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Children in care management system to cost $229m


The massive expenditure will go ahead despite fiscal crisis, says Acting Families Minister Ken Vowles (at right). Meanwhile Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss (at left) defends financial support for drag racing with bogus crowd figures, and says the Aboriginal art gallery and the new rugby fields will go ahead. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


CORRECTION December 19:

The $66.9m funding for the Client Management System Alignment is part of the Territory Labor Government’s $229m response to the Royal Commission.  FULL STORY »

Giles commits $7.8m for petrol heads spectacular




Giles dusts off figures that didn’t stack up last year to justify funding for motoring fixture. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alice the petrol head capital? Yep.




Alice Springs put beyond doubt that it is the capital of petrol heads when the Red CentreNATS got into top gear today. Text and pix by ERWIN CHLANDA.