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A student should have led the chants: Jimmy Cocking

2529 Jimmy Cocking SM



Arid Lands Environment Centre staff are “highly distressed” by social media posts following the School Strike 4 Climate Action, says Jimmy Cocking (pictured). FULL STORY »

Help from fracking campaigner, or manipulating students?

2621 Nicole Pietsch SM


Nicole Pietsch (pictured), a prominent activist against fracking, was directing the chanting by students participating in the “School Strike 4 Climate Action” in Alice Springs yesterday. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE Sunday, March 17, 11.32am: Organisesrs say there was no request from them to Ms Pietsch to direct the photo shoot.


UPDATE, 10.17am 18 March 2019: Ms Pietsch has given her account of what happened and Alice Springs News Online editor Erwin Chlanda has responded. FULL STORY »

Student strike: Pietsch explains her actions, News responds

p2299-Nicole-Pietsch-SM2622 Erwin Chlanda SM



Nicole Pietsch, Strategy and Communications Manager, Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) and Erwin Chlanda, Editor, Alice Springs News Online exchange views about yesterday’s report headed “Help from fracking campaigner, or manipulating students”. FULL STORY »

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela

2622 Charles Perkins SM2622 Charles Perkins 1 SMIt could be said nobody had a more positive impact on improving the lives of Aboriginal people in the twentieth century than Charles Nelson Perkins. Born in Alice Springs on a wooden table at “The Bungalow” in 1936 he was the first Indigenous person the become Secretary of a Commonwealth Government Department. Feared by ministers and confidant to Prime Ministers, he was an unrelenting fighter for his people. Story by MARK J SMITH. FULL STORY »

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action

2621 School Strike 4 climate 8 SM



Alice Springs students rallied, held speeches and marched through the CBD in  support of today’s mass action across the nation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Trachoma campaign in Centre part of ending Australia’s shame

2621 trachoma pic 1 SM



“With every kid’s face clean, trachoma would disappear by the end of the year.” This is the blunt and urgent message of EndTrachoma by 2020 which opened a community laundry in Santa Teresa this week. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Heat rises on cooling plan

p2618 ASTC heat mitigation Parsons Street SM

Mayor Damien Ryan is not happy to have the kibosh put on planting trees on the median strip at the northern end of Bath Street. In fact, to use his own word, he is “infuriated” – to the degree that he walked out of the council meeting last night before a vote on the issue was taken, having earlier launched a sustained verbal attack on a council officer’s report. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Public may pay for government fake news: Opposition

p2405 Lea Finocchiaro SM


Bill to allow government to pay for publishing propaganda and “lies” so long as a “source” – such as a contact person or a previous Ministerial media release – is cited, writes Lia Finocchiaro, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (pictured). FULL STORY »

Sex crimes via Snapchat alleged

2621 Snapchat SM




Man used a “carriage service” in a bid to procure girls for sexual activity, police allege. FULL STORY »

And now, the Stuart Highway by scooter

2621 Scooter Boy SM


Out of work French actor does it the hard way: At the Finke crossing yesterday. Alice in a couple of days. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 3.30pm Guyetand is running, for the Swiss charity, Running Together. FULL STORY »

A necessary remembrance

p2618 Trees of Our Body FW SM



The loss of hundreds upon hundreds of trees in Tjoritja National Park (West MacDonnell Ranges) should not go without a significant act of remembering. FULL STORY »

‘Arrogant’ government fails to answer 20 questions

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) SM



“The growing arrogance of this Labor Government is quite shocking,” says Independent MLA for Araluen Robyn Lambley (pictured) as Chief Minister Michael Gunner fails to provide specific replies to 20 questions about the Opposition. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Kings Canyon community invests in secondary education

2619 Kings Canyon school play SM


The traditional owners of the iconic Watarrka – Kings Canyon National Park have combined their rent income from the park with private donations to build a secondary school classroom to keep their children at school for longer.


UPDATE March 14: CLC responds to readers’ comments. FULL STORY »

Councillor passes buck to staff

2619 council works 12 SM2619 council works 14 SM



From this (at left) to that: But don’t complain about it to Cr Glen Auricht, chair of the Technical Services executive committee. He won’t have an answer for you. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Leslie Nayda: Alice boy reaches top of SA public service

2620 Les Nayda in 1978 SM2620 St John's Hostel SMLes” Nayda (at left), born in Alice Springs in 1943, became the longest serving Aboriginal public servant in Australia and the first dedicated policy adviser on Aboriginal Affairs to a State Premier. By JOHN P McD SMITH. At right: St John’s Hostel in Bath Street, Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage

p2618 Akeyulerre dual naming SM



In this International Year of Indigenous Languages, Akeyulerre Inc wants to work with council, first on a specific project achievable within six months, then set a timeline for a process beyond that. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

FABmoney for FABalice

2620 FABalice 10 SM



$190,000 government “event funding” raises questions. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Burgoyne misses out on number one Senate slot

2619 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Katherine-based vet gets the number one position, with Alice Springs electrician Joshua Burgoyne (pictured) in second place. No party has ever won both NT Senate seats. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Gender-diverse Alice flocks to drag queen spectacular

2619 FABalice & crowd SM



Mascara was streaming down their faces in torrents (whose idea was it to have the spectacle at the hottest time of the day – 39 degrees?) but there was no stopping the drag queens in town for the first FABalice festival, and the locals just love a parade: They packed into the Mall. See video. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Gunner muzzles Independents, now seven of them

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) OK



Chief Minister denies the growing number of cross benchers support staff anywhere near the level enjoyed by his government’s members, writes Robyn Lambley MLA, Independent Member for Araluen. FULL STORY »

No juvenile prison in your back yard: Dale Wakefield

2618 youth prison meeting SM


“The infrastructure here is not ideal but it is a lot better than what it was. We have no immediate plans to move that anywhere at this stage. We want to focus on keeping kids out of that facility.” Last night’s announcement by Dale Wakefield was good news for the NIMBY crowd. It is not what she promised 15 months ago for offending children. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Doreen Carrol nee McCormack, at right in the photo, with part of the crowd last night, mostly women. FULL STORY »

$65m for children at risk case management system

2459 Ken Davies SM


Territory Families CEO  Ken Davies (pictured) says 1060 children are in the government’s care. The “Safe, Thriving and Connected” program now being designed is included in the $229m response to the recommendations of the royal commission into children in custody. ERWIN CHLANDA  reports.



NT Govt funds pro-fracking group, says environmentalist

2619 Damian Barrett SM2619 Jesse Hancock SM


Following reports $450,000 in taxpayer funds has been granted to the pro gas industry arm of the CSIRO, GISERA, the NT Government should disclose how much money has been spent on fracking related expenses since elected in 2016, writes Jesse Hancock (pictured at right), from the Protect Country Alliance.


UPDATE March 9: GISERA director replies (pictured at left). FULL STORY »

Weapons tell starkly different young men’s stories



An exceptionally diverse exhibition takes weapons – from spears to guns – as a starting point for a mediation on the lives of young men. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. FULL STORY »

NT state final demand declines further

2619 state final demand SM



Drop of 2.5% in the December quarter follows 8.4% in September, according to the ABS. Real action is needed, says the Opposition. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Award finalist keen to build leadership, business skills

p2476 Donna Digby SM



Alice Springs resident Donna Digby (pictured), one of three finalists nominated for the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award, wants to pilot a business development and leadership program for women in remote Australia. FULL STORY »

Fixing taps or fixing policy?

2618 tap fixing kit SM



After decades of arguing about remote housing, consultants are still paid well for big words while the people on the ground could be taught to fix the small jobs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Pictured: A kit to fix leaking taps. FULL STORY »

Rifle missing from stolen, recovered car

2618 30-30 Winchester



Police are appealing for information about a firearm that was reported stolen from a vehicle in Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Art gallery more than selling cappuccinos: Scott McConnell

2617 cappuccino SM2617 Scott McConnell SMNewly independent Member for Stuart Scott McConnell says the National Aboriginal Art Gallery – on hold at the moment – would likely lead to a national debate which is about Indigenous recognition, constitutional recognition, about truth telling “which is not about bricks and mortar, it’s about telling the Aboriginal story nationally, and how Aboriginal people can contribute to it”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Mayor attacks service club, editor

2472 Henley battle 1 SM



Damien Ryan has refused to retract an unsubstantiated attack he made in an audio recorded interview with him in November last year, against the Rotary Club of Alice Springs, one of the town’s oldest and most active service clubs and a co-organiser of the Henley on Todd (pictured), and against Alice Springs News Online editor ERWIN CHLANDA who conducted the interview and is also a member of the club. The relevant audio recording is part of the report. The relevant audio recording is part of the report. FULL STORY »

The Florence Nightingale from the bush

2617 Rona Glynn training SM



Sister Rona Glynn grew up at The Bungalow in Alice Springs, Mulgoa in NSW and St Mary’s Hostel, back in Alice Springs. In 1952 she was the first Indigenous junior teacher at the Alice Springs Primary School. In 1962 she became the first Indigenous charge sister at the Alice Springs Hospital. It is believed that she delivered over 2000 babies and was loved throughout Alice as Sister Glynn. FULL STORY »

Ghan walk: Signs of the times

2618 Ghan walk signs 2 SM



Deteriorated signs on the walk to town from the railway station: Tourism lobby asleep at the wheel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Ed Harry closing this week

2617 Ed Harry



Six people to lose their jobs. FULL STORY »

Town Council out of step with counterparts on assets register

p2617 Townsville council interests SM




In Queensland anyone can consult councillors’ asset registers online; in Victoria anyone can apply to consult them. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Cart before the horse




There is an ancient trail snaking north from Port Augusta along the western side of the Simpson Desert and passing right by Alice. That may be how some stories get here, but that’s not how either participants and contributors, nor how visitors, will travel. They will come along the highways, writes HAL DUELL (pictured). FULL STORY »

Liberals and Labor: Tweedledum and Tweedledee on Pine Gap

p2615 Pine Gap Felicity Ruby SM
That hasn’t changed after Defence Minister Christopher Pyne’s Ministerial Statement last Wednesday and Shadow Defence Minister Richard Marles’ ingratiating reply. This includes refusing to answer any questions. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

96 trees chopped down to ‘duplicate’ highway

2613 Stuart Highway trees SM


69 trees cut down to enable road “duplication”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 1.40pm Friday It is a $10m Commonwealth Government funded project under the Safety and Fatigue Management program. The design has been undertaken with Australian Standards and Austroads Design Guidelines. (See more.) FULL STORY »

Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats

p2611 Housing generic SM


However, offences against the person were down by half.


UPDATE 7pm March 1, 2019 Emergency Department presentation figures at the Alice Springs Hospital lend credibility to statistics from the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice using data recorded by the Northern Territory Police. FULL STORY »

Alice Bungalow kid Wally McArthur ran with ‘fire and grace’

2617 Wally McArthur 1 SM


From 1953-59 Wally McArthur played a total of 165 games for English league clubs Rochdale, Blackpool Borough, Salford and Workington Town. He was named in the Aboriginal Australian rugby league team of the century in 2008. He ran competitively and in 1957 was the North England sprint champion, winning both the 100 and 220 yard titles. He also won the 100-yard sprint in the 1957 Highland Games. Members of the Royal Family were among the spectators and he was later introduced to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, writes MARK J SMITH. FULL STORY »

Council ‘in the way’ of Alice development: Chief Minister

2551 Michael Gunner SM


He blames the council particularly for the blockage on the proposed national Aboriginal art gallery, to the ire of Councillor Eli Melky. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


UPDATE 2.50pm: Request to Gunner: Name the 29 traditional owners. Were they all from the same family? FULL STORY »

Santa Teresa wins housing class action against NT Government

2617 Santa Teresa SM


Some 70 residents of Santa Teresa (pictured) have a win as the Administrative Tribunal finds the NT Government is obliged to provide habitable housing in remote communities and has pursued tenants over “dodgy debts” of over a million dollars.


UPDATE Feb 28: Statement by Housing Minister Gerry McCarthy.


UPDATE 4.10pm February 28 Rent agreement across the NT likely to be invalid “not with the paper they are written on”. FULL STORY »

Booze action pays dividends: Fyles





A 24.5% decrease in alcohol-related Emergency Department presentations in NT hospitals in December 2018 compared to December 2017 show alcohol reforms are working, writes Natasha Fyles, Attorney-General and Minister for Health. FULL STORY »

Enjoying The Centre at a frantic pace

2614 tourism ads 1 SM



Costs and details for year-long tourism promotion campaign “commercially confidential”. Ten local operators on a mission in Europe to invite holiday makers to “do” Centre attractions – Uluru, Kings Canyon, West Macs, Alice Springs, in just four days, including road travel. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Gas fracking: Who forgot the oil?

2615 gas 2 SM




The Gunner Government’s permission to frack for gas amounts equally to permission to frack for oil – enhancing the production of oil and giving access to Northern Territory oil not available without fracking. By TIM FORCEY. FULL STORY »

Two stolen utes crashed through locked gate

2617 stolen vehicle 2 SM2617 stolen vehicle 1 SM



Brief pursuit: Vehicles still missing, according to a police media release. FULL STORY »

Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am

2613 Four Corners group SM



PHOTO: Chris Forbes, co-ordinator of Tangentyere Men’s Four Corners Group, talks to the media about their work with the Women’s Family Safety Group engaging young people at risk at night in Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Cooling streets: Bath St median strip top priority?




It will be if Mayor Damien Ryan gets his way, irrespective of what a recently completed heat map of the CBD shows. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Updated Tuesday 26 February, 1.00pm: concrete median strip contracted in Mayor’s first term. FULL STORY »

Council majority on heatwaves: no further action required

p2615 Heatwave sun SM



Councillor Jimmy Cocking wants council to do its own emergency planning for heatwaves but five out of nine councillors think they’ve already got it covered.  KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

West Macs inferno: Water bombing, two views

2613 water bomber SM



Large aircraft were used in Tasmania to fight fires. Fire managers there are less apprehensive about water bombers than their Central Australian counterparts. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Image: SBS News. FULL STORY »

‘Lost’ man survived on bushfood banquet

2612 echidna SM2612 bush passionfruit 2 SMBush passionfruit (at right), sugarbag and echidnas (at left) are likely to have been on the menu for Harold Morton who walked out of his community with just the clothes he was wearing, and survived in the bush for more than two weeks in blistering heat. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

December quarter 2018 unit prices 40% higher than 2017

After a rise in house and unit rents till the June quarter 2010 it’s pretty well steady as she goes except for house rents except for a dip between the June 2014 and the June 2016 quarters. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Camel Cup signs three year deal with Pioneer Park

2614 camel cup SM



Change of venue was needed to ensure the long-term success and viability of the event, writes Kyle Pearson, Alice Springs Camel Cup director. FULL STORY »

Drowning in bad news stories? Try this.

2612 container laundry SM



A container converted into a public laundry with washing machines and dryers that work, power and water that is reliable and detergent that never runs out, writes Steve Smith, Aboriginal Investment Group CEO. FULL STORY »

183 in a 110 zone: Cannonball Run re-enacted?

2613 Cannonball Run Ferrari SM



Police crack down on speed offenders on the highway to The Rock. Photo: Ferrari in the 1994 Cannonball Run from Darwin to the Ayers Rock Resort after it crashed into a checkpoint, killing four. FULL STORY »

Visitor from afar to Alex’s backyard

2612 Pheasant Coucal SM



The Pheasant Coucal’s home is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical mangrove forests, but it clearly enjoyed his visit to the Old Eastside, writes ALEX NELSON. FULL STORY »

Answers to Opposition’s economy questions not boundless

p2405 Lea Finocchiaro SM



Government spent more than $400,000 on a single AFL Grand Final advertisement, writes Lia Finocchiaro (pictured), Deputy Opposition Leader. FULL STORY »

Our bushfire fighting: Up in the air?

2610 bushfire waterbomber 1 SM


Water bombers, the big ones carrying more than 15 tonnes of fire fighting fluid, were used in the Tasmanian bushfires but were not available to the fire fighters battling in the West Macs under horrendous conditions in January. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Missing man found safe and well after 17 days

2606 Harold Morton OK


Big ground and air search had failed to find Harold Morton (pictured).



Finke film: Race, pilgrimage, danger, skill, fun

2611 Finke Film 3 SM



Alice Springs film makers put the desert race on the big screen with amazing results. ERWIN CHLANDA reviews. FULL STORY »

Crime statistics horrendous, says Lambley

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) SM



The town needs a circuit breaker to stop this crime wave, an emergency youth curfew or the police tactical response unit coming, writes  ROBYN LAMBLEY, Independent Member for Araluen. FULL STORY »

Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent

p2402 Scott McConnell SM



I have sought to represent the constituents of Stuart for the remainder of the term in the only way that is clearly in line with basic democratic principles and that is as an independent in Parliament, while remaining a member of the NT Labor Party, writes SCOTT McCONNELL, MLA for Stuart. FULL STORY »

Ryan to run in Braitling for the CLP?

2611 Jamie deBrenni SMp22102-Damien-Ryan-SM



The Mayor (at right) is not confirming nor denying it, and we’ve now asked fellow town council member and CLP vice-president Jamie deBrenni (at left) for a response. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Centre of attention: Glory days of Anzac Oval in the 1950s

2611 Anzac Oval Aussie Rules SM



1952 was a year of consolidation for the newly grassed oval but its reputation began to spread far and wide. The recreation reserve became a venue of many firsts during the 1950s, reports ALEX NELSON in Part Two of this series, backgrounding the now embattled former Alice Springs sporting and social venue. FULL STORY »

I never found my mother

2611 Millie Glenn right Rose Foster SM



Race horses are given a universal birthday of August 1 in the Southern Hemisphere. Stolen children were getting the same treatment in Australia: “At Mulgoa, because no-one knew our real birth dates, the girls were all given the birth date of December 1 and the boys January 1,” recalls Millicent “Millie” Glenn (at right in the photo). She tells her story to JOHN P McD SMITH.  FULL STORY »

Incentives for teachers is only one small step: COGSO

2524 Tabby Fudge 1 SM



Incentives need to be provided in all regional and remote communities across the Northern Territory, such as the removal of HELP debts for substantial work periods in these roles, writes TABBY FUDGE (pictured), president of the Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations. FULL STORY »

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison

2532 Scott Morrison SM



More than half of the targets were not met – yet they had been set by the bureaucracy, top to bottom, says the Prime Minister (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

After The Apology

p2612 Apology hands SM


“I wrote this last year, at the time of the 10th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. Another anniversary (13 February)  has just passed and it’s as relevant as it ever was,” writes Ann Davis. FULL STORY »

Iconic restaurant closes after 40 years

2611 Steakhouse 3 SM



It was bad luck rather than bad management, says its co-owner with her husband Mark, Jennifer Schrader. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Park fire protection: new management plan doesn’t spell it out

New plan SM“Prescribed burning plays an important role and is used to keep ecosystems healthy, aid traditional hunting and protect the country from damaging hot wildfire,” says the new West MacDonnell management plan. But it doesn’t say how. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Boundless possible welcome to Alice for Gunner?

1411 Clare Martin protest 1 SM



A Facebook outburst suggests Michael Gunner may tomorrow get an angry reception in Alice Springs similar to the one given to Clare Martin in 2007. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

If NT goes broke, Canberra has to bail us out: Higgins

2610 fiscal letter SM


As a non-state the Territory has a rich uncle with deep pocket standing behind it, who can’t say “no” to lenders if the NT defaults on loans: The Australian Government. Meanwhile the non-ALP members of the Legislative Assembly have signed a letter demanding a whole-of-parliament solution to the current fiscal mayhem. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Future in law, international development: Alex walks the talk

2610 Alexandra Rosewarne 1 SM



A stint helping an East Timor women’s centre made it crystal clear for Alexandra Rosewarne (pictured): “This is what I want to do.” She is this year’s winner of the Paul Harris Scholarship awarded by the Rotary Club of Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking

p2610 Heatwave pool ASTC SM
In the NT they are not, unlike for floods and fires. Councillor Jimmy Cocking argues the case for the NT Government to the develop Emergency Management Plans for heatwaves “to reduce the risk to life and livelihoods in both regional and urban areas”. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

From mud, dust to grass: The beginning of Anzac Oval

2610 Alex Anzac Oval 12 SM


A mammoth volunteer effort decades ago made Anzac Oval into the major playground for the town’s sports and social occasions. During World  War II it was a staging ground for the transport of military materiel, which had arrived by rail, on to Darwin by road. No wonder the oval occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of many long-term residents. Now the NT Government controversially wants to acquire it for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery, in limbo after opposition from traditional owners. Part One by ALEX NELSON. FULL STORY »

Alice councillors join new political party



Councillors Marli Banks, Catherine Satour and Eli Melky are now members of the Australian Country Party, according to a media release from it. Former Deputy Chief Minister, Peter Chandler (pictured), has also signed up. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

West MacDonnells blaze: sorrow and questions

2602 West Macs fire staircase 15 before SM2602 West Macs fire staircase 4 after SM“An inch of rain and we’ll be right again,” said a man in Ormiston Gorge on Sunday where people had been evacuated and assets saved at the last moment from the firestorm last month. But Dr Fiona Walsh, who’s lived and worked in The Centre as a desert ecologist for 25 years, has a more concerned take on the disaster. Meanwhile the government is continuing to withhold information about the fire management plan for the park, and the funding for work that could have contained the blaze. PHOTOS: The Staircase to Heaven, before and after the blaze. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Fire management inadequate to non-existent: ALEC



“It is a management issue where resources have not been made available for Parks to do the buffel management that is necessary,” says ALEC CEO Jimmy Cocking about the devastating fire in the iconic West MacDonnell National Park last month. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

West Macs fire mitigation critically inadequate: Scientist



Fire mapping in 2018 indicates only one or two areas of prescribed burning during the cool months last year, insufficient to prevent the catastrophic bushfire which has swept through most of the West MacDonnell National Park last month, says the CDU’s Andrew Edwards. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Fire in Ormiston Gorge. FULL STORY »

Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks

2606 In Daily art gallery SM



A $60m project that “will be the first of its kind in Australia and will … attract both national and international attention” reports the independent online newspaper In Daily today. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Mines near Alice moving to join major Oz exporters

2606 tungsten outcrop SM



Hopeful producers of tungsten and rare earths pleased with exploration results and are finding high demand as resources make up 72% of the nation’s exports in 2018. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo shows tungsten outcrop. FULL STORY »

The stolen child who went to university

2607 Joe Croft, Charles Perkins SM



After an odyssey in homes for taken-away children, Joe Croft excelled at school and became Australia’s first Aboriginal to enter university. He is pictured with Charlie Perkins, right, the first Indigenous person to graduate from an Australian university. By JOHN P McD SMITHPart Two of a series. FULL STORY »

Home owner bonus: New build sector bleak, says CLP

2606 Gary Higgins SM



Home Owner Bonus: What savings has the government identified for this financial year and the outer years? How is the government reining in their spending, Opposition Leader Gary Higgins asks. FULL STORY »

The GST cake: How horizontal fiscal equalisation works

The Commonwealth Grants Commission, when asked to comment on Bob Beadman’s opinion piece arguing for a needs-based – not race-based – GST distribution, said it is not a policymaking body. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Government fails to protect major tourism asset

p1938-Larapinta-Trail-Peter SM



The West MacDonnell Ranges have now been ravaged by fire for the third time in two decades: Fire scientist Peter Latz (pictured) says the NT Government isn’t spending enough money on precautionary burns during the winter, leaving a catastrophic fuel load for the hot months. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Indecent assault, home invasions

A bicycle rider intervened as a 15-year-old girl is alleged to have been indecently assaulted by a man of Aboriginal appearance at about 3pm yesterday afternoon, say police. FULL STORY »

Pine Gap to buy electricity from NT Government

2603 Tim Duignan SM



Power line construction to employ 30 for 12 months, writes Tim Duignan, Territory Generation Chief Executive Officer (pictured). FULL STORY »

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice

2606 Pioneer Walk-In old SM



The Pioneer Walk-In Picture Theatre is the last of its kind in the Territory. ALEX NELSON recalls battles – some won, some lost – to save places imbued with stories and memories. Now the true believers are gathering again to protect one of the few that are left. Photo: Dark clouds – true to form in The Centre made from red dust, not water – gather when hapless pollies or greedy developers are trying to get their hands on one of the town’s treasures. FULL STORY »

Labor government increased NT deficit by a factor of 18

2606 Gary Higgins SM



Opposition Leader Gary Higgins (pictured) says the NT Government “should own up to having a problem”. He says the CLP left Labor a $78m deficit. At the reported current deficit of $1.4 billion, that is 18 times as much. FULL STORY »

Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara

2499 Ted Egan singer SM2605 Matthew Flinders SM



Bring the remains of Matthew Flinders (at right) to Australia as a hero in Australian history, and rename Australia Day Foundation Day, suggests singer and historian TED EGAN (at left). FULL STORY »

Planning another plan

2602 Alice CBD SM



The entrée served this week is dodging the hard questions. Alice can only hope the main course will not give us indigestion. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.



Kids from The Alice: When Malcolm met Menzies

2602 St Francis (Cooper 1) SMOur new series about high achievers from The Centre begins with the story of Malcolm Cooper who headed up a group of activists instrumental in the historic 1967 Referendum. He is pictured third from right, with a delegation of Aboriginal representatives who met with Prime Minister Robert Menzies in 1963. The author of this series, MARK J SMITH, is the grandson of Father Percy Smith who was the first resident Anglican priest in Alice Springs from 1933 and founder, with his wife Isabel, of St Francis’ House, home for Aboriginal children. FULL STORY »

Council listens to traditional owners on Anzac Oval

2549 Anzac Oval OK SM


The Town Council unanimously affirms community ownership of Anzac Oval, refusing the NT Government’s offer to buy, after considering a resolute letter from traditional owners who want the town to get a National Aboriginal Art Gallery – but not in the Anzac precinct. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

NT and SA amalgamation: Would they have us?

2604 Highway Rest area SM


Centralia? Santasia? Whatever you call it, is it ever going to happen? ALEX NELSON looks at a long and inconclusive debate as the debt-ridden Territory becomes less attractive by the minute to its southern neighbour. PHOTO: A good indicator of South Australia’s lack of interest is the disgraceful state of the rest areas along its section of the Stuart Highway, the major road link between the two. FULL STORY »

Horses to be culled, dead ones left for sun to ‘do its work’

2602 dead horse SM



Management plans will be drawn up seeking to prevent “horses and other feral animals … dying of thirst and hunger because water sources are depleted and overpopulation has led to erosion and vegetation loss,” says the Central Land Council. FULL STORY »

Voices from the deep Centre loud and clear in the big cities

2602 Southeast Desert Metal SM



The originality of metal music from the desert breaks through on an east coast tour. It’s more than sound, it’s history, it’s pain, and a challenge thrown down for the present. KIERAN FINNANE reports. Video by ERWIN CHLANDA. FULL STORY »

Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past




We have other holidays for the past, Anzac Day being the main one, writes Hal Duell (pictured). FULL STORY »

Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory

2602 Nigel Scullion, Scott Morrison SM



“I mean, there comes a time when these guys have got to do their own heavy lifting,” says Scott Morrison. “I don’t think it’s the Commonwealth’s job – and Commonwealth taxpayers’ – to pay for the mismanagement of state or territory governments.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Our big achievers give Oz Day its special meaning

2533 Anzac Day 5 Kinsman SM



Their acknowledgement makes January 26 a day to remember. Pictured: Sydney (Syd) George Kinsman. FULL STORY »

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case

2601 basket case 1 SM



Huge GST bonuses for big Indigenous population and remoteness aren’t saving the Territory from record deficit, and haven’t stopped its government from ruinous borrowing. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it

2604 Alex Australia Day 2 Bloodwood SM


While our country endures another round of self-flagellation over the suitability of January 26 as Australia’s national day, it will probably surprise many to learn that Alice Springs and the Northern Territory played prominent roles in the history of this public holiday. ALEX NELSON reports. Photo: Dominant Folk Society performers (Evans, Barford, Balfour and Foran) founded their band “Bloodwood” (pictured) and were part of the local Oz Day debate. FULL STORY »

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery

p2499p Doris & Peter 2 SM2604 Benedict Stevens SM



They say their position has already been made clear, reiterating in a letter today that the family group “fully support” the National Aboriginal Art gallery being built in Alice Springs, but “at a culturally appropriate site” that does not include Anzac Oval. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Central Arrernte formalise alliance

p2605 Central Arrernte Alliance certificate SM
Central Arrernte Alliance Aboriginal Corporation aims to “assist in the relief of poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, distress, suffering, and misfortune, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, through the process of supporting social and economic development”. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Updated, 25 January 2019, 11.36 am. FULL STORY »

Mayor Ryan, CM Gunner mum on art gallery

p22102-Damien-Ryan-SM2472 Michael Gunner SM



Mayor Damien Ryan (at left) won’t say whether he is supporting 10 traditional owners on the national art gallery issue, and CM Michael Gunner (at right) won’t say what – if anything – has resulted from his “consideration” of the project. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Tassie’s flash MONA embraces Metal from The Centre

2602 Gavin Hayes SM



Listening to metal music from the desert was a well-received contrast for the mostly affluent-looking patrons at Hobart’s MONA gallery, reports RAINER CHLANDA. Photo of Southeast lead guitarist Gavin Hayes by Duncan Giblin. FULL STORY »

Air race re-enactment government’s latest financial folly

2602 air race pic 9 SM


The NT Government, reeling under the Territory’s gravest ever financial crisis, is putting $400,000 into a venture managed in a way World Solar challenge founder Hans Tholstrup says makes no sense whatsoever: The Great Air Race. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: The Vickers Vimy which was the first aircraft to be flown from London to Darwin, 100 years ago.