderated. We have withheld from publication, and will continue to do so, comments we find vexatious or are excessively and unfairly offensive.


• In each case we will archive your email address and other contact details provided but not publish them, unless you have expressly cleared or requested us to do so.


You’re welcome to contact us at

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