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Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain



“People who are going about their lawful business are being interrogated and harassed when there is no evidence that an offence has been or is about to be committed. Some of the examples would astound you,” writes Peter Holden, Chair, Lhere Artepe Supermarkets. FULL STORY »

Cops at bottle shops: expensive bluff?




How much does the Point of Sale Intervention – cops at bottleshops – rely on bluff? Is it working? Or is whatever gain it  produces offset by the harm done to our community by the racial profiling of which there is ample anecdotal evidence. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Armed police auxiliary liquor inspectors start work in Alice

They will today take over from police officers at bottle shops. FULL STORY »

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’




Neglected kids “commit property and other crimes as they seek food, shelter and attention wherever and however,” writes Michael Liddle (pictured), Chairperson of the Central Australian Alcohol Programs Unit. FULL STORY »

Cops @ bottlos: Give us the numbers!



Hospital emergency department admissions are soaring as there a gaps in police attendance at bottle shops, claims Dr. John Boffa (pictured) of the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition.

Gunner re-opens the Rivers of Grog floodgates




Alcohol related crime in Alice Springs has sky-rocketed: The Banned Drinkers Register is useless and cops at bottle shops need to be brought back, writes Robyn Lambley, Independent Member for Araluen. FULL STORY »

Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops

2498 cop at bottlo SM



Keep an eye on the cops at bottle shops, says alcohol control campaigner: A vicious cycle occurs when TBLs have gaps, booze purchases increase, causing a spike in crime that requires further withdrawals of police from points of sale, says PAAC. Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’




Police Commissioner appears to succumb to political pressure, ordering cops to be “standing at a privately-owned bottle shop as a pseudo security guard,” writes Paul McCue, NT Police Association President (pictured). FULL STORY »

Temporary Beat Locations – stop the political games



Temporary Beat Locations at bottle shops have been very effective in reducing alcohol sales levels and alcohol-related offending. When they don’t work is when there are not enough police, writes (pictured), of the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition (PAAC).