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The millions and the misery

2547 Memo Club 1 OK


Will the 24/7 Youth Club get a look-in by Congress which wants to use the Memo Club for “non clinical programs” instead of kids at risk? Meanwhile, the regulator of Congress want to examine its books. Keep your calculator app handy in case you head starts to spin over tens of millions of dollars at the meeting on Thursday, in the Andy McNeill room, at 5.30pm. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE June 5, 2.10pm FULL STORY »

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death




The fact that the police have abandoned full lockdown of bottle shops is a key cause of potentially preventable alcohol related violence, writes Donna Ah Chee (pictured) of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress.


UPDATE Friday 1:15pm: Police Association demands Ms Ah Chee withdraws “her disgusting and offensive comments”. FULL STORY »

Aboriginal Men’s Shed: ‘We’ll build it ourselves from scratch’

p2512 Men's Shed BOTAC SM
A group of  men have formed the Blokes on Track Aboriginal Corporation to create a Men’s Shed –  “a grass roots development of men teaching men how to behave and learn to hunt and gather in this modern world through creating employment opportunity.” KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Bottle shop cops may not like it, but are needed




Grog discussion: Point of Sale Intervention must stay until effective alternatives are in place, writes Congress CEO, DONNA AH CHEE (pictured). FULL STORY »

Congress call: Put full-time police back at bottle-shops

There has been a large and unacceptable increase in harms since the decision was made to remove the police presence from bottle shops, writes Donna Ah Chee, CEO of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress. FULL STORY »

Independent assessment of government funding still in future

p2409 CAAC SM



Government funding: We still depend on what the donors and the recipients tell us, but the Commonwealth says it is gearing up for independent and transparent assessment. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from the CAAC 2014/15 financial report.


Plans to turn Memo Club into Aboriginal ‘health hub’

p2404 memo club SM



Bowling green will become a car park if the application is approved, reports ERWIN CHLANDA.


Facts about street kids made public




Youth Parol statistics reveal the extent of a problem. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Congress says Canberra should sack NT Government





The NT government “has led a concerted and sustained campaign to demonise young people without attempting to properly understand the social determinants causing the problems these young people face,” says Donna Ah Chee (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Congress, Tangentyere: White Ribbon spirit may end rift

p2298-white-ribbon-SMGovernments, Aboriginal groups and communities need to combat against women, says John Liddle, of Ingkintja. PHOTO: Mayor Damien Ryan, senior police Danny Bacon and Jamie Chalker, and lawyer Russell Goldflam lead today’s White Ribbon march. FULL STORY »