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Rural doctors: The Greens have got it right

2635 Dr Adam Coltzau SM



Their commitment includes minimum standards of service access, they promised the development of a rural health workforce innovation fund and to look at increasing the rural and remote bulk billing payment, writes Dr Adam Coltzau (pictured), president of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia. FULL STORY »

‘The Territory is broke. We’re living way beyond our means.’

2606 Gary Higgins SM



The Gunner Government has “failed miserably” on economic promises “given that there are 7882 fewer Territorians employed, businesses close down week after week, jobs have been lost and the operational cost of government has increased by $478m,” according to Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured) in his Budget Reply this morning. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Fracking: Gunner Robin Hood in reverse

Chief Minister is playing Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor in the middle of a financial crisis to give to some of the wealthiest companies in the world, writes Graeme Sawyer, Protect Country Alliance. FULL STORY »

Bangtail Muster: Celebrating the ocean, far away from it

2635 Bangtail 16 SM


Watching a parade is one of the passions of Alice Springs people and yesterday’s Bangtail Muster staged by the Rotary Club of Alice Springs attracted thousands. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.



Heavy Metal: Head east, young man

2633 Cosmic Psychos SM



The Heavy Metal fest Blacken, which grew bigger and bigger in the beer garden of the Gapview Hotel and the RSL in Alice, will have its seventh year out bush this weekend, featuring more than 30 bands with names that would give mere mortals nightmares. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Pictured: Cosmic Psychos. FULL STORY »

A change in Lingiari? History holds some clues.

2633 Gunner, Shorten 1 SM



In the 1987 Federal election, when all of the Territory was a single seat, lies a clue for what what may be happening now, says local historian Alex Nelson: The NT Government had run into financial difficulties, public service cuts were made, and Snowdon was swept into the seat on a protest vote. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Negative campaigning by the CLP. FULL STORY »

Nationals in Canberra run Country Liberals media

2630 corflutes 2019 # 5 SM


Local historian and long-time political observer Alex Nelson says the CLP “always emphasised that it has its own identity, a Territory Party, and was not beholden to any organisation outside the Territory.” Meanwhile raised voter enrolments in Alice Springs may impact the outcome in Lingiari, and both Warren Snowdon and Jacinta Price – who apparently aspires to be Central Australia’s answer to Donald Trump – may drive fracking foes to vote for 1 Territory. FULL STORY »

‘I shared my mother with the Aboriginal children’

2632 St Francis 1 SM


More than 50 boys lived at St Francis House from 1945 to 1959. Many came from Alice Springs and other places in the NT. Some of their stories have been lost. Some of their stories are incomplete or records missing. With help from people in Alice Springs and elsewhere we have been able to bring together this series, “Kids from the Alice.” By MARK J SMITH. Pictured are L-R – Jim Foster, David Woodford, Peter Tilmouth, Malcolm Cooper at St Francis House in the 1950s. FULL STORY »

The Anzac Day parade 2019

2632 Anzac 2 SM



Veterans, school kids, military, police, emergency services, American soldiers, mums and dads and babies in strollers – anyone can march in the Anzac Day Parade in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Recognising the forgotten wars, necessary for peace

p2627 Lament 4 SM
On Anzac Eve a different kind of remembering took place on Anzac Hill in Alice Springs: it did not exclude a commemoration of the service of Australian men and women in military conflicts abroad, but went beyond it, to lament the broader violence, suffering, loss of life and property in war, including the Frontier Wars. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Without old power station we’d be ‘stuffed’: ETU

p2443 Ron Goodin SM


The noisy Ron Goodin power station on the edge of the posh Golfcourse Estate is still essential for keeping the lights on in Alice Springs, writes Dave “Strawbs” Hayes, ETU NT Organiser.


UPDATE April 24: Statement from Territory Generation. FULL STORY »

Bottlo cops work but big rise in break-ins and car thefts

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) SM



The Gunner Government has not only been a financial disaster for the NT, their soft on crime approach has seen our safety in Alice Springs being compromised like never before, writes Robyn Lambley MLA (pictured), Independent Member for Araluen. FULL STORY »

Shorten’s NT fracking boost ‘disastrous’




Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s plan to create a $1.5bn fund to encourage the unconventional gas industry in Queensland and the Northern Territory is a disastrous move for landholders, regional communities, and the climate, writes Naomi Hogan (pictured) of the Lock the Gate Alliance. FULL STORY »

Megafauna museum: Locals outnumber tourists

2629 Megafauna 4 SM




Big Bird was visited by 5468 between October and March. Most of them were locals. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Shining light on Parrtjima cost-benefit

2629 Parrtjima 18 SM


Are the festivals costing $2m each putting too many tourism eggs into one basket? Do we really need the lights on the hill or are the attractions “on the ground” developing as the heart of the event? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Baker Boy was a smash hit, especially for Aboriginal youngsters.


Watch Baker Boy video clip! FULL STORY »

First Aboriginal doctor: Gordon Briscoe AO, BA (Hist), MA, PhD

2629 Gordon Briscoe 4 SM2629 Gordon Briscoe ANU SM



Alice Springs born Dr Gordon Briscoe’s journey is remarkable: Since the 1950s he has been a prominent Indigenous activist, leader, researcher, writer, teacher and public commentator. Born in 1938 he was a talented soccer player and in 1997 became the first Indigenous person to gain a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from an Australian University. By MARK J SMITH. FULL STORY »

Penalising responsible drinkers is not the answer

2629 beer copy SM



With the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that 84% of Australians drink within recommended guidelines and, as a society, we are consuming less alcohol today than any point in the last 55 years, the knee-jerk desire to penalise people doing the right thing doesn’t stack up, writes Brett Heffernan, CEO Brewers Association of Australia. FULL STORY »

The festival of lights – and phones 

p2626 Parrtjima phones SM


Parrtjima is photogenic, especially just after sunset. Everyone had their phones out, including me, writes KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Coalition wants to accelerate Beetaloo gas production

2472 Jacinta Price SM



Feds contribute $8.4m to “get on with the job. We want to get the gas up out of the ground and into people’s homes and businesses as quickly as we can,” writes Matt Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Photo: Lingiari candidate Jacinta Price. FULL STORY »

Budget repairs: Charging for parks, paying less to homeless

Disproportionate hit for the homeless young to help Gunner repair his record deficit. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Employment breakthrough by local Coles

2629 Coles Jenny 3 SM



An intensive and clever promotion last year by the Coles supermarket in Alice Springs created a critical mass in Aboriginal employment. And a follow-up this year resulted in the proportion of Indigenous personnel working there well exceeding that of the town’s population. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Jenny Standley (right) helping Mary Bayly from Napperby Station load her bush order. FULL STORY »

Budget repair: Where are the tough decisions?

2606 Gary Higgins SM



Is there more than a bailout from the Commonwealth, asks Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured). FULL STORY »

Trouble kids, their parents and the law

2629 Ryan, Shearer, Wakefield SM



Parents of children who rob, steal cars and break into homes are breaking the law which requires them to  “provide the necessities of life” to their offspring. Should they be prosecuted? ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with Families Minister Dale Wakefield. She is pictured (at right) with Mayor Damien Ryan and COTA NT CEO Sue Shearer cutting the birthday cake as the NT Seniors Card turns 20 and the Council on the Ageing, 50. FULL STORY »

Wards for Alice council, including one for town camps?

2469 counil elections SM



Councillor Eli Melky thinks so, and that there should be more elected members, going from the current eight to 10 (plus mayor). KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Speed up road building, say cattlemen




Gas development will massively increase use of bush roads, writes Ashley Manicaros of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association. FULL STORY »

Barkly gets nation’s first Regional Deal

2629 weather radar SM



$63m over 10 years, $15.4m for weather radar station (similar to the one pictured) over 20 years, was announced today jointly by Labor and Liberal pollies in Tennant Creek. FULL STORY »

Massive horse deaths now a risk to humans

2629 starving horses 3 SM



There needs to be a cull, say government officers, but the responsible residents are not acting, and the Central Land Council, responsible for assisting owners of Aboriginal land, remains mum on the tragedy. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Ken Hampton: From podium to pulpit

2629 Ken Hampton Bay-Sheffield SM



Ken Hampton was a junior athletics champion and won the 1961 Bay Sheffield 130-yard race in 12.4 seconds. He became a community leader and Anglican deacon, and the first Aboriginal Justice of Peace in South Australia. By John P McD Smith. FULL STORY »

Move School of the Air to Anzac High building

2629 Anzac High SM



The iconic school is bursting at the seams and could be relocated to its original place which itself deserves being maintained, writes Patricia Nelson. FULL STORY »

Tour operator new land council chairman

2628 Sammy Wilson, Barbara Shaw SM



Central Land Council delegates have elected Sammy Wilson as CLC chair and Barbara Shaw as deputy chair at their meeting at Yulara Pulka outstation near Uluru. FULL STORY »

Road toll drops by half

But some police news isn’t good: About five youths are alleged to have robbed a woman on Anzac Hill last night. FULL STORY »

New environment laws to follow broad consultation

p2427 Eva Lawler SM



The Government has moved one step closer to introducing its new environment protection legislation following extensive community consultation, writes Eva Lawler, Minister for Environment and Natural Resources. FULL STORY »

Horses starve, rotting carcasses near homes

2627 starving horses SM


Horses are starving to death north-east of Alice Springs. Rotting carcasses near homes are a growing health hazard to residents. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 4pm The Department of Primary Industry and Resources says Aboriginal Land Rights Act land is managed by the landowners, in conjunction with the Central Land Council. It is always concerning and distressing when any animals have died, especially in a manner such as this. FULL STORY »

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared

2628 Ming Lai companion OK SM



Taxpayer funded firm, STEPS Group Australia, sends woman staffer, Ming Lai, to remote communities without training in safe driving on bush roads, no working sat phone, not knowing how to engage 4WD, and when she complains she gets the sack. STEPS’s response: “No comment.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: “Got lost finally found my way to the Aged Care Facility. Stressed out, comforted by Lorraine,” says Ming Lai. FULL STORY »

‘Great Air Race’ crashes after government blows $413,000

2602 air race pic 9 SM



Organisers could not guarantee “safe passage” to its competitors, says NT Major Events. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system

p2624 Law & language interrogatiion SM
An Australian judge was arrested on the weekend for taking photographs in a prohibited area along the Chinese border with North Korea. Her outrage at being arrested led to her also being charged with creating a public disturbance. Not that she understood any of this, as she does not speak Mandarin. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss

2627 Moss Larapinta friends SM


National Aboriginal Gallery update: Business plan still a work in progress. No agreement about locating the gallery south of The Gap. MacDonnell blaze: Reviews still underway, will consider the use of water bombers. ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with Minister Lauren Moss today who hosted a breakfast for bushfire volunteers at the Telegraph Station. PHOTO (from left): MLA for Namatjira Chansey Paech, Andrea Celofega, Minister Moss, Karlee Foster, Sue Chambers and Valerian Celofega. FULL STORY »

Art gallery, culture centre location a no brainer: What’s the holdup?

2627 Yeperenye Festival 2 SM2627 Yeperenye Festival 1 SMHarold Furber and Owen Cole say they have made it clear “over and over and over again” that the gallery and the cultural centre should be combined and built south of The Gap. “The government changed it into two projects.” Now the two men are forging ahead with the cultural centre on its own. A significant meeting will take place in Sydney next week, involving Deloitte. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photos: The sensational Yeperenye Festival, had to be held south of The Gap, in 2001.


UPDATE April 12


Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lauren Moss, confirms the government’s “clear commitment of $20 million” and says the proponents of the project have drawn down against this commitment to support their early planning works. FULL STORY »

NT gets mention in call for global fracking ban



International legal experts say unconventional gas and oil drilling method is a human rights violation, writes Shay Dougall, Convenor of the Australian sessions of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal and impacted Chinchilla resident. Photo: Protesters in the Alice Springs Town Council gallery in 2014.


Updated 10.15am: An extra zero? FULL STORY »

Gallery fiasco: school heritage process ‘massively flawed’

2627 Anzac High 1 SM



The Heritage Council relied on a doctored application from historian Alex Nelson who says the decision not to heritage list Anzac High “certainly means that my nomination, in effect, was not able to be judged properly on its merits”. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA.  FULL STORY »

See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs

2620 Qantas pic 2 SB



“It is expected the new service will be very attractive to time-poor Asian and European travellers. Travelling to Uluru via Darwin improves their options, cutting their travel time up to five hours … instead of travelling on flights via other cities,” says the promotion of a direct Darwin to Ayers Rock Resort service by Qantas, starting today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Qantas promotional image, showing Kata Tjuta (the Olgas ). FULL STORY »

Bill Espie: Police hero from Alice Springs

2627 Newspaper clipping SM2627 Chief Inspector Bill Espie SMBill Espie’s mother, Edie, was one of a group of Aboriginal women in Alice Springs who wanted their children to have a better chance in life. Others like her were Hetti Perkins, Dido Cooper, Tilly Tilmouth, Melva Palmer and Millie Woodford. They accepted assitance from Father Percy Smith to help further the education of their children at St Francis’ House in Adelaide. As a member of the NSW police force Bill rescued two men from burning vehicles. He received a string of commendations, including the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. Story by JOHN P McD SMITH. FULL STORY »

Top cops to get axe




Police Commissioner’s “crazy” decision to axe all Territory Duty Superintendent jobs, writes Paul McCue, NT Police Association President (pictured). FULL STORY »

Federal Budget ‘another big GST blow to the NT’




A further $75m reduction of GST: The Territory Labor Government has fought to see immediate Federal investment in the Territory and job-creating projects. This Budget doesn’t deliver that says Treasurer Nicole Manison (pictured). Meanwhile Opposition Leader Gary Higgins welcomes new taxation measures for business and individuals. FULL STORY »

Billion dollar mine inching closer to reality

2627 Nolans Arafura 2 SM



The money isn’t in the bank yet but Arafura Resources is soliciting “indicative costs” for motel-style accommodation on site for use during shifts and initially, construction. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Remote parents to raise playgroup and web data issues

2627 playgroup 1 SM



Hiccups in the mobile playgroup scheme and payment for internet access needed to do school work were key issues raised at the annual meeting of the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association yesterday. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Image NTCOSS website. FULL STORY »

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order

2626 gallery arrows SM



The Chief Minister is putting his fresh “preferred location” for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery to the town council, ahead of the local Aboriginal people whose culture and traditions the multi-million project is mean to be celebrating. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Isolated parents meet: From the absurd to the visionary




Boarding and travel allowances under the microscope, and a push for agricultural, conservation and land management courses. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Ziggy Solczaniuk, School of the Air pupil at Ross River, pictured in 2015. FULL STORY »

Killerbots, guided by Pine Gap, same as any other weapon?

p2623 Killerbots plane FLI SM
What to hit, what to avoid will be programmed at the design stage; deployment and targeting will still be human-directed. That’s what makes Pine Gap relevant and gives Alice Springs residents a more than usual stake in the debate at the UN. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Welcome to winter paradise

2626 camping 1 SM



How to use a Swag and other useful hints as we say good-bye to the heat. By ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Cattlemen face land tenure, gas, live export and Native Title

2593 Chris Nott 3 SM

Live export restrictions, on-shore gas production, Native Title and security of land tenure present challenges to the cattle industry, according to Chris Nott (pictured), president of the NT Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA), speaking at its annual meeting today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 12.30pm The NT Government is proposing to amend the Pastoral Land Act making permission to use pastoral lease land for non-pastoral purposes more difficult to obtain.


UPDATE Saturday 3.15am: Live export safe under Labor, say McCarthy and Snowdon. FULL STORY »

Half a billion dollars for NT roads: Scullion

p2254 Nigel Scullion 3 SM



Federal program will  increase flood immunity and boost safety and efficiency through sealing, realigning routes, building bridges and widening roads, writes Nigel Scullion (pictured) Senator for the Northern Territory. FULL STORY »

Council platitudes in response to residents’ anger

2623 Scott Allen2619 council works 10 SM



The Town Council director of technical services, Scott Allen (at left), answers with platitudes questions raised three weeks ago about damaging work done to the verges of Schaber Road. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

We’ll all be rooned. Not.

2624 housing SM



House and unit prices: Hanrahan’s got it wrong. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE: Part of Araluen from Google Earth. FULL STORY »

Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves

p2621 Gregory Tce car park SM
On top of failing to apologise for disparaging remarks and rejecting council’s appeal for master plan funding, Chief Minister Michael Gunner seems to have his sights set on the Civic Centre block for the proposed national Aboriginal art gallery. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Bottle snatching and assault alleged

2624 robber SM



Police seek a woman after alleged bottle snatching and assault. FULL STORY »

John Moriarty: My mother found me in Alice Springs

2624 Moriarty Qantas SMUniversity graduate, soccer star, activist, senior public servant and successful businessman: Removed child John Moriarty rose to the top of Australia’s public life, with Alice Springs at the crossroads of his extraordinary achievements. MARK J SMITH chronicles them. Photo: John and Ros Moriarty with the Qantas Dreamliner whose livery their company created. Two-time Brownlow Medallist Adam Goodes is in the centre. FULL STORY »

Save Anzac Hill High School: National Trust

2533 Anzac Highschool SM



The school was the first purpose built school for the education of secondary school students in Alice Springs and was a significant step-up in school design to meet the increasing needs of the community, writes Tim Dixon, Director, National Trust NT. FULL STORY »

News cycle: It’s all over in a day

2621 Steve Schwer ABC 1 SM



The 24 hour news cycle is a handy reality for some: It’s all forgotten by tomorrow. A case in point: The IBIS Styles Alice Springs Oasis hotel in Alice Springs is alleged to have given Aborigines inferior rooms. Tourism Central Australia CEO Stephen Schwer (pictured) had known about this for months. The organisation’s chairperson is dodging questions. FULL STORY »

Ways of being: beyond the beauty of Papunya paintings


Men, whose lives in so many ways were under the thumb of Native Affairs, found the means to assert a profound expression of who they were in their own terms and sent this out into the world, writes KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Gas, oil royalties: 10% of what?

2622 gas : oil SM



After the agonising, divisive fracking debate we can be safe in the knowledge that we’re getting in royalties 10% of an amount of which we have no idea. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Canberra billions: Is there anybody out there?

2622 Mark Coffey SM



Alice Springs is slow off the mark getting a slice of the $5bn in the kitty of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility. ERWIN CHLANDA spoke with Mark Coffey (pictured), Head of the Office of Northern Australia. FULL STORY »

Society stops crime, not the police

2636 Rick Sarre SM



“Police cannot prevent the vast majority of crime; they simply respond to it. If we halved the number of police, crime would increase a little but not exponentially. Most crime is prevented by good economic and social justice policies, higher employment rates, good family solidarity, high rates of educational opportunities, and welfare assistance,” according to Professor Rick Sarre (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

On the job and on the hustings

2636 Braedon Earley SM



News from a dinghy is all in a day’s work for 1 Territory Senate candidate Braedon Earley: Fracking, PFAS, stopping high airfares by allowing overseas carriers into domestic routes, a marijuana industry and euthanasia. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO (from left): Mr Earley, Mathew James and Michael Williamson, both from NSW. FULL STORY »

Rob de Castella allegations raised with Snowdon – again

2636 John Bell document


John Bell raises nine-year old battle with “Deek” over alleged debts for wages and use of public money. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Rod Moss ventures into the weird and comical

p2633 Rod Moss Blue Moon SM



Blue Moon Bay, as a pictorial description of decadence, is laced with flatulent characters, debauched people who keep chewing on the chicken drumstick even after the fridge has fallen on top of them, writes BILL DAVIS. FULL STORY »

Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves

2636 dead trees 2 SM



Almost 1000 trees are dead throughout the town north of The Gap, 992 to be exact, and council has a six-line policy to deal with it. That won’t “cut it,” says Councillor Jimmy Cocking. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Thinking about Dreaming

p2619 Chambers Pillar PWC SM



Usage and meaning of the words ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Dreamtime’ have moved a long way from original understandings, reflects DICK KIMBER. FULL STORY »

Whenever you need a cop … there are three

2635 Talice security guard SM



The NT Southern Command has three times as many police officers, based on the ratio to the population, than the national average. Do we really need to supplement them with private security guards? Will the public debate about police recruitment switch from hysteria to a sober assessment of cost benefit? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped

2622 Alister Trier SM


But the red tape is still a mile long. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Alister Trier, Chief Executive of Department of Primary Industry and Resources, addressing some 250 mining personnel at the AGES conference in Alice Springs this morning.


UPDATE Wednesday 10.50am: Tourism not fracking should be promoted, says the Protect Country Alliance. FULL STORY »

More than 1000 to perform in eight-day Eisteddfod

2636 Eisteddfod 1 SM



In its 33rd year the Centralian Eisteddfod will have contests including news reading, mime, all abilities dance, rock groups, composing music and nursery rhyme recitals. Photo: Sinafoni Nauhafu. FULL STORY »

Land-locked Bangtail’s ancient link to oceans




“After all, Central Australia was once hidden underneath the Eromanga Sea, where remnants and fossils are etched into our history,” says JAMES MELKY, son of the organiser of Monday’s quirky annual event. Image from last year’s parade. FULL STORY »

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?

2636 George Hanna SM 2


A big “no” to fracking tops the list of priorities for the Greens candidate in Lingiari, George Hanna <strong>(pictured)</strong>. He’s even putting anti-fracking candidate Hamish MacFarlane, an independent who is close to 1 Territory, in second place on his how to vote card. This is ahead of Labor’s Warren Snowdon who is giving the Greens his number two slot. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE Monday 2.30pm: About Safe Harbour. FULL STORY »

No recommended cover for fracking wastewater

2733 fracking wastewater SM



The fracking inquiry critically recommended all tanks that would hold fracking wastewater should be enclosed, but it now appears this advice will be foregone in favour of keeping the gas companies happy, writes Graeme Sawyer from Lock the Gate. FULL STORY »

That’s why we all live here

2635 sunset 4 SM



A late afternoon stroll we won’ forget in a hurry. By ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

We now borrow more than the total Budget

2635 Treasurer SM



Treasurer hands down $7.2bn Budget as borrowings $7.4bn. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Pictured are Chief Minister Michael Gunner and Treasurer Nicole Manison as she delivered the 2019/20 NT Budget this morning. FULL STORY »

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon

p2350 election 5
If the best time for seeing the Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon in Alice Springs is in election campaigns, that’s perhaps because he is “never at home”: Apart from duties in Canberra, he is getting around the vast electorate, as he has been for three decades. He is deeply familiar with the issues yet has few answers for the electorate’s thorniest problems. He discusses them with ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Metal and Macs: The contrast makes it so appealing

2636 Blacken 2019 SM



The music that gives “loud” a new meaning and the magnificence of the East Macs: Combine them and get perfection. ERWIN CHLANDA reports from Blacken 2019. FULL STORY »

Cops nab drugged drivers

2586 Sept 24 Methamphetamine SM


Eleven motorists were apprehended for driving under the influence of a prohibited substance during a five day traffic operation in Alice Springs. File photo, police media release.


UPDATE May 10: Drugs can be detected considerable amounts of time after consumption. FULL STORY »

Imparja, CAAMA may part company

2634 Imparja building new SM



CAAMA, the largest shareholder in Imparja, is thinking about selling its interest in the television station and this “may have some impact on the future operations of [Imparja] and the results of these operations,” say the station’s accountants. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

St Francis House: Excellence sought and achieved

2634 St Francis’ House pic 1 SM



More than 50 boys, many of whom became national defenders of Aboriginal rights, high level public servants and outstanding sportsmen, lived at St Francis’ House in Adelaide from 1945 to 1959. Many came from Alice Springs and St John’s Hostel and other places in the Northern Territory. This is the final part of our series about this outstanding facility. FULL STORY »

NTG asks AAPA to consult with custodians on gallery & new site

p2519 ASTC gallery public 660


The proposed new site for the project – the Civic Centre block – could be ceded to the government in a land swap deal, with new library thrown in. Council is clearly tempted. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

UPDATE: 1 May 2019, 3.31 pm. 
Minister Moss does not answer our question one way or the other about whether other sites will be part of the discussions. FULL STORY »

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 

p2629 ASTC Cocking SM
The complaints by the former councillor and Country Liberals candidate Jacinta Price and her parents were all dismissed, found to be variously frivolous, vexatious, lacking in substance, and misleading. Councillors Cocking and Satour have called for public apologies. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Jacinta Price’s bluster: parents not mentioned

2630 corflutesJacinta SM


CLP candidate for Lingiari Jacinta Price is misleading her Facebook followers about three Code of Conduct complaints against members of the Alice Springs Town Council. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 1.25pm: Facebook statement by Jacinta Price and our reply. FULL STORY »

Jacinta Price spits dummy

Price SM



A hysterical dummy spit by Jacinta Price, following publication of a report on Monday critical of her record as a town councillor, is unbecoming of a candidate for a major party in a Federal election. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Ms Price at a meeting of the Town Council from which she has resigned despite her pledge to serve a full term. FULL STORY »

Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months

2611 Scullion, Morrison, Jacinta Price SM


The CLP candidate for Lingiari, as a member of the Town Council, contributed little to the running of a struggling town, her meeting attendance grossly inadequate. And Code of Conduct complaints – all found to have been vexatious or without foundation – that she or people associated with her had apparently lodged against three fellow councillors, had local government teetering on dysfunctionality for months. FULL STORY »

Rock, Alice: Widening the gap

2630 tourism figures graph SM



Tourism Research Australia figures show earnings increases Territory-wide for 2018 but in The Centre, the Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon resorts remain on the ascendancy while Alice Springs continues to slide. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish

2629 found rubbish 10 OK



Nine weeks and six days after a report to the police of the illegal dumping of a trailer load of rubbish on the road into the West MacDonells National Park, the lifeblood of our tourism industry, it appears nothing constructive has been done by the NT bureaucracy. By ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga

p2626 ASTC Satour SM
All Code of Conduct complaints against Councillor Catherine Satour have been dismissed and she wants the complainants “held to account”. She has not named them, but Jacinta Price, who last night resigned as councillor, appears to confirm they are associated with her. Ms Price is a candidate in the upcoming federal election.  KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan

1434 Arltunga SM



Jobs in mining, investment in tourism accommodation, pushing for re-discovering the gold mining town of Arltunga, developing Alcoota fossils as a place visitors can visit: It’s all part of the 10 year plan for the East MacDonnells by the Central Desert Regional Council. FULL STORY »

Campaign full of rancour still not over

2635 Michael McCormack, Sculion, Jacinta Price SM



Murdoch press favours, Deputy PM praising hate speech, minders shielding candidates: Democracy in nosedive? COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. McCormack, Scullion and Price pictured in ABC TV scoop of hate speech in the Lingiari candidate’s social media post. FULL STORY »

Territory: Hot and dry

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Alice had just half its average rainfall from October to April.


UPDATE May 2, 8.20am:


RAIN! Not much but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick: 2.4mm at the airport overnight. FULL STORY »