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Pine Gap: The link Alice has to Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds


“We have agreed to nest the Pine Gap facility just outside this town. We are involved in the geopolitical drama as much, or even more than any other citizens of Australia. And yet we cannot question this relationship of trust. Is the United States still trustworthy?” Craig San Roque poses the question. He is portrayed as a Senior Territorian by Henry Smith.


UPDATE Oct 16, 9.15am: This is a comment from Jules Cashford, a colleague in the UK and contributor to the forthcoming book  Cultural Complexes and the Soul of America. FULL STORY »

Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?

p2405 Donald Trump SM2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Mayor Damien Ryan is set to become the father-in-law of youthful council candidate Joshua Burgoyne (at right) in next month’s election. Walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump (at left)?


‘Extreme vetting’ and Pine Gap

p2405 Donald Trump SMp2405 Malcolm Turnbull SM



Malcolm Turnbull thinks he has a deal but he concedes it’s all up to Donald Trump. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Election of Trump could impact Alice Springs: Mayor




Pine Gap is significant to the economy, employment in Alice Springs, says Damien Ryan. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE November 10, 10:30am: “Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand the Value of US Bases Overseas.”