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Six not at all Grey Nomads

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The wide open spaces is what blew them away in The Centre. They shared their adventures with ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

LETTER: Breathing new life into the Tanami Desert

On May 27 a team of eight set off with the Tanami Action Group from Halls Creek down the Tanami Road to Alice Springs. Before we left on the trip to film the Tanami Road we had understood that our task was to seal the road. Now we understand that our task is to deliver economic, social and employment opportunities to people along the Tanami and throughout the Kimberley, writes Lara Wilde, of the Tanami Action Group.

It’s an A for 400 self-drivers to The Alice

Why an A’van? That’s easy: you can fold it down to half its height in 20 seconds and it won’t cause the fuel-guzzling drag a normal caravan does.

The A’van – starting price $25,000 – is strong. None of the walls are made from canvas.
The triangles on either side fold on top of each-other, and so do the quadrangles front and back, all resting on the bench tops inside for towing.
They are great for two people on a trip of a couple of weeks (although too small for extended living, having no bathroom, for example).
Why these simple advantages spawned a veritable cult – very benign, to be sure – is a bit of a mystery, until you discover the friendly like-mindedness of the owners.

Photos: Like Doctor Who’s telephone box – it’s so much bigger inside: June Hicks in her A’van in Alice today, at the MacDonnell Range Caravan Park. Chilling outdoors in The Alice after  couple of days of rain. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Burnin’ ring of fire

I remember watching the introduction of a Seinfeld episode once where Jerry, in his usual stand-up mode, was explaining his theory on why people smoke. He made smoking sound like a craving sustained due to primitive, caveman mentalities. The line went something like, “People like to have smoke near their faces to show that they have power. ‘Look. I have fire. I am mighty.’”

If you’ve never been on that back road between King’s Canyon and Hermannsburg please, for your own sake, do. I’m fairly sure it has been rated amongst the top ten four-wheel drive tracks in Australia, although this would probably be for visual reasons as the road – other than some corrugation – is fairly light going. On either side of the track there is amazing shrubbery and the wide sloping hills caress in a valley that looks like it was made for a path to some secret land. Photos by Oliver Eclipse.