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“ARRCS is committed to human rights and the dignity of the person as expressed in both Australian and international laws. We comply with human rights, and we do so in the context of the Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) and good clinical practice. Decision making in relation to the clinical care and lifestyle decisions in aged care can be complex, and takes into consideration physical abilities, any cognitive impairments, and other relevant factors. ARRCS is committed to working with the people, families, and communities we serve, including those appointed with enduring powers of attorney and formally appointed advocates, to provide appropriate care for each individual. ARRCS cannot comment on the individual circumstances of any resident without authority.”




Bank account movements:-

How much money was in his a/c in November last year?

How much is there now?

Did you put restrictions on his bank cards so he has to go into the bank?

How can he do that when he is not allowed to exit his dormitory?

Has he given consent to selling the house?

Who is the vendor?

Have any of the goods in the house been given or sold to others without his consent?

Where is his car?

Are you giving instructions to the Flynn Lodge staff not to allow him to leave the lodge?

If so, why?

Is that not a violation of Human Rights?

He has a very simple share room at the Flynn Lodge – hardly the kind of retirement for for a man with 37 years as an air traffic controller in a big city. Please comment.

Alan had three mobile phones, where are they?

Where is his laptop?

Where is his morse key and his two-way radio?

Where are his photo albums?

Where are the $800 he left in his office?

I have spoken to two long-time carers of Alan’s and they say he has shown no sign of being unable to live in his own house.

For example, he never left stove on, left water running, the fridge door open; made daily trips to his favourite cafe, sometimes by public bus.

Do you think he was unable to live on his own? If so, why?

What happened to all his private belongings?

Why was he told this was going to be only a two or three day trial at Flynn Lodge?

He told me he had no idea that he was signing a Power of Attorney. Please comment.

He said to me he said trusted you but he unknowingly may have signed his life away.

During more than an hour of conversation I found him to be coherent. (I am a pilot, so we talked aviation for a bit.)

He wants to go home. Why can’t he?


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