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Ryan runs on infrastructure boost, financial responsibility

2468 Damien Ryan, Jeny Barr SM


On the minus side are long delays with flood mitigation measures (although the Alice Springs News Online now has new information on this critical issue, see FULL STORY). ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with Mayor Ryan who is pictured with Jenny Barr at Sunday’s market. The how-to-vote cards on the table are Mayor Ryan’s and those of candidate Joshua “Burgs” Burgoyne, his future son-in-law.


Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?

p2405 Donald Trump SM2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Mayor Damien Ryan is set to become the father-in-law of youthful council candidate Joshua Burgoyne (at right) in next month’s election. Walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump (at left)?


Prove I’m wrong and I’ll step down: Cr Melky

p2343-Eli-Melky SM



Council, in a dramatic meeting last night, takes the next step towards paying out its $1.2m civic centre loan as proposed by Cr Eli Melky (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Cool reception for the non-Local Government Minister


Missing portfolio: No, the new government hasn’t overlooked local government. They chopped the department on purpose. PHOTO: Mr McCarthy and Mayor Ryan addressing the LGANT meeting this morning. ERWIN CLANDA reports.


The Finke’s under way, and that’s official!


Let the race weekend begin: Official media launch in the Mall today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Car park or culture centre: new funding bid


The Town Council will re-submit an application for Federal funding for a “meeting place” and a multi-storey car park in Hartley Street and Gregory Terrace although Mayor Damien Ryan concedes there is no detailed knowledge about who needs a car park. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Jacinta, Jamie into the deep end



A five-storey, $20m car park, office and accommodation project in Hartley Street (pictured), extension of the landfill, keeping kids from causing mayhem over summer and turning pop-ups into real businesses will be in the diaries of the new blood in the town council, likely to be Jamie de Brenni and Jacinta Price. ERWIN CHLANDA speaks with Mayor Damien Ryan.


Mayor sought to stifle debate: Councillor




Mayor Damien Ryan (pictured) wanted to make an embargoed release earlier today of the town council budget although it is still open for debate by elected members tonight. By ERWIN CHLANDA.


UPDATE, May 26. 2015, 10am: Councillor Jade Kudrenko last night tried to get Cr Eli Melky that he was the anonymous “council source” for this story. FULL STORY »

Oz Day: New citizens, awards for achievements




This Australia Day the Alice Springs Town Council will confer 72 new citizenships and announce the winners of the 2015 Centralian Awards at a civic ceremony, writes Mayor Damien Ryan.


Culture centre: No place like Alice




“It’s needed in Australia so let’s have it here.” Chamber of Commerce CEO Kay Eade (pictured) gives her unreserved thumbs-up to the proposed national indigenous culture centre in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.