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Delays with electricity generators in Alice, Tennant



Handover of Territory Generation’s new engines (similar to the ones pictured) in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek power stations is delayed and no dates are given for it. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Alleged toddler rape: Why she hadn’t been taken from her family



Territory Families cites 10 quotes from the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children report, including this: “Removing a child from their family and placing them in out of home care should be undertaken as a last resort. It should only be used to ensure the safety of the child.” PHOTO: Commissioners, Margaret White AO and Mr Mick Gooda. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

‘Child One’ behind bars: Who could, should have helped?

2455 Greg Borchers SM


The overwhelming majority of comments from Alice Springs News Online readers support the actions of Judge Greg Borchers (pictured) while government authorities are either silent or passing the buck. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


PLEASE NOTE: Highly distressing material is contained in a break-out piece published on a separate page.


13 year old denied bail after rampage

2454 Middle Earth SM


Judge to offender: “You’re not going back into the community. The community can’t afford you. It’s quite clear that you and your family are not going to pick up the damages for what you’ve caused. And, presumably, and I infer this, you’ve got no understanding of that … you don’t know where money comes from other than the government gives it out.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Restaurant broken into.

EDITOR’S NOTE, 12:50pm June 21. FULL STORY »

Greens on Pine Gap: Move towards non-aligned foreign policy

p2444 Richard Di Natale SM



Greens Leader Richard Di Natale (pictured), in The Centre for his party’s national conference, speaks with ERWIN CHLANDA about the US spy base in Alice Springs and what he regards as the shortcomings of public services for Indigenous people.


Barkly’s largest employer under special administration

p2411 Julalikari SM


Julalikari is solvent but “had experienced a significant breakdown in its relationships with members, key stakeholders and commercial partners,” writes ANTHONY BEVEN, Registrar of Indigenous Corporations.


Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs

p2409 pipeline TOs SM


In a move against fracking, of which they say they weren’t informed, Traditional Owners are seeking a halt to the Tennant Creek to Mount Isa gas pipeline by disallowing land clearing. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Members of the Wakaya Land Trust.


TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business.

p2408 Henderson, Downer SM


Never a dull moment in the fast lane: As traditional owners seek to block the Tennant Creek to Mount Isa gas pipeline, ex Labor Chief Minister Paul Henderson (at right in the picture) and former Liberal Opposition Leader Alexander Downer (next to him) are offering “discreet advice” about how to do business in the Territory. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Cart before the horse on gas pipeline?



Environmental Protection Authority says two major issues are still unresolved as it’s all systems go in Tennant Creek. Resource Minister Ken Vowles (pictured) says his government “is currently working through the appropriate approval processes”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Contractors invited for $100m gas, diesel power stations




November deadline for expression of interest. A RePower Alice Springs member says that time frame may allow the inclusion of renewable energy elements. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.