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Imminent proliferation of prostitution: Christian lobby warns




The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed dismay about laws “decriminalising” prostitution, saying women should never be bought and sold: “Decriminalisation of the sex trade is a win for pimps and a win for brothel owners. The women in prostitution lose.” Meanwhile Opposition Leader Gary Higgins says the Bill does not achieve the balance of public welfare with the rights and freedoms of individuals. FULL STORY »

Opposition leader will not be questioned on looming NT poll


Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (at left), in a media handout, “has vowed to offer Territorians a ‘real alternative’ in 12 months’ time” but he won’t discuss it. Party president Ron Kelly has agreed to an interview with News editor ERWIN CHLANDA.


UPDATE August 26: Mr Higgins has now offered to make time for an interview with the News. However, as we had already made arrangements to interview party president Ron Kelly, we thanked Mr Higgins and advised we would take up his offer in the near future. FULL STORY »

Budget repair: Where are the tough decisions?

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Is there more than a bailout from the Commonwealth, asks Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured). FULL STORY »

If NT goes broke, Canberra has to bail us out: Higgins

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As a non-state the Territory has a rich uncle with deep pocket standing behind it, who can’t say “no” to lenders if the NT defaults on loans: The Australian Government. Meanwhile the non-ALP members of the Legislative Assembly have signed a letter demanding a whole-of-parliament solution to the current fiscal mayhem. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Labor government increased NT deficit by a factor of 18

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Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured) says the NT Government “should own up to having a problem”. He says the CLP left Labor a $78m deficit. At the reported current deficit of $1.4 billion, that is 18 times as much. FULL STORY »

Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition

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In 2012 we inherited a net debt of $3.5 billion. By 2016, we had reduced that to $1.8 billion. Now it’s projected to be $35.7 billion in 2029/30: Gary Higgins (pictured). FULL STORY »

Government underspends on infrastructure: Opposition




Far from keeping its infrastructure promises the government is spending way less than the “much lauded $1.75b program,” writes Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured). FULL STORY »

SA Bank Tax dead, NT should follow suit: Higgins




It is time for the Chief Minister to finally show leadership and categorically rule out a bank tax in the NT, writes Gary Higgins, Leader of the Opposition.


MyFuel prices up instead of down

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The Government got it wrong with the MyFuel web site which requires retailers to publish retail fuel prices, writes Opposition Leader Gary Higgins.