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May 5, 2014

Electricity cost still up in the air, cuts by Feds a worry for council



No CPI increase “leaving a hole in our budget for the next three years,” says Mayor Ryan. FULL STORY »

Ulysses bikers: On the road again


Exotic bikes, 2500 riders and pillions, thousands of kilometers – it’s all part of the annual meeting of the Ulysses Club in The Alice this week. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: from left, Dianne Reily, Ian Lawley, Tracey Reid, Annette McDougall, John Reid rode from Queensland. FULL STORY »

Spend NT Budget money urgently, says Chamber of Commerce


Restraints in the Territory Budget are possibly necessary, but those infrastructure projects that are included should proceed immediately to aid the ailing economy of Alice Springs, says Chamber of Commerce CEO Kay Eade. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

NT Budget infrastructure spend mostly revotes from 2013/14

The capital works program for Central Australia consists mostly of revotes from last year when the total value was $38m. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The Kilgariff development gets $3.3m – this morning it looked like an Ayers Rock replica under construction.

Budget: Scullion’s Aboriginal Affairs agenda






The Abbott Government’s commitments to Indigenous Australians are getting children to school, adults into work, building safe communities and generate economic and social benefits from effective use of their land, writes NT Senator Nigel Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs. FULL STORY »

Plans for new skate facility welcome but flawed


Council’s desire to move quickly towards new skate-boarding facilities is welcome, but Matty Day, youth advocate and leading light of local skateboarders with extensive experience in the industry, says the plans before council are flawed and cautions against haste. KIERAN FINNANE reports. 


Paech: Town Council should ‘combat bigotry’


Alice Springs Town Council should lobby the NT and federal governments on the issue of mooted amendments to the federal Racial Discrimination Act, specifically the repeal of section 18C, Councillor Chansey Paech has urged. Cr Paech surprised council last night with a Notice of Motion on the matter. Cr Eli Melky seconded on the spot. KIERAN FINNANE reports.  FULL STORY »

More shade for Todd Street North?


Mature shade trees or more shade structures are a possibility for Todd Street North. Complaints about lack of shade in the area ­– redesigned and opened to traffic last year – has prompted council to look at costs of planting mature trees or installing additional shade structures. KIERAN FINNANE reports.  FULL STORY »

Roadhouse suspends selling takeaway alcohol after killing



The Wycliffe Well pub has voluntarily stopped selling take-away alcohol after a woman aged 19 was killed two weeks ago further up the Stuart Highway.  ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Publican Arc Vanderzalm. FULL STORY »

Maralinga on their minds

An invisible catastrophe haunts the winning work in the 38th Alice Prize, which opened on Friday night at the Araluen Arts Centre. In Fallout #56 – Maralinga, photographs by Catherine Rogers from New South Wales, sharply raises questions of legacy and responsibility, concerns echoed in works by a number of other artists in the exhibition. KIERAN FINNANE  reviews. Pictured: Ruth Elvin, president of the Alice Springs Art Foundation with Alice Prize judge, Dr Michael Brand, director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales. FULL STORY »

Anderson: constituents happy with Palmer United Party




Not a single one of their constituents has objected to the three bush MLAs joining the Palmer United Party (PUP), says their leader, Alison Anderson. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Uncertainties about our water



One of the hottest Northern Territory issues is one of the hardest about which to get useful information: water. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Google Earth PHOTO: Creeks recharging the Mereenie basin, from which Alice Springs draws most of its supply.

See UPDATE May 20, 2014. FULL STORY »

Low demand for Tiger flights sapped viability


Tigerair CEO Rob Sharp has made it clear that “primarily demand and commercial viability of a route” were the most important factors which motivated the airline to cease flying to Alice Springs from Sydney and Melbourne on July 21. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The resumption of Tiger flights was celebrated with grand hoopla in April last year. FULL STORY »

Salvos to seek donations for tough times ahead



Alice   Springs   residents  have  been   asked   to   give  up   a   few  hours   of   their   time   to   collect   for   the  Red   Shield   Appeal  Doorknock  Weekend, May 24  –  25. FULL STORY »

Alice cop on serious criminal charges

Northern Territory Police have charged a police officer with a number of traffic related charges, according to a media release from the police late yesterday. FULL STORY »

Second police officer facing court in Alice Springs

A second Alice Springs police officer has been suspended from duty for breaches of discipline, according to a media release from the police. FULL STORY »

Multi-generational approach to social dysfunction



Poor Alice! She really is becoming the NT’s stepchild, isn’t she. FULL STORY »

Neil Murray: Bring Thunder and Rain



Neil Murray has a huge future as a concert artist. He could fill the Opera House with his songs and I hope one day to see it. Review of his new album by RUSSELL GUY. FULL STORY »

Industry ‘perplexed’ at Tiger pull-out



The decision to cancel Tiger flights was sudden and unexpected from all parties in Central Australia, says Jaclyn Thorne (pictured) General Manager of Tourism Central Australia. FULL STORY »

Bring back youth street workers: Paech





Alice Springs Town Councillor, Chansey Paech (pictured), is starting a petition calling on the NT Government to reinstate after hours youth street workers. FULL STORY »

Jurrah: gaol, rehab and banned from Alice


When former football star Liam Jurrah gets out of gaol for assaulting his wife, he will have to undergo drug and alcohol rehab, and for 12 months will be banned from consuming drugs and alcohol, will not be allowed to leave the Territory without permission but will also not be allowed to come into Alice Springs except for a personal medical or dental emergency. FULL STORY »

Tiger flights chop out of the blue

The announcement that Tiger flights to Alice Springs will cease again came out of the blue, and follows Tourism NT spending about $700,000 in the past 12 months promoting holidays in Central Australia with Tigerair. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Bicycle riding and narcissism




I once bought a Jeep with leather seats just to impress a man. It worked. But not for long. FULL STORY »

Do police take action against carers of young delinquents?



Why do police not prosecute parents and carers who fail to provide their children with the necessities of life? ERWIN CHLANDA receives a response from Assistant Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker (pictured). FULL STORY »

Law enforcement leads changes to CBD




Location, location, location. I think that real estate mantra sums up why the former video shop then Government’s Alcohol Courts opposite Billy Goat Hill will not be converted into a Supreme Court. FULL STORY »

Let the Anderson show continue …



If lions and lambs can lie down together in the Elysian Fields, PUPs and king browns can do the same in the NT. FULL STORY »

Why Alice Springs’ own ocean beach is doing so well

When looking at wealth creation and managing lifestyle, the score cards of Alice Springs and Streaky Bay are vastly different. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Mercilessly enforcing rules against drunks, thieves, deadbeats




The town’s 400 problem drinkers are malingerers, thieves, deadbeats and worse. Their colour is irrelevant and it should continue to be seen as irrelevant in our dealings with their misbehaviour. FULL STORY »

My sister was killed, allegedly in an alcohol fueled incident




Yesterday I woke to a phone call telling me my sister had been killed. I am devastated, writes Bess Price (pictured), MLA for Stuart. FULL STORY »

Youth crime: ‘Shameful reality on shoulders of parents, guardians’





Police are providing increased presence in and around the CBD, with a focus on targeting young people on the streets at night and to crackdown on youth crime, says Assistant Commissioner Jamie Chalker.


Leo Abbott quits CLP to stand against Bess Price




Leo Abbott to challenge Bess Price in Stuart. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Stop loitering, pass new law if needed



Loitering with intent is forbidden elsewhere. It should be here as well. FULL STORY »

Young & Rich open workshop of old and new


The first thing you notice on entering the studio-come-workshop is the wall display of shoemaker lasts. These are among the tools of trade for the first bespoke shoemaker in Alice Springs in 50 years, James B. Young, who with his partner, designer Elliat Rich, will launch their Elbowrkshp next week. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Will Blain win put Giles at risk?




Gerry Wood may have ensured no change in Chief Minister. Now Giles may be at risk. FULL STORY »

LETTER: Give up the grog, as a town






If bush communities can do it, why not Alice? FULL STORY »

Final act in a history of violence

A man convicted last week for the reckless manslaughter of his wife had three previous convictions for assault against her and another for assault against his father. A Domestic Violence Order was in place to protect his wife from him but this didn’t stop Sebastian Kunoth from brutally attacking her at Abbott’s Camp on Christmas Day 2012, including by bringing down on her head a broken piece of concrete. FULL STORY »

Town Council wants Chief Minister for talks about crime in Alice

A recent spate of anti-social and criminal behaviour around Alice Springs will be the subject of a letter from the Town Council to Chief Minister Adam Giles, calling on him to meet with them. This will come on top of council’s meeting with Minister John Elferink (Justice, Children and Families, Correctional Services) tomorrow. KIERAN FINNANE  reports. FULL STORY »

NT Education Minister ‘blown away’ at Cape York Academy


I have spent the last three days visiting remote schools on the Cape York Peninsula, analysing why they’re seeing great results with far less resources than Territory schools. I was absolutely blown away by the high level of engagement in every classroom and have committed to work with Noel Pearson and his Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy, writes Peter Chandler, Northern Territory Minister for Education. FULL STORY »

Federal cuts spell end to local film society



The Wanngardi Film Society has been showing classic films under the stars to the Alice Springs community for over 20 years.  This is about to end with Federal budget cuts to the funding for the lending service of the National Film and Sound Archive, writes ROGER THOMPSON,

Secretary, Wanngardi Film Society. FULL STORY »

Massive drop in crime, Ministers claim

Assaults have been reduced by almost 20% Territory wide and 32% in Alice Springs by “tough new alcohol policies including Alcohol Protection Orders and intensive Temporary Beat Locations” outside bottle shops, claim Chief Minister Adam Giles and Minister for Justice John Elferink in a joint media release. FULL STORY »

No need to declare interest: Paech

Cr Chansey Paech says there was no need for him to declare an interest as a paid adviser to Senator Nova Peris when he moved a motion in town council opposing changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Part of a letter from Sen Peris with a message very similar to Cr Paech’s motion. FULL STORY »

Tollner exploiting other people’s misery, says Anderson

Local Government Minister Dave Tollner has been accused of gross insensitivity by Alison Anderson, the head of  the Palmer United Party (PUP). ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Skatepark ‘mudmap’ is not a final design

The existing drawings for extending the skatepark in Speed Street are only a “mudmap”, says Alice Springs Town Council Director of Technical Services, Greg Buxton. Asked by councillors to review his costing for that “basic concept”, he has gone to the skatepark specialists CONVIC Constructions and asked them to “estimate a price for our two options”. At this stage he says CONVIC have not been asked to do any design work. Right: What’s possible: the skatepark at the small inland town of Collie in WA, built by CONVIC. 

Federal Budget to hit Centre hardest



NT Labor Senator Nova Peris says the Federal government’s “broken promises” and budget cuts will hurt particularly the Northern Territory and Central Australia. FULL STORY »

Country Party seeks to stand candidates in all seats



Policies still on the back burner, but the economy will be a top concern while the government’s pay freeze has its problems, say Ian Britza (pictured) and Eli Melky, the party’s coordinator for in the NT, in a conversation with ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Anderson, Melky & more neglect of Alice


PUP isn’t worth more than a laugh, but ongoing infrastructure neglect in Alice Springs is a serious matter. FULL STORY »

Thousands of bikers heading for Alice


They’re coming: An estimated 3000 to 4000 bikers aged over 40 are heading to Alice Springs for the AGM of the Ulysses Club (motto: “growing old disgracefully”). ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Unpackers call it for Alice Prize


Unpackers, community volunteers all, have chosen their winning work from a field of 65 for this year’s Alice Prize, a national prize for contemporary art. History by Faridah Cameron from  Tasmania, is their pick, a “jaw-dropping” acrylic painting, especially when viewed up close, they say. The official winner will be announced at the opening this Friday (May 9). FULL STORY »

Munching concrete





“It chews concrete,” says Andy Lyons whose company, North Concrete, owns this machine. FULL STORY »

Alice mountain bike classic attracts 200 competitors


Close to 200 riders have already signed up for the award-winning Ingkerreke Commercial mountain bike Enduro from May 19 to 23, with all states represented, writes Communications Manager Erica Naughtin. FULL STORY »

We need to spend more, not less, to get out of the slump




Infrastructure for future Alice. Some may argue, as indeed they have, that it is not the time for what appears to be lavish spending on infrastructure such as the proposed new court houses. I would argue that exactly the opposite, comments Steve Brown. FULL STORY »

Should their parents, carers be prosecuted?



An experienced local youth worker, Matty Day, says there may well be children in Alice Springs who are denied the necessities of life by their parents or carers – a criminal offence. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Two new supreme courts, no expenses spared


The NT Government endlessly gripes about the debt left to it by its Labor predecessor. Why is it now seeking tenders for two new supreme courts, no expenses spared? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The mothballed court house (pictured) corner Railway and Stott Terraces is unlikely to be used. FULL STORY »