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Burst of desert art and life in Sydney CBD

p2489 YA Wynyard SM


As commuters move through the underground corridors of Sydney CBD’s busy Wynyard Station this month, a burst of life and colour from Central Australia greets them: on a huge wide-format screen (23m x 3m), a video-installation by Yarrenyty Arltere Artists and Leonardo Ortega. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Huge fence around Parliament is OK: Scullion

2477 Fence 1 SM



Is an underground bunker such as Churchill had in WWII next, asks commentator. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


‘Territory Labor fails to enact its own fracking policy’




When is Resources Minister Ken Vowles (pictured) going to implement a decision from the 2017 Territory Labor Conference that no fracked gas is to be carried by the Northern Gas Pipeline, asks Pauline Cass, of the Territory Frack-Free Alliance.


Desert Mob: next generation always on their minds

p2488 DM photo winner SM
As an emblem of the driving force behind desert Aboriginal art, the photograph by Ikuntji Artists’ Roseranna Larry, winner of the 2017 Desart Photography Prize, is eloquent. In whatever medium they are working, artists are making their art primarily for their children, “for our next generations”: this is the most repeated statement about what motivates them, as simple as it is profound. KIERAN FINNANE reports on the annual Desert Mob. FULL STORY »

Journalists as prostitutes

2477 Gruen 4 SM


Advertising in exchange for a good story: Corrupt journalism is OK with the Gruen panel on ABC TV (Dee Madigan and Russel Howcroft are pictured). Comment by ERWIN CHLANDA.


UPDATE September 15, 12:47pm


Top scorer knocks back Deputy Mayor job

2476 councillors 1 SMCouncillor Jacinta Price says she is too busy to take incumbent Jamie de Brenni’s job but makes a firm commitment to serve a four year term. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO The 13th council. FRONT ROW: Marli Banks, Jacinta Price, Mayor Damien Ryan, Catherine Satour, Matt Paterson. BACK ROW: CEO Rex Mooney, Jamie de Brenni, Jimmy Cocking, Eli Melky and Glen Auricht.


CLP pushes for oil & gas, including fracking




The industry should be “governed by world’s best practice and science-based regulations to protect agricultural, water and biodiversity values of the land,” writes party president Shane Stone.


‘CLP rehashes fracking policy that caused its wipe-out’




Shale gas produced in the NT would be some of the world’s most expensive, and would do nothing to bring down domestic prices which have trebled in recent years, putting jobs and households under pressure, writes Lauren Mellor of the Territory Frack-Free Alliance. PHOTO from the Alice Springs News Online archive.


Ancient stories meet government silence in the Lands

2476 Frank Young 1 SM


Keeping the traditional law alive while moving his people out of welfare dependency, that’s what Frank Young – lawman, artist and administrative leader – sees as his mission in the sprawling APY lands. He spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA.  FULL STORY »

Alice wants substantial increase in solar: survey

2476 RePower Alice Springs SMLocals want 70% to 100% of electricity to come from renewable resources, finds RePower Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Trouble in the Lands: Chairman, CEO clash

2475 Kevin Young 1 SM



Fear that an amendment in the SA Parliament will destroy Anangu property rights in the “Lands” brings toxic relationships between APY board chairman and celebrated artist, and his CEO, in the state’s top end to the boil. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Batchelor probe into just two of 65 qualifications

2475 Batchelor SM



Recognition of prior learning under Federal scrutiny as interim CEO takes charge. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Deputy CEO Dorothy Morrison with Defence Indigenous Development Program graduate Private Breana Miller. 


Raising the bar: the art of keeping your shop safe

p2487 Gillam front SM
Grilles on shop windows that are things of beauty in themselves, from inside and out; gates at the shop entrance that are a work of art: instead of deadening the street with blank roller doors, they enliven it, while delivering the same security or better. It’s happening here in Alice Springs. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Is the Stuart statue next?




History denial may be on a return trip to Alice Springs, fears Hal Duell.


MLA MIA: The drover’s dog for Katherine?

p2444 Sandra Nelson SM



Government members show distain for Katherine, writes Bruce Francais. PICTURED: Sandra Nelson MLA


Ms Nelson replies.


No plans to stop NATS: Gunner

2473 Nats Gunner & officers OK

Work Safe will be investigation yesterday’s “mass casualty incident”. Flames penetrating mesh fences and the crowd being close to the competition will be among the among the issues examined. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Mr Gunner with hospital superintendent Dr Sam Goodwin, Police Superintendent Bradley Currie and Andrew Everingham, heading up the St John Ambulance, this morning in Alice Springs.

UPDATE September 9:
All four patients who were transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital are now in a stable condition, according to the Senior Media Adviser of South Australian Health.


Eyewitness of NATS blaze praises helpers

2473 burnout accident 1 SM



Eleven people injured, four flown to Adelaide as burnout car sprays burning fuel into crowd during Red Centre NATS. Photo courtesy ABC TV Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Home from the fire front

2475 Letheby 1 SM



Alice Springs fire chief helped fighting the worst blaze in the history of Canada’s British Columbia. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Change on new council: three women, three greens

2468 Marli Banks 1 SMp2484 Council Satour 150


Two more women have joined top-scorer Jacinta Price on the Alice Springs Town Council, and with Jimmy Cocking their election makes for three greens all up.

UPDATED, 6.25pm: The numbers  and comment by KIERAN FINNANE.  FULL STORY »

The audience is the actor: roll up for The Living Theatre

p2485 Living Theatre Jonny SMp2485 Living Theatre girlz SM
Living theatre requires participation. Turning up, you take more than the usual gamble on whether you will be thrilled or bored.  To some extent, you will be given the opportunity to thrill or bore yourself! KIERAN FINNANE reviews. FULL STORY »

Melbourne to Alice in a 1932 Ford for NATS

2473 Nats 4 SM



Sandra Horne (pictured) drove this little beauty all the way from Melbourne for the Red Centre NATS starting today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Govt quality agency investigates Batchelor Institute

Batchelor SM



Last audit was in 2014. This one follows the sudden departure of CEO Robert Somerville. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: 2016 graduation parade in Alice Springs.


Cranking up the economy while having a ball

2472 Henley battle 1 SM



Volunteering is a great part of the social life in Alice Springs while pumping millions of dollars into the town. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: The sea battle of the Henley on Todd is the climax of an annual event that attracts a crowd of 4000.


Harts Range garnet mine in trouble

2472 Harts Range garnet mine OK



The project, which employs about 20 staff on-site, has been put on care and maintenance, reports The West Australian.


Indecent assault on 13-year-old girl

Police are looking for a man who is described as Caucasian, about 30 years old, with blues eyes and wearing glasses. FULL STORY »

Firearms stolen from a police station

2468 police rifle 1 SM


They took the gun safe as well, say police. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE September 1, 11:20am


The weapons have been recovered and three men and a boy have been charged, police say.


Stories from the inside, by the insiders

p2483 italk Great-grandfather chain SM
In a selection of 40 animated films made by prisoners, shown as part of the Desert Festival, none found gaol an easy place to be, most longed for freedom and were full of resolve to not repeat mistakes; some struck tragic notes about the past and the present. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. Still at left from a film by Larry Doolan. FULL STORY »

CDP work for the dole scheme gets a hammering

2463 Chansey Paech SM


The Community Development Program is a product of inadequate consultation, has bureaucratic processes many don’t even understand, is punitive without benefits and ignores private enterprise as an alternative: That’s what academics and politicians, including Chansey Paech (pictured), are telling the Senate’s Finance and Public Administration Committee. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Desert Mob: the real deal




“Extraordinary contemporary art by some of Central Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists” in a “truly unique event”  – this is almost upon us with the annual Desert Mob, no need to wait for Parrtjima. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

How will you keep me out of the camps, Walter?

2472 Jacinta Price SM



Town councillor Jacinta Price elect hits back at Tangentyere boss Walter Shaw.


Will Aboriginal councillor be blocked from town camps?

p2152-Walter-Shaw-1Jacinta Price 114


Will Tangentyere boss Walter Shaw (at left) attempt to deny top-scoring council candidate, Aboriginal woman Jacinta Price (at right) access to constituents. Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Finding and losing: self, love, home

p2481 Desert Fest She sings Bec & Xavia SMp2481 Desert Fest She sings Emma SM
Borne aloft on women’s voices and their instruments as well as their talk of home, of the many different ways of finding a sense of belonging in Central Australia, a Desert Festival audience tuned into  She Sings: A Red Home. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. FULL STORY »

Let the gas flow, says Nigel Scullion




Even Michael Gunner’s Federal leader says so, writes the NT’s CLP Senator.


Dob in a graffiti vandal, says town council

2472 graffiti SM



$1500 reward for information leading to a conviction, writes Council CEO Rex Mooney.


Did Oz Day row in Victoria scare the horses in Alice?

2468 Alex Nelson SM



Alice Springs can be expected to vote conservative but the numbers for Jacinta Price are stunning, comments political observer ALEX NELSON (pictured).

Four more years of same-same

2469 counil elections SM



Council elections: So much for the need of fresh blood to make the town tick: Headed up by re-elected Mayor Damien Ryan the conservatives seem to have it in the bag, what’s more, with a succession plan in place. ERWIN CHLANDA comments.


Gunner: Man of action trips up on appointment

2472 Michael Gunner SM



Gunner: Trust me, I’m from the government. I’m here to help you – except if you want to contact the Buy Local advocate. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Council election: The counts so far.

2468 Ryan, Cocking posters SM



With two thirds of votes counted it’s Damien Ryan (easily) and Jacinta Price by a country mile. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


The triumph and the tragedy of the open road

2470 Transport Hall reunion 3 SM



One of the 86 truckies inducted into the Road Transport Hall of Fame this morning was a young woman who perished in a roll-over and fire last year. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Environment: The devil needs to be in the detail

2468 Cocking, Satour, Digby SM


For many, mayoral candidate Jimmy Cocking (pictured with his number two and three preferences, Catherine Satour and Donna Digby) is a household name. What would it take to convince conservative Alice Springs to embrace his message, asks ERWIN CHLANDA. 


Ryan runs on infrastructure boost, financial responsibility

2468 Damien Ryan, Jeny Barr SM


On the minus side are long delays with flood mitigation measures (although the Alice Springs News Online now has new information on this critical issue, see FULL STORY). ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with Mayor Ryan who is pictured with Jenny Barr at Sunday’s market. The how-to-vote cards on the table are Mayor Ryan’s and those of candidate Joshua “Burgs” Burgoyne, his future son-in-law.


de Brenni running for Mayor – next time

p2351 de Brenni SM



A concreting team, a bitumen gang, in-house training for depot and civic centre workers: Candidate Jamie de Brenni (pictured) wants the council take a do-it-yourself approach to the some of the town’s needs. He spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA.


Jimmy Cocking: Council not an ideological pedestal

2468 Jimmy Cocking & family SM


“I will not support cheap political smear campaigns, political bullying or the politics of division. Real success comes through hard work, truth, honesty and integrity of dealings,” writes mayoral candidate Jimmy Cocking. He is pictured with partner Karine Trembley, mother Annette Cocking and son Louka Cocking.


Council not font of wisdom, but conduit for public concerns



Let’s be the world’s solar city, a cycling Mecca, go for digital connectivity, electric vehicles, public transport, renewable energy and accessible open spaces writes Jason Quin, Candidate for Councillor.


Politely passionate: council candidates front invited guests

p2478 Council forum SM



No gloves came off at the only public forum assembling all candidates in the local government election, but the word ‘passionate’ was worn threadbare. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price

p2478 Jacinta Q&A 2 SM



This confident, articulate and talented woman on the national stage has taken a low profile in the Town Council and consistently aligned herself with the conservative block. She speaks about why with KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Batchelor CEO quits after ‘hard conversations’

2468 Markham Rose SM2468 Robert Somerville SM


A leaked email from chairman Markham Rose (at left) says the resignation of Robert Somerville (at right) had been accepted unanimously. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alcohol services cuts undermine BDR: Higgins




And the Chief Minister gives a false answer on ankle bracelets, writes the Opposition Leader (pictured).


Ross River resort moving into the future

2468 Ross River campground SM



A travel pioneer venture from the 1950s where enjoying the bush is not done in a hurry. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Unpredictable, unaligned and undaunted: Cr Eli Melky

p2477 Eli Melky SM



Alone among the candidates handing out how-to-votes, Councillor Eli Melky has not allocated preferences. His rivals have and they’re mostly putting him well down the list. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Lambley wants ALP probed on Dan Murphy’s




She will put Labor’s dealings with the liquor giant Dan Murphy’s before the Political Donations Inquiry and the new Independent Commission Against Corruption, writes Robyn Lambley (pictured), Independent Member for Araluen.


Thousands of voters miss out on last week of campaign 

p2478 Council early polling SM


Early polling  is likely to favour incumbents and high profile candidates over the fresh faces coming forward, some of whom are highly credible candidates. KIERAN FINNANE comments. PLUS see inside for links to our coverage of the campaign to date.  FULL STORY »

Aussies beat Yanks in Americas Cup. Vikings scare.

2468 Henley on Todd race SM



The Henley on Todd is heading for 100 in 44 years’ time with its outback cheek fully intact. Story and video by ERWIN CHLANDA explain why.


Batchelor Institute in turmoil: Leak




A leaked Batchelor Institute memo raises fears about job losses and its reputation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Students pictured at a graduation ceremony in Alice Springs three years ago.


Flood report a trickle, not a banker

2468 flood committee SM



In a year and a half of the government-appointed flood mitigation committee (pictured), which has the two mayoral candidates as members, not a single practical measure has been put in place to protect Alice from partial devastation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


How to vote cards point to totally new council

2468 polling place SM


Greens to rule, even current deputy mayor would miss out, if preferences are taken as a guide. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. See inside for links to our coverage of the campaign to date. 


BDR lite to start on Saturday

2468 BDR scanner SM



“Early scanning” won’t nab banned drinkers until September 1 but in some “communities” including Alice you’ll have to show ID to buy take-away booze and the system will spotlight people on court orders.  PHOTO: Barman Ryan at the Gapview take-away with a scanner similar to the ones mothballed by the Giles government.


From Standley Chasm take the staircase to heaven

2468 Standley Chasm view 2 SM



A kiosk in the valley turns into a restaurant while the view from the summit takes your breath away. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Walking, writing between frontier and home

p2476 Glenn Morrison SMp2476 Glenn Morrison writinghome SM
Alice Springs journalist Glenn Morrison in two recently published books challenges the idea of ‘the frontier’ as a way of thinking about Central Australia, for getting in the way of settler Australians being able to reimagine The Centre as home, a place of intercultural exchange and emergent hybrid culture. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. FULL STORY »

Higgins doubts Gunner’s more cops promise




Gunner is 119  short of his promise for 120 extra cops, writes Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured).


Fresh eyes on his adopted home: candidate John Paul Sirus 

p2474 John Paul Sirus SM
Alice Springs has a lot going for it, but needs strategies to turn around its declining population and flagging economy, says Town Council candidate John Paul Sirus, who as president of the Alice Springs Indian Association already represents one of the town’s fastest-growing immigrant populations. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

‘Do you mind if I speak to you?’

p2477 Howard & Johann SM
“He stands in the mall, an oddly striking figure. Held between fine fingers that protrude from fingerless grey woollen gloves is a silver harmonica. The man is playing.” HOWARD GOLDENBERG stops to listen, then has a conversation with this familiar figure around Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Street kids: No Protective Custody but Care Orders

2466 street kids & FOCAS SM



Families Minister Dale Wakefield says early intervention is the focus of the Government. She spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA. PHOTO: A boy getting a sausage sandwich from women from the FOCAS and Positive Loitering groups in the Mall.


Candidate Marli Banks: less talk, more action

2468 Marli Banks 1 SM



Mother of two blends social activism with hard-nosed commercial acumen. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Ms Banks volunteering at the Old Timers Fete on Saturday.


Youth crime, flooding on Glen Auricht’s council agenda

2465 Glen Auricht SM



Aranda-speaking engineer and long-time community volunteer joins race for a seat on the town council. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


CAAMA, Imparja reluctant bedfellows

2467 Imparja SM

Imparja Television and Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) have been ordered to consolidate their financial accounts. By ERWIN CHLANDA.

UPDATE 1:45pm: Imparja CEO says CAAMA has no controlling interest because of the “nature of Imparja’s constitution”.

UPDATE August 12: What ORIC said about CAAMA’s financial position. FULL STORY »

Hostel for kids, healing a split town: candidate’s vision

p2469 Donna Lemon SM


“I’m 40 now and the town was going through this when I was 13,” says Donna Lemon of young people in the streets late at night. A local Aboriginal mother of two, health educator, and community volunteer, she’s running for council because she believes she can make a contribution that’s “inclusive of our community, black, white and brindle”. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Jenni Lillis: A council beyond rates, roads and rubbish

2468 Jenni Lillis SM



“I’d like to see the council  have a bit more influence on other governments,” says local government candidate Jenni Lillis. She spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA.


Senior Arrernte men take a stand: time to do something about young people causing trouble on their country

p2467 Arrernte men four SM

They want to set up an Arrernte community patrol to work “as one” with other community groups as well as police, the Town Council, Aboriginal organisations, and senior people in remote communities, who need to understand “how much devastation this antisocial stuff” is causing in Alice Springs which is Arrernte ground.  KIERAN FINNANE  reports. FULL STORY »

Cops at bottle shops must stay: Lambley

p2351 Robyn Lambley SM



The Banned Drinkers Register can’t do it on its own, writes Robyn Lambley, Independent Member for Araluen.


Environmentalist stands for Mayor, Councillor

2464 Jimmy Cocking SM



Safe streets and kids, better town planning, no fracking, developing The Centre as a world class adventure playground and low rates are among the policies for Jimmy Cocking (pictured at the community garden). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


‘Room to move’ on environment: Greens council candidate

p2476 Jodi Lennox SM
One advantage of being endorsed by the NT Greens is to have a ready-made group of volunteers to help her, but the campaign message is “mostly mine”, says committed environmentalist and seasoned youth leadership worker, Jodi Lennox. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Murray Stewart seeks come-back to town council

2464 Murray Stewart SM



Murray Stuart for Councillor: Boost commerce and turn the Todd River into a playground for the town. Photo: Mr Stewart, who was born blind. “It makes me see with my brain a little brighter,” he says. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


‘Put community in the driving seat’: candidate Donna Digby

p2476 Donna Digby SM
Alice Springs is well provided for in its core services. Council’s role is to show leadership and guidance, in discussion with the community, to make the most of new opportunities, says candidate Donna Digby. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?

p2405 Donald Trump SM2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Mayor Damien Ryan is set to become the father-in-law of youthful council candidate Joshua Burgoyne (at right) in next month’s election. Walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump (at left)?


Bridging gap between council and coalface: John Adams

p2474 John Adams SM



With a background in social services as long as your arm, candidate John Adams could bring useful understandings and relationships to perennial council debates. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Dual citizens can stand for council, NT Parliament

2468 Barnaby Joyce SM



Barnaby’s worries don’t affect local government poll. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.