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Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen



Uranium mining near Alice Springs needs to be back on the table, says a group of about 40 business operators, wanting to drag the town out of its current slump. Tony Bandiera, Samih Habib-Bitar and Darren Burton (pictured from left) spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA on behalf of the group.


What’s cooking – radioactive fish, colonial scones and jam ?


What can I peaceably eat without turning my life into a obsessive compulsive over-analysis of all things good or bad or both at the same time for me, others, and the environment? Caffeine is bad for you. But fair trade organic coffee is good for somebody else.  Raising animals to eat is highly costly in terms of water, feed and land usage. What about fish? OK then, what if it’s sustainably farmed? Probably still bad as oceans potentially become radioactive. FULL STORY »