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Gallery: Gunner sticks with ANZAC Oval

2551 Michael Gunner SM



“Every consultation we have done shows the CBD location is the preferred location,” disregarding what his government’s own steering has recommended, which was the Desert Park, and no other location. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Confusion over gallery leadership: government’s fault

p2459 Lauren Moss (2411 ) presser CU SM
Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss is still in charge of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery project for Alice Springs. Who would have known? ask ERWIN CHLANDA and KIERAN FINNANE. FULL STORY »

Department, council mum on code of conduct questions

p2512 ASTC chamber at night SM



The department’s response seems to go against the spirit of transparency in the Local Government Act. EXCLUSIVE by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Estimates: Gallery location questions remain

p2124-skateboarding SM


Will Gunner pay $50m only if the gallery is on ANZAC Oval? Clarity lacks also on school based constables. Should bailed kids be fitted with monitoring bracelets? What is the Children Commissioner’s role? What about more facilities for young people? The minimum floor price profits will go to the liquor retailers. More Q&As this week. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Turn rock-throwing into backflips: how community can help

p2535 Backflips SM
Rather than go into competition with what is already operating – such as a brand new youth drop-in centre at Brown Street – the 24/7 THIS WAY  youth centre initiative should work out where the gaps are and how best it can contribute to bridging them, argues youth worker RAINER CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Eisteddfod is match day for young artists

2550 Eisteddfod Madeleine Luey SM



Parents, schools, clubs pitch in for a two week spectacular with 515 stars – groups and solos. ERWIN CHLANDA speaks with volunteer Allison Huhs. <strong>PHOTO: </strong>Studio B. AT LEFT: Madeleine Luey. FULL STORY »

Cops nab alleged grog runners



Police say they will seek maximum penalties and forfeiture of the vehicle. FULL STORY »

No sign of council playing ball on Anzac Oval

2549 rugby Aug 2003 # 2 SM



As the government continues to push the Anzac Hill precinct as the site for its proposed National Aboriginal Art Gallery, the Town Council has invited the Chief Minister to meet with them in person to discuss the project. There’s no sign that their views have changed, however. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Photo: Anzac Oval rugby in August 2003. FULL STORY »

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss

2549 Albrecht lights SM



Light spill outside the oval is minimal, says cricket president Bruce Walker. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Aboriginal treaty in time for the Federal election?




1 Territory Party president Braedon Earley (pictured) speculates about fresh promises – from those who can make it happen and even those who don’t. FULL STORY »

The Mushroom

Gunner2539 mushroom SM


The Gunner Government has developed the Mushroom Treatment to an art form – keeping people in the dark and feeding them bullshit. In this column we are publishing enquiries that weren’t answered or were evaded, with links to our stories where appropriate.


UPDATED May 27 at 12.30pm FULL STORY »

Support starts to flow to 24/7 youth centre

2537 street kids 5 SM


The proposed service will have an arm run by youth professionals and one by volunteers, say the promoters. And the dialogue started at the meeting last week with existing services will continue and be expanded. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

‘You can make fracking better but you can’t do it well’

2550 Lauren Mellor SM



The Chief Minister’s reference group is a cynical attempt to drag community organisations and stakeholder groups into implementing the government’s disastrous policy decision to frack the Territory, writes Lauren Mellor (pictured), from Frack-free NT. FULL STORY »

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority

5247 Dale Wakefield SM



What the public prefers is totally different to what the NT government prefers. And the minister (pictured) is fabricating reasons why the Feds will deny us funds unless we do it their way. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Shannon, Ian Rentsch in stunning 17 minute Finke victory

2549 Toby Price winner SM2549 Rentsch 2 SM



Toby Price’s trophy truck breaks down to end his dream of becoming the dual King of the Desert. Shannon and Ian Rentsch (pictured) snatch their sixth victory, a staggering 17 minutes ahead David Fellows. But Price easily takes out the bikes race. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Price may not make the double Finke crown

2549 Shannon & Ian Rentsch SM



Shannon and Ian Rentsch (pictured) are likely to win the car section – again – of the Finke, denying Toby Price the dual crown but he seems likely to take out the bikes section after getting into Finke today, way ahead. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO courtesy Tatts Finke Desert Race / Samantha McLaughlin. FULL STORY »

Shannon Rentsch, Toby Price fastest in Finke prologues

2549 Finke screen SM



90 media personnel are taking the race to the world, including extended live streaming on the web. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo from the prologue yesterday. FULL STORY »

The Finke: 616 bikes, 132 cars

2549 Finke Toby Price SM



Toby Price (pictured) is back on a bike and in a car: In 2016 he had a podium spot for both. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

24/7 youth centre: bridge between us and them?

p2549 24:7 centre McCormack, Wakefield SM
The first meeting brought together a lot of the right adults if not the kids themselves and too few of their families. There were as many ideas as people and occasionally tempers frayed. How many stay on board for the long haul will be crucial. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Congress probe: ORIC will only outline process

2545 ORIC document SM



CEO Donna Ah Chee says the regulator has assured Congress the audit does not arise as a result of any complaint or any other compliance concerns of ORIC. Report by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

First electric car in the Finke

2548 Finke Acciona 2 SM



A female crew will race the first zero-emission car in the desert race starting Saturday. FULL STORY »

The beauty of things around us, every day

2548 Lost & Found 1 SM



Lost & Found joins the fascination with things that are neither new nor expensive. ERWIN CHLANDA went to the opening last night. FULL STORY »

BESS jumps in when the sun doesn’t shine

5245 BESS pic 1 SM


Smoothing out the peaks and troughs of sunlight with clouds around, and allowing the shut-down of polluting gas motors instead of keeping them idling in “spinning reserve” is the job of the new $8.3m battery (pictured) at Territory Generation’s Ron Goodin power station in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA went on a look-see organised by the Arid Lands Environment Centre. FULL STORY »

Three men escape from gaol

2548 police escapees SM


Lock your homes, don’t give them a lift, say police.


UPDATE 12.50pm: Randall Dixon and Herbert Young have been arrested. Only Manfred Connelly (left photo) is still at large.


UPDATE 3.45pm June 7: Police have arrested the third man “within the area of Alice Springs”. FULL STORY »

The millions and the misery

2547 Memo Club 1 OK


Will the 24/7 Youth Club get a look-in by Congress which wants to use the Memo Club for “non clinical programs” instead of kids at risk? Meanwhile, the regulator of Congress want to examine its books. Keep your calculator app handy in case you head starts to spin over tens of millions of dollars at the meeting on Thursday, in the Andy McNeill room, at 5.30pm. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE June 5, 2.10pm FULL STORY »

59th Show: Making a community icon even better?




The annual Show has been an enduring crowd pleaser. As a mirror of the town a bit of tweaking could make a great community effort even better. ERWIN CHLANDA comments. FULL STORY »

Harts Range to Stuart Highway to be “all bitumen”

2494 Outback Way SM


Harts Range to Stuart Highway to be “all bitumen”. It’s part of the Outback Way, linking east and west via Alice Springs.



Solar battery for Alice, more hybrid systems out bush

Remote areas will save 15% on diesel as more power comes from the sun. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Fewer pokies, help for gambling addicts




Natasha Fyles (pictured) winds back the number of gaming machines “dramatically increased” under the Giles government. FULL STORY »

Gas reference group will have a hard time

2543 Bruce Francais SM


If the new gas industry reference group wants to establish trust and confidence in the government and in the on-shore gas mining industry, it will have a hard time considering that two thirds of our elected representatives were excluded from the decision making process, and the decision was made behind closed doors, writes Bruce Francais, of Katherine. FULL STORY »

Memo Club for 24/7 youth centre?

2547 Memorial Club SM



It is suitable and close enough to the CBD, says promoter Steve Brown. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Minister’s blinkered view of US fracking sites

2547 fracking Dimock SM



If the Gunner Government will be basing its fracking regulations on what Mines and Energy Minister Vowles brought back from a fact finding mission in the USA, Territorians should be alarmed. If this is world’s best practice regulation, then it shows that regulation is incapable of preventing harm, writes Lauren Mellor from Frack-free NT. FULL STORY »

Martin Luther King III ‘disheartened’ by what he saw in Alice

p2529 Reconciliation MLK flowers SM


“You being here … honours our struggle, it bears witness to our truth, it gives rise to our voice.” At today’s moving Reconciliation Week gathering William Tilmouth thanked Martin Luther King III for his visit to Alice Springs, before both men, like the women before them, spoke of the challenging situation in The Centre. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Mr King is pictured receiving flowers of welcome. FULL STORY »

Police concerned about welfare of boy

2547 Dawoud Srour SM



They say they would like to talk to people in a white vehicle.


UPDATE 1.44pm: The boy has been found safe a little while ago. FULL STORY »

Big solar prospects but can the network take it?

2544 RePower SM


The NT Government’s Territory Generation is working on a major deal with community organisation RePower Alice, reports ERWIN CHLANDA. Photo: Members of the group in high spirits. FULL STORY »

Cemeteries could be turned into parks

p2528 Stuart Town Cemetery SM


New legislation will allow for modern methods for the disposal of human remains and applications to use closed cemeteries as parkland. KIERAN FINNANE reports from the Town Council meeting. FULL STORY »

Problem kids: The whole town must help




“You can’t stop kids from violent neglected backgrounds with rules, threats of dire consequence or incarceration, an outcome for them that is probably much better than being at home,” says Steve Brown (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


UPDATE May 26, 5.40pm: Steve Brown will be calling a public meeting. See readers’ comment box. FULL STORY »

Uluru Statement: A year later the debate goes on

2544 Thomas Mayor SM


“Native title, the race to get funding to run your NGOs, all that stuff has divided our people. The Uluru Statement is a visionary thing. The divisions in our communities have been caused by the government. Therefore they have an obligation to deliver on this one national consensus,” says Thomas Mayor, who is taking the original of the controversial manifesto around the country. He spoke with ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Dance, lost and found

p2528 Lost Dance carpark Sm


“I couldn’t imagine that they would dance in this pot-holed, dusty carpark, but I knew to expect the unexpected. This was a production by Madeleine Krenek and Frankie Snowdon, who, with their collaborators, are carving out a space for a more challenging experience of contemporary dance in The Centre.” KIERAN FINNANE reviews The Lost Dance Project. FULL STORY »

A big drought would kill buffel, too

p2310-buffel-2-SM2544 Des Nelson 1 SMIn the big drought: “The stocked areas of the Todd River station had been denuded to such an extent that the Hereford cattle were climbing high into the hills searching for feed, or, as told to me by the station owner Sandy Pye, walked out as far as 22km from a watering point, looking for feed.” DES NELSON (pictured) recollects. AT LEFT: Buffel thriving. FULL STORY »

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’




Neglected kids “commit property and other crimes as they seek food, shelter and attention wherever and however,” writes Michael Liddle (pictured), Chairperson of the Central Australian Alcohol Programs Unit. FULL STORY »

Buffel grass legacy started under Canberra rule

Buffel Palm Valley SM


“My purpose in providing this information is not to defend CSIRO from suggestions that it was responsible for the spread of buffel grass in central Australia but to illustrate, as Des Nelson did, that the story is much more complex – and interesting – than this,” says Margaret Friedel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE May 27 Dr Friedel expands on experiments in The Centre with grasses. She is writing a history of weed invasions in arid Australia. FULL STORY »

Sheep live export ban – cattle next?




The Northern Territory cattle industry should be very concerned. They know they can’t trust Labor, the Greens or the ABC and now they can’t trust the Liberals, writes Braedon Earley (pictured), of the 1 Territory Party. FULL STORY »

Putting a dollar figure on volunteering

2543 volunteers SM



… but the cheque is not in the mail. ERWIN CHLANDA was among 110 local volunteers, for canapés, drinks and a big thank-you. FULL STORY »

Where has Cr Melky been all these years?




Councillor Eli Melky (pictured) flogs a dead horse over a youth curfew. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

To save a dying language

p2527 Christobel SwanSM


There are less than 20 fluent speakers left of Southern Arrernte, or Pertame, the language that belongs to the country south of Alice Springs, around the Finke and Hugh Rivers. That puts it into the category of “severely endangered”. But its speakers are taking action. FULL STORY »

‘Government’s secret decision making’

2543 Bruce Francais SM



Only eight out of 25 MLAs got a say on fracking, writes Bruce Francais (pictured), of Katherine. FULL STORY »

Territory tourism playing catch-up

2539 Tourism Roadshow pic 3 SM



Tourism in Australia is going gangbusters with 6% growth average across all states. But in the Territory it’s half that, 3%, with serious dips in the last couple of years. And will internet platforms, as they have done to print and electronic media, stand traditional government visitor promotion on its head? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

No youth hub at Newland, but it’s not the end of the story

p2526 Newland Park SM
Local residents rejected out of hand a bike and skate facility at Newland Park, but council is open to hearing ideas about alternative locations for a youth hub. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Art gallery: Govt keeps major Alice lobbies in the dark

2539 art gallery 7 SMp2224-Dave-Batic-SM



What benefit will Alice Springs get from the National Indigenous Art Gallery? “It’s one of the questions we’ll be asking as the government re-commences its consultation process,” says Chamber of Commerce boss Dave Batic (at right). ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Desert town in springtime: new look festival



A springtime festive season across six weeks, with two to three events each week, delivered in existing venues along Todd Street and mall: this is part of the new approach to the Desert Festival. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Keeping youth in sight

2537 street kids 5 SMDisengaged youth gravitate to the CBD because they yearn to receive acknowledgment from the adult community. That’s why the the Town Council’s proposed “family bike and skate facility” should be right in the town centre, writes youth worker RAINER CHLANDA.  The kids will be keen to exhibit their talents, it would breathe life and excitement into the CBD whilst sending a message to the youth that they are welcome and valued.


Alice town camps need not be places of misery

2531 town camps SMp2333-Maland.-McCarthy-SM



More than a dozen lease holding association could turn town camps into profitable enterprises and low rent housing. We ask NT Senator Malirndirry McCarthy for her views. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Gunner rewrites the record on gallery consultations

p2514 NIAG Philip Watkins, Hetti Perkins SM


The Chief Minister says the gallery steering committee “put up two sites” for this development— the Desert Park, and “at the bottom of Anzac Hill”. The steering committee (co-chairs pictured)  did no such thing. It put up only one site, the Desert Park. Mr Gunner also seems to be unaware of initiatives his Cabinet colleague Dale Wakefield is taking on the project. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

‘Our’ gallery: Will Gunner, Ryan slay the dragon stealing it?

2536 Adelaide gallery SM



If Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, aka Michael Gunner and Damien Ryan, want to save the National Indigenous Art Gallery for Alice Springs, they had better get a wriggle-on: Adelaide is breathing fire, reports the city’s online newspaper, InDaily. By ERWIN CHLANDA.    FULL STORY »