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December quarter 2018 unit prices 40% higher than 2017

After a rise in house and unit rents till the June quarter 2010 it’s pretty well steady as she goes except for house rents except for a dip between the June 2014 and the June 2016 quarters. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

House prices for quarter down 5%, units 7%, unit sales up.

2459 Gillen Araluen SM


And as for the year ending June 30, the local L J Hooker boss Doug Fraser says there was a marked increase in the number of houses sold but unit sales were at the lowest rate since the company started to keep records. PHOTO: Araluen, where in the June quarter 13 houses were sold but the prices dropped 17% from the March quarter, while next-door in Gillen there was the same number of sales but prices rose 2.4%.