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Issue 1

February 9, 2013

“In which state is Alice Springs,” asks 000 operator as armed thugs threaten to kill. By

German Foreign Office says mobile homes should stay only in caravan parks with guards, warns of rapes, armed robberies in Alice Springs. By

Two week boot camp not enough to solve youth problems. By

Reasons for a health pact in the NT. By

Office of Children and Families admits legal action over failure to provide information. By

Sentenced to a Job Program “successful beyond expectations” and will be expanded. By

LETTER: R. M. Williams responds on Henbury. By

$23 million Bunnings development on schedule for mid-year. By

LETTER: Labor’s mismanagement of $9m splash on Henbury carbon farm. By

Children at risk as department shuts down communications: insider. By

Issue 10

May 9, 2013

Carey Builders, Frampton New Homes scheme: systemic failure. By

Treasurer quizzed on 000, booze, buying locally, power & water. By

$160,000 residential blocks at Kilgariff: Giles. By

Tollner’s Budget measure to stop mining royalties minimisation. By

MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’. By

Law enforcement: The bracelets that could save us money. By

Aussie tourists ‘hassled, disappointed, fearful’ in Alice, Uluru. By

Haunting excursion into Alice’s psyche. By

‘Sentenced to a job and a future’ program needs iron will. By

Framptons were Carey’s ‘bosses’, took ‘secret commission’, says his lawyer. By

Issue 11

May 23, 2013

Keith Lawrie Flats – people have had enough!. By

Alice Beat Festival no longer wanted?. By

Centre art stands out in SA festival. By

Consultants with 40,000 years on the job. By

Going through the motions and loving it. By

What the Mayor doesn’t want to talk about. By

LETTER: Will compulsory rehabilitation stand up in court?. By

Alice’s heart of commerce battles slump. By

6% town council rate rise proposed. By

Money gets Camel Cup over the hump. By

Issue 12

May 30, 2013

A place to go to be made well again. By

Finke: The race in which the town is always the winner. By

Master Builders rejects claims from Alice members. By

Builders want home buyers guarantee scrapped. By

Work snags: Rock star expectations instead of proving themselves. By

Aborigines and the economy: where to from here?. By

Song, story, sovereignty. By

LETTER: Former CEO of Yuendumu Women’s Centre jailed. By

LETTER: Breathing new life into the Tanami Desert. By

LETTER: 600 competitors, 12,000 campers, millions of Chinese. By

Issue 13

June 6, 2013

Gonski dollars don’t add up for NT schools. By

Mandatory treatment for alcoholics at facility near gaol. By

Elferink rejects “gagging” claim. By

Council’s next gig: rubbish dump in town’s centre. By

Across the world, through time: a search for meaning. By

Alice Solar City – over to you. By

Government to boost help for alcoholics. By

DASA mum on sudden resignation of CEO. By

Chief Minister fails to answer critics of alcohol reform. By

Town Council black spot mad dash for cash?. By

Issue 14

June 20, 2013

Education changes should ring alarm bells for parents and students. By

What’s happening with the landfill?. By

Is town council use of “in confidential” going too far?. By

Feds say no to Alice Springs CBD project funding. By

Child protection to start in the womb. By

The politics of love. By

Gillard encourages harmful drinking. By

Hardware giant gives vote of faith in Alice. By

Vote ‘yes’ in referendum or face higher rates: Mayor. By

Yuendumu Sports Weekend is back on 50th anniversary. By

Issue 15

June 28, 2013

“Admission” by Jemena: pipeline for export gas. By

Alice water cap lifted ‘under pressure from political advisers’. By

Real jobs? Spin rules.. By

When gas turns to hot air. By

Inquiry into real estate firm Framptons. By

The Tongue will hip hop to Alice Springs. By

More peace in public housing. By

12-year-old charged with theft of cop car, ram raids on stores. By

Social woes: it’s all about having a job, says ALP’s Nova Peris. By

Cattle breeders will toughen out industry woes. By

Issue 16

July 11, 2013

Intervention not demonising men. By

Questions about stroke treatment at Alice hospital. By

Turning smelly nuisances into multi million dollar assets. By

Presbyterian church re-established in Alice Springs. By

Rotary women to the fore, honour for prison volunteer. By

Sideshow alley, campdraft liven up Show in GFC shadow. By

Council drags chain while horse bolts. By

NT, Commonwealth initiative to make homelands more viable. By

Bonjour! Bastille Day in The Alice. By

Camels live up to their terrible reputation, crowd delighted. By

Issue 17

July 18, 2013

Desert Knowledge offshoot turns 10: The Clever One – really?. By

Getting all steamed up over water. By

Northern end of the mall reopens. By

Boost royalties, distribute CLC assets: Ryan’s fiery agenda. By

Alice Springs man wins Telstra award. By

Intervention not demonising men. By

Questions about stroke treatment at Alice hospital. By

Turning smelly nuisances into multi million dollar assets. By

Presbyterian church re-established in Alice Springs. By

Rotary women to the fore, honour for prison volunteer. By

Issue 18

July 25, 2013

Chance for NT Government to get cracking on fires. By

Road planning in a roundabout way. By

Consumers to pay for flawed container deposit tax. By

Roads, 457 visas, growth towns: Chamber of Commerce. By

Warlpiri versus the Queen. By

Marketing ploy? Bureaucrat creep? Joke?. By

Fracking may be used but horizontal drilling will be preferred. By

Container deposit scheme: it’s all go!. By

Voting for change? Don’t hold your breath.. By

Coalition agenda includes nation’s longest short-cut. By

Issue 19

August 9, 2013

Tell a tourist bureau where to go. By

Kilgariff $170K blocks, dept. on council stormwater deal. By

Container deposit depot closed: UPDATE from Coca Cola. By

Alleged offender wanted by police. By

Fitness, child care, 457 Visas on Town Council wish list. By

Cr Melky continues campaign for greater transparency. By

A fete made in Alice. By

No, you can’t :-(. By

People to get back their voice in local government: Minister. By

What the Feds can do for our tourism. By

Issue 2

February 25, 2013

Anderson gets Children and Families, Conlan Central Australia. By

Meeting of minds on the shores of a desert lake. By

NT Minister to probe Tangentyere funding for town camps. By

Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case. By

Strife torn child welfare set for more turmoil: worker. By

LETTER: New recycled water whets appetite of large businesses in Alice Springs. By

LETTER to Janet Brown and Russell Guy. By

Kilgariff suburb still a work in progress. By

LETTER: Alice Solar City’s commercial program winds up. By

Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice. By

Issue 20

August 16, 2013

MacFarlane concedes in Lingiari. By

Alice’s Ben Slip to play at Sydney Blues n Roots fest. By

“Have a nice day” – in Alice it can be like this …. By

A thousand roaring truckies …. By

Alice as a Living Room. By

Greens want humane, economical approach to asylum seekers. By

Congress: Not asking for more, but don’t give us less. By

Little change in crimes against person, property offences down. By

Tell a tourist bureau where to go. By

Centrecorp to buy Memo Club building – source. By

Issue 21

August 23, 2013

Snowdon’s backing for ‘high cost exclusive group’. By

Finding the songs left to sing. By

Hello! Is anybody out there?. By

Coalition promise: $33m for Outback Highway through Alice. By

Bright kids to be victims of teacher cuts, say protesters. By

‘Centralised government not fit to deal with outback’. By

The desert in all its grandeur. By

Alice’s Ben Slip to play at Sydney Blues n Roots fest. By

Land lease payments – nice little sit-down earner. By

Sharing with skaters: if Melbourne can, why not Alice?. By

Issue 22

August 30, 2013

Camps cottage industry stalls as Coke prevaricates. By

Residency is at risk, says heritage group. By

No Lingiari result yet. By

Outback Highway commitment: seal could start 2016/17. By

Snowdon’s new career as Groucho Marx impersonator?. By

Late money for Labor to hold Lingiari. By

Man wanted on sexual assaults, say police. By

Political junkies: a quiz from ALEX NELSON. By

Shire gets Heart Foundation award. By

MacFarlane water allocation – rigorous and followed due process, says expert. By

Issue 23

September 9, 2013

Letters, comments 11/06/12 to 30/09/13. By

Councillor Booth director of new Alice escort agency. By

Taking down Snowdon, little chunk by little chunk. By

Taxi disgrace: $24 fare Trucking Yards to CBD. By

MacFarlane concedes in Lingiari. By

Police seek man in relation to an indecent assault. By

The Boys who made the Big Time. By

Being away from Alice: the scream. By

The risk in going risqué. By

Fresh, relevant, moving, funny: 24 Hour Theatre. By

Issue 24

September 13, 2013

Onshore gas bonanza: what role fracking?. By

A little interruption of the ordinary. By

Let’s not waste a good scandal. By

Wanted: sites for relocating the landfill. By

Booth resigns from the Town Council. By

Councillors have open mind on landfill relocation. By

Recycled water scheme ready for testing. By

Booth ‘terminates’ escort agency application. By

Let’s think globally and act locally on climate change. By

Syrians really need a hand. By

Issue 25

October 2, 2013

Car from rainy Holland heads up sun powered race. By

Expensive by-election, date set. By

Spirit is fine but there needs to be fun. By

Imparja board gets legal advice on CEO after escort agency bid. By

Frampton New Homes: the dream breaker. By

The social value of art in desert communities. By

Mbantua Festival’s time has come. By

Open speed limit: more ‘secret’ reports. By

Dirt kart nationals big win for Alice. By

Alice builders still livid about insurance for home buyers. By

Issue 26

October 10, 2013

Pastoralists can now diversify. By

Sparks fly between Festival and Imparja, sacred sites authority. By

Gap pedestrian crossing to go. By

Education cuts: They know not what they do. By

Giles, Conlan and Lambley snub Mbantua Festival. By

Surfie takes shortcut through Alice, stays, starts bus empire. By

The Hargrave case: Race in the dock. By

Will the NOs have it on skating in the mall?. By

Bright students to take a hit in government cut-backs. By

Mbantua Festival future dreaming. By

Issue 27

October 17, 2013

Council and skaters: War and peace. By

Limited means no limit to creativity. By

Tourism Central Australia: The watchdog is a lapdog. By

Newcomers, FIFO crowd tear the heart out of The Alice. By

‘Get the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority into line’. By

Symphony under the stars. By

Native title enterprise: Light at the end of the tunnel. By

OMG, they shrank the Ghan!. By

Again: Skater fined for not showing ID – after doing so. By

“Scoop” leaves town. By

Issue 28

October 24, 2013

CAT Projects: Reaching the world from Central Australia. By

Ashes grandstand tickets mix-up. By

Town council candidate had restraining order. By

Riot in the shadow of Ayers Rock. By

NT government evicts badminton from its home of 30 years. By

Council by-election: common sense candidate. By

Witness threatened at murder charge hearing: ‘You’ll be dead’. By

Sweet, flowing single-tracks: Alice mountain bike enduro. By

Council candidate has a focus on young people. By

Redtails down Buffaloes in season’s first win. By

Issue 29

November 1, 2013

Drubbing for Redtails. By

Cr Paech: disappointed at council back flip. By

Skate trial in the Mall: council turns its back on the kids. By

Alice salt mine: new $6m drilling program. By

Funding back for people responding to native title claims. By

The street is to skaters what the ocean is to surfers. By

Matty Day wants kerbside recycling. By

The long shadow of violence. By

Alcohol Protection Orders Bill needs more work, say Aborigines. By

Look after town’s ‘heart & soul’: candidate. By

Issue 3

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 4, afternoon: Police officer put through hoops over ‘pressured’ witness statement. By

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 4: Alleged victim in the witness box. By

LETTER: Looking for cousin. By

Liam Jurrah trial, Day 3, afternoon: Did he smash a car?. By

Coup: All Central Australian members voted for Adam Giles. By

Jurrah Trial, Day 3: Witness lied to police “under pressure”. By

Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?. By

LETTER: Eubena Nampitjin, rest in peace. By

Liam Jurrah trial, Day Two: Did he have a weapon in his hand?. By

Council: Stuart statue back, feral trolleys tamed, CDL in limbo, ‘no’ to higher fines, WiFi for mall, dropped BDR empties river. By

Issue 30

November 21, 2013

Why I started riding my bike. By

Andrew Doyle did not hand out how-to-vote cards for Eli Melky. By

More sit-down money, fewer answers, as millions accumulate. By

What makes a patch of dirt a place?. By

CLP pursue Tiwi Islands ‘land grab’. By

Aborigines should be free to use their land for creating jobs. By

Teachers wait on Fair Work decisions. By

Bonanni has strong lead in council poll. By

By-election campaign takes the pulse of the town. By

Lively week for alcohol reform movement. By

Issue 31

November 28, 2013

Drink Up!. By

No to nuclear? Renewables need a wriggle-on.. By

‘Sculpture can be personal’. By

Writer acknowledged for ‘significant contribution’ to local creative culture. By

Centralian College: opinions were shared and listened to. By

#2: The only Kronan in Alice. By

‘The greatest welfare measure we can offer anybody is a job’. By

Pandora’s Promise: go nuke or not?. By

Santa trades sleigh for ute, delivers Icy Poles. By

Tiwi deal to boost pastoral, agricultural & tourism sectors. By

Issue 32

December 12, 2013

Land ownership can stop welfare dependency. By

Merry Christmas and a Successful 2014!. By

Unfolding mall design. By

Artists, suppliers still not paid by Mbantua Festival. By

Bicycles and alcohol. By

Another strategy to get kids to school in remote communities. By

Eight of town’s brightest in Top 20. By

Next boom is up to us, not the government. By

Offers to purchase first blocks at Kilgariff. By

The waste of public housing. By

Issue 33

December 28, 2013

Tips for a hot day. By

Alcohol harm to young costs you, the taxpayer, $15b. By

Kangaroo Dundee recognised in the streets – of London. By

Making money while the sun shines. By

Builders’ insurance review still on the wrong track. By

Safety second on small tour buses?. By

Land ownership can stop welfare dependency. By

Tyre gel in Single Female Bicycle Rider’s handbag. By

Unfolding mall design. By

Artists, suppliers still not paid by Mbantua Festival. By

Issue 4

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Liam Jurrah in police custody after alleged violent incident. By

LETTER: Want the facts on alcohol in Central Australia?. By

Jurrah trial: Jury considering its verdict. By

Liam Jurrah: guilty or victim of a botched process?. By

Serious harm to Basil Jurrah not in dispute. By

Jurrah: No crime scene, no search for weapons, an ‘oversight’. By

Robocops, minder as extras for Giles’ exclusive media event. By

‘It’s pretty complicated between Jurrah versus Jurrah.’. By

Liam Jurrah serious but calm as police interview starts. By

250 public dwellings would cost $100,000 each to fix up. By

Issue 5

March 21, 2013

Court told Liam Jurrah kicked, punched women, is denied bail. By

From Little Pricks Big Pricks Grow exhibition. By

LETTER: The politics of caterpillars. By

Bid to lighten load on local courts. By

Eviction cruel or a necessity in a desperate housing market?. By

LETTER: Chief Minister summarises initiatives. By

LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work. By

LETTER: Inauguration of ICTV Channel 601 at Yuendumu. By

The work of healing hands. By

LETTER: Remote areas NAPLAN results a disgrace. By

Issue 6

March 28, 2013

Film festival: no gladrags but a big buzz. By

LETTER: Don’t frack up the great Central Australia!. By

Disclose reports on Agent Orange at Kilgariff, oil in Alice water. By

Questions about Mereenie oil polluting Alice water still linger. By

Liam Jurrah abandons bail application. By

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe. By

Palm Valley gas flowing, but less of it. By

From Little Pricks Big Pricks Grow exhibition. By

LETTER: The politics of caterpillars. By

Bid to lighten load on local courts. By

Issue 7

April 7, 2013

$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz. By

Santos sponsorship, unpaid fines, survey consternation. By

Council wants more time to respond to water plan. By

Water – who is advising whom on what?. By

LETTER: Canberra should foot all of renal services bill. By

LETTER: The unfinished business of the NBN. By

LETTER: ‘Labor’s cruellest blow’ to regional uni students. By

Water: ‘Alice staring stagnation in the face’. By

70% income management, tough with absconders: rehab ‘lite’. By

Booze battle NGO: Talks about our role haven’t even started yet. By

Issue 8

April 13, 2013

LETTER: Smoke free prisons move a step closer. By

The long and the short of an accountable council. By

Marching to the top of the hill and down again. By

Why don’t police come clean on drunks taken to hospital?. By

LETTER: Zero confidence follows cattle trade suspension, Gillard told. By

Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin. By

LETTER: Mandatory rehabilitation bill must be released for public consultation. By

Alice locals join Citizens for Action. By

No risk from uranium, thorium at mine near Alice: chairman. By

Water find may aid rare earth processing north of Alice. By

Issue 9

May 1, 2013

Budget: Public service to work harder, debt not for daily costs. By

Pedestrians ignore new $300,000 crossing at The Gap. By

Builder Randal Carey willing to assist police. By

2013 Bangtail Muster VIDEO: Are you in it?. By

The Territory Budget miracle: achieving so little with so much. By

Debate is on again: A cable car, a restaurant for Mt Gillen?. By

LETTER: Solar eclipse on Friday, March 10. By

Bush funding: what does the one hand know about the other?. By

Town council to manage swimming pool. By

LETTER: Development co-ordinator to include all players. By