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Alice Springs News, Issue 23, July 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

Did Peace Pilgrims answer an extraordinary emergency?. By

Bid to sack native title holders. By

Migratory threads. By

What you say …. By

New to the net. By

Kon Vatskalis a stand-up comedian at uranium conference?. By

Remote air traffic control: another loss of skilled workers in Alice Springs?. By

Itchy feet and big brain. By

Last migrations. By

Town camp artists commissioned by Darwin Festival. By

Alice Springs News, Issue 24, July 21, 2011

Letters. By

Stuff, big and small. By

Remote control not new. By

Nature can still turn on a show – but can the man-made Outback?. By

Canberra, not Yuendumu is the capital of porn. By

When pettiness gets out of hand. By

Corp, Gaff get gaol for “vicious joint assault”. By

Flat tourism season due to big picture factors, not to negative publicity, say operators. By

Alice Springs News, Issue 25, August 1, 2011

Bushfires a massive threat as warmer season looms. By

Kalua, we’re not on the East Coast anymore. By

Lhere Artepe: corporation is the main game. By

NGOs call on Town Council to revisit no camping by-laws. By

Car of holiday maker torched. By

Solar power has bright future in sunny Alice. By

Karting: speed and tumbles. By

We beat Darwin – in crime. By

Reformers triumph in native title group row. By

Years in gaol for six perpetrators of alcohol-fuelled killings. By

Alice Springs News, Issue 28, August 11, 2011

Transport Hall of Fame important for town: Gunner. By

Bushfires were expected yet authorities are still not ready. By

Stepping over the edge. By

Work starts on new Flying Doctor tourist centre. By

The lighter side of law-making. By

Hampton mum on Kilgariff suburb. By

Anderson blames ganja for youth suicides. By

Threatening sign at Nyirripi unauthorised and removed. By

Amnesty’s Utopia report full of omissions and misrepresentations. By

Alice Springs Festival: let the fun begin. By

Alice Springs News, Issue 30

August 25, 2011

Camel and campfire: iron chef, bush style. By

Burnin’ ring of fire. By

Alice turning into a fly-in, fly-out mining camp?. By

Long moment in the sun for artists from The Lands. By

What leads to people thinking about suicide?. By

Desert shrinks get global gong. By

Issue 2

January 12, 2012

LETTER: Taking no prisoners. By

George Brown 1927 – 2011. By

Add Food For Thought to the holiday table. By

Issue 31

September 1, 2011

People as postcards. By

Not too late to reduce fire fuel loads & trusties can help. By

Anti-talkfest lobby crashes and burns. By

LETTER by Alex Nelson: And the talkfests go on …. By

Sharp rises in parks fees, mining policy in doubt. By

Hardware giant Bunnings confirms it’s heading for Alice. By

Issue 32

September 8, 2011

Creative drive in the desert goes deep. By

Back to drawingboard for Parsons Street high-rise. By

Stranded disaster or stolen delight?. By

NT statehood soon? I don’t think so.. By

$3.5m grant from Feds for landfill upgrade. By

Anderson joins Country Liberals, will target shires, growth towns, commercial development, ‘separatism’ in education. By

The town is safe in public servants’ hands: forum told. By

Issue 33

September 21, 2011

A message from this vineyard: go horticulture!. By

Cars in Todd Mall again?. By

Answers on cattle station turning carbon sink. By

Container deposit laws set to hit snag. By

Music, magic and messages at Festival Parade. By

Issue 34

September 22, 2011

Police seek information about suspicious death of woman. By

EXCLUSIVE: $2.5m owed by liquidated firm linked to Native Title organisation. By

Garden of delight. By

More bushfire “vollies” – and we’ll need them!. By

Creative drive in the desert goes deep. By

Spoof, irony, angst and affection in Souvenir show. By

Issue 35

September 29, 2011

Whacky clothes? Be a devil!. By

Pearce sole director of failed company: native title spokesman wants answers on Mt Johns real estate development. By

Come close. By

Northern mall and Parsons Street get top priority in revamp of town centre. By

Treat firebugs as major criminals – call by chief bushfire fighter. By

The wicked flee when no-one pursues. By

Issue 36

October 6, 2011

On the road again. By

Land Council boss joins Country Liberals. By

Early start to summer crime spree?. By

Alice, working its power. By

Will Alice Plaza businesses turn around?. By

Sally Thomas new NT administrator. By

Tourism slump a wake-up call for operators. By

Rain is not a simple blessing. By

The father of the Ghan train. By

Time to remember ‘who luv’s ya!’. By

Issue 37

October 13, 2011

CBD revitalisation: consultation not over yet. By

Action for Alice apologises for ‘racist’ ads on Imparja. By

Revealing the spirit of Parsons Street. By

Amnesty rhetoric fails to show the way forward for homelands. By

China is waiting – what’s keeping us?. By

There’s more to a curfew than meets the eye. By

Letter: Paying rates for nothing?. By

The A’vans are coming!. By

Issue 38

October 20, 2011

A ‘happy, safe and well-supported’ tribe. By

The subtle transmissions of home. By

Safe spaces. By

After three decades in Territory schools she’s the best teacher in the country. By

The facts the Amnesty fact finder didn’t find. By

LETTERS: Young gun fires at turf club; farmer at the PM. By

Hot debate in council over youth curfew, public stays away. By

‘Hunted like dogs’ by Intervention. By

Alice takes the NT lead for violent drunks but at least there are fewer of them than last year. By

Comment: Ethnic cleansing … what next?. By

Issue 39

October 27, 2011

Blackened country greening up. By

‘No evidence that curfews reduce crime” – Jodeen Carney’s Youth Justice Review. By

Public, not government, to do the heavy lifting in water saving scheme. By

People in bush shake down those who help them: allegation. By

Business confidence – a case of swings and roundabouts. By

New intersection for Kilgariff suburb. By

‘Proof’ of deal two years old, says Anderson. By

Young people ‘on the fence’ on curfew. By

Alice’s Vinnies closing. By

‘Collapse’ of the construction sector, grog measures flawed. By

Issue 40

November 3, 2011

Prisoner escapes. By

LETTER: Looking for an old mate. By

Musings from behind a coffee machine. By

A youth curfew is council policy … despite vote against Ald Melky’s motion. By

Bad news for native title group reformers. By

Council will look at tree register and by-law. By

Felled trees: Q&A – land owners mum on revitalisation plans. By

Chainsaw rules in Parsons Street. By

Issue 41

November 10, 2011

The tightrope walker and the wheelbarrow. By

Did they go too far?. By

Mother’s assault on toddler not what it seemed. By

Spot a tree? Chop it down!. By

Town council self censorship: ‘In confidential’ lame excuse for hiding facts from the public.. By

‘Looking after children was her life’s chosen job’. By

Many people are doing two jobs and too many are doing none. By

He walked the line …. By

Issue 42

November 17, 2011

Endangered possum pictured in the wild. By

What the climate change chat skimmed over. By

Are fire vandals the only ones to blame for the state of the river?. By

Gongs for Centre’s tourism businesses at 25th Brolgas. By

Great ideas for the town. Now will someone please make them reality?. By

Cool heads consider global warming. By

Alice metal bands launch their own label. By

Court of good hope. By

Only firefighters decide on how to deal with individual fires. By

LETTERS: Dr Boffa honoured. Offer in Todd Mall: Want a girl? How many generations, Steve? And the bicycle track’s missing link.. By

Issue 43

November 24, 2011

Close, contemporary, complex. By

Sunset on Intervention in 10 years. By

NT Government action on grog clearly not enough for Macklin. By

Native title group: losing a battle but winning the war?. By

Todd River: will we stand by and let the worst happen?. By

Bigger steps needed to fix the grog and the violence. By

Arrernte Workforce for hire: ‘We don’t need funding’. By

From Intervention Lalaland: ‘We demand reparations’. By

Intervention – solid black? Or shades of grey and even some light?. By

A new jobs program for locals at Ayers Rock Resort – will this one succeed?. By

Issue 44

December 1, 2011

The joy and despair of a procrastinator. By

In brief. By

Behind the anti-intervention tirade: wanting a slice of the action?. By

The biggest road train in the world. By

Krafty’s call to arms to revitalise tourism industry. By

No shift in council’s priorities in the river. By

The risks in taming the river. By

Fire in the desert: a formidable threat and a tool. By

Amnesty International wrong again. By

NT Govt. pays the rent, Intervention Mark II, arrest tourism slide, and bid to conceal child abuse?. By

Issue 45

December 8, 2011

39 Arrests in Alice Springs. By

Cops nab man with rifle, dope, cash, loot. By

If the trucks stop, so will Alice …. By

Brave disclosure in Desert Knowledge Q&A show. By

A close encounter with the past. By

Looking good!. By

River management: the struggle to get long-term action (re-published with Maxine Cook’s comment). By

DIY Alice: building on the strengths of young enterprise and consumers. By

Issue 46

December 15, 2011

Travelling cops roadshow not the answer – MLA. By

Fire danger lowest category?. By

Public housing goes on market as wait lists stay long. By

Looking for Christmas. By

Building boats in Alice Springs? Geddaway!. By

‘Ultra clean’ diesel project in Simpson Desert target of ALEC campaign. By

Native Title group confirms sacking of Darryl Pearce. By

The Shaws at Mt Nancy: what’s good for the goose …. By

Restoring the wild river: citizen action can make a difference. By

INPEX hype: big is not better for the NT. By

Issue 47

December 22, 2011

OLSH student tops NT. By

Revitalisation: will there be people as well as cars in the mall?. By

‘Soul of the whole past time’. By

Getting that hot red dusty feeling. By

Issue 48

December 29, 2011

PART TWO Food for Thought: Transport Hall of Fame bucks downward trends. By

Education: Alice must lift its game.. By

Productive prisoners. By

Mayor, Chief Minister tackled over fires. By