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Guarding his culture with spear, canvas and book

A unique manifesto as well as a fascinating account of a life well lived, a hymn of praise to the culture that nourished it, a testimony to one man’s vision and resolve. KIERAN FINNANE reviews Kulinmaya! by Kunmanara Williams. FULL STORY »

If you can climb Mt Everest and in Yosemite, why not Uluru?

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If deaths at Uluru are a logical reason for closing its climb, should the road toll lead to banning driving, asks Alex Nelson. FULL STORY »

The Rock: To climb or not to climb




“I climbed the Rock.” That was the proud boast of hundreds of thousands of people who, over the years, bought T-shirts with this inscription, fondly remembered their adventure and were part of a world-wide promotion of Australia’s greatest natural wonder. Today climbing the Rock is a No-No. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Climbers ignoring the closed sign.