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Kilgariff blocks: $170,000 each to construct



This “road closed” sign will be consigned to history soon with the opening of the first part of the suburb Kilgariff, built by the NT Government’s Land Development Corporation because no private developer could be found. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Third rapist of European tourists, Bruce Impu, to plead guilty



The third man involved in the gang rape at gunpoint of two European tourists in Alice Springs in May 2012 has indicated that he will plead guilty in the Supreme Court to the charges against him. The man, Bruce Impu (pictured), faces eight charges of sexual intercourse without consent and knowing or being reckless as to the person’s lack of consent. He has at last been identified thanks to a roll-over statement by one of his co-offenders and to conversations recorded by listening devices. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Good-bye cultural cringe, hello shared identity: Alice centre should lead the nation




A national indigenous centre should be established in Alice Springs as “a living space where people come together to learn, collaborate, celebrate and share the knowledge of our Indigenous history and culture”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alice based NGO Waltja tops national award




Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation from Alice Springs last night topped the 2014 Indigenous Governance Awards for the best run Aboriginal organisation or project in Australia. PHOTO by Wayne Quilliam shows Waltja staff Sonja Dare, Erin Turner, and James Fielding. FULL STORY »

Gunner attacks Giles over ‘slush fund’




Adam Giles continues to deny links between the CLP Government and slush fund Foundation 51 despite the mounting evidence, including leaked emails, to the contrary, writes Michael Gunner, Shadow Attorney-General.


Beats at bottleshops to stay




“I think I’d be losing my job” if Temporary Beat Locations outside bottleshops stopped, Alice Springs Police Commander Kate Vanderlaan told the Town Council last night. KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Culture centre: No place like Alice




“It’s needed in Australia so let’s have it here.” Chamber of Commerce CEO Kay Eade (pictured) gives her unreserved thumbs-up to the proposed national indigenous culture centre in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Central Australian music to be showcased to the world




Aboriginal music from Central Australia will be showcased to an international audience next month during the Australasian World Music Expo in Melbourne from November 13 to 16.


Police operation to target summer crime




Police are well prepared for the expected increase in visitor numbers to Alice Springs for the summer which has seen increased rates of general and alcohol related crime, writes Kate Vanderlaan, Police Commander of the Southern Command.


Current council could get extra year in power



The current Town Council could get an extra year in power if proposed reforms to local government elections go through. And municipal councils could in future appoint their mayor (“principal member”), rather than have the people elect her or him. KIERAN FINNANE reports. 


The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act

With the Commonwealth Government’s push for 99-year leases, the Forrest Report call for Aboriginal land to be privatised so as to be bought and sold, and attacks upon the Northern Land Council in particular over their defence of traditional ownership and their responsibilities under the Land Rights Act, the iconic 1976 Land Rights Act is under threat like never before, writes Ian Viner AO QC, former Liberal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.


Government pays $300,000 contribution to Lasseters




The NT Government is paying an “operating contribution” of $300,000 this financial year to Lasseters hotel, casino and convention centre, owned by a company based in Malaysia. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alice bakery to close




Ten jobs are expected to be lost when a local bakery closes down next month. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Where to now for council and Stuart statue?



What should the Alice Springs Town Council do about the clearly expressed wish by Arrernte people associated with Akeyulerre Inc, an Arrernte healing centre on Stuart Terrace, to remove the statue of explorer John McDouall Stuart just across the road? Should they begin by responding to an open letter, addressed to Stuart but forwarded to the Mayor and elected members in the hope of a “very respectful discussion”?  KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Palmer pushes for Federal probe of NT electoral donations




The Palmer United Party will seek a Senate inquiry into the activities of the Northern Territory government following moves to scrap an independent investigation into NT political donations, writes the party’s Federal Leader, Clive Palmer. FULL STORY »

Campaign donations: what a mess!

While the NT Electoral Commission is declining to deal with reports from a whistleblower claiming that Chief Minister Adam Giles has failed to declare an election donation worth several thousand dollars, Mr Giles is announcing “a wide-ranging investigation into political donation processes and legislation”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

‘Tip Top Tip’ award for Lajamanu



The Central Desert Regional Council won its second “Tip Top Tip” Award at the Territory Tidy Towns Awards on Friday night. The Lajamanu waste management facility’s victory follows Yuendumu’s in 2013.


Giles ducks allegations, Electoral Commission refuses probe



Chief Minister Adam Giles has still not confirmed nor denied whether he was given the use of a 4WD (similar to the one pictured) for two months during his 2012 election campaign without declaring this to the NT Electoral Commission. And the commission refuses to probe the allegation although a whistleblower is offering full cooperation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


MacDonnell communities hope for Territory Tidy Towns win



 UPDATE, October 24, 5.15pm: MacDonnell Regional Council has won in six categories of the awards.

MacDonnell Regional Council’s President, Sid Anderson and CEO, Jeff MacLeod, along with workers from each of their region’s three finalist communities are hoping for a win at tonight’s Territory Tidy Towns awards in Darwin. FULL STORY »

Gough Whitlam: first Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs




The Aboriginal flag outside the Central Land Council in Alice Springs is flying at half mast today as Central Australian Aboriginal people mourn the passing of Australia’s 21st Prime Minister, Edward Gough Whitlam, write Francis Kelly (Chairman) and David Ross (CEO), of the Central Land Council. FULL STORY »

Prison contracts: robust debate ends with “talk soon”



A potentially explosive meeting about local firms losing business to the prison workshops ends amicably – and on a promising note. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: New 600 square meter metal workshop at the Alice Springs jail.


NT Ministers win inaugural Mushroom Award





Four NT Government Ministers share the inaugural Mushroom Award, an initiative of the Alice Springs News Online to encourage government honesty and transparency.


The light work of many hands




It started with an aesthetic idea – a vision of the loveliness of pinch pots, the simplest of ceramic forms, en masse. It became an idea about community. To get the thousands needed to fill the gallery, ceramicists Suzi Lyon and Mel Robson had to involve other people, writes KIERAN FINNANE.


Local business has nothing to fear: Prison bosses




Correctional Services launched a robust media blitz this morning countering rumours that taxpayer funded enterprises being set up in the jail will harm local businesses. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Puzzle over gas tank near new flats



The positioning of a service station gas tank close to dwellings under construction in Larapinta Drive is having authorities, the station’s owner and land developers scratching their heads. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Cr Melky’s lonely triumph



The Town Council’s Finance Committee appeared to meet entirely in open session last night. Not only were the full monthly accounts included in the papers, as they have been for some months now; there were also open officer reports and nil confidential reports. The landmark event may well have gone unnoticed except for the congratulatory remarks of Councillor Eli Melky. He directed them to the CEO and Director of Finance as well as to his fellow elected members. But nobody took the opportunity to congratulate him where the credit was perhaps most due. Why, you might wonder? KIERAN FINNANE reports.


$10m of taxpayers’ money, what’s it doing for us?


Q: What contribution does the convention centre make to our tourist industry? A: That depends on whom you ask.

PHOTO: Tourism NT’s convention advertising on the web – what “culture” might that be? Drinking culture? Oh, that blob in the background is Uluru. Conventions at the Ayers Rock Resort are competing with the Alice Springs Convention Centre. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Bush community: E. coli scare over



The people in the community of Ampilatwatja have been told to boil their drinking water as many have been struck down with vomiting and diarrhoea, according to a community source. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Water tower at Ampilatwatja.



GFC and the Margin Call – act now before Statute of Limitations expires

Time is running out for legal action on GFC related losses, writes Michael Parisi. FULL STORY »

Outback Way: $40m in NT over next three years





The NT and Canberra will jointly fund construction of the Outback Way within the Northern Territory to the tune of $40m over thee years, it was announced today by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss (pictured) and NT Chief Minister Adam Giles. FULL STORY »

Fuel talkfest tightly stage-managed, says Labor


  Yesterday’s fuel price summit was carefully stage-managed event did not allow questions or comments from attendees which prompted audience frustration,  writes Leader of the Opposition Delia Lawrie.


Born here and aged 25, that makes you old enough!




It was an ode to Alice Springs last Saturday, as is the Territorian Dinner every year, an ode to the town’s people, its lifestyle, community spirit and magnificent scenery. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. NOTE UPDATE! FULL STORY »

Has Adam Giles failed to disclose election donation?



Chief Minister Adam Giles will not answer questions about whether he received a substantial political donation, and failed to declare it to the NT Electoral Commission. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

The boom’s on its way!




As projects announced recently, and some yet to be, begin to come on line we will see a turnaround in the town’s economy, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the seventies.


NT Government thinking about selling TIO



For several months, the NT Government has been investigating what opportunities might exist for the Territory under the Commonwealth’s asset recycling incentive program, writes Chief Minister Adam Giles (pictured).


Dole: Who are the bludgers?


It’s an outrage: dole bludgers lying on the couch all day, smoking dope, pooling their money fleeced from the taxpayer to rent a share house, while we’re out there, working our guts out, keeping the economy afloat, by the sweat of our brow. Onya, Tony, for getting right up them. Learn or earn, you bastards. Mmh. But is there a flipside? ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Centrelink office in Alice Springs. FULL STORY »

Bushfires: huge task, lack of men & machines




The trouble with controlling bushfires is the massive amount of information we do not have, says renowned Central Australian botanist, Peter Latz. And even the sparse knowledge we do have can’t be put to much use because we don’t have the assets. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Hand back of Coniston Massacre site



The traditional owners of Yurrkuru (Brooks Soak) will receive the title next Wednesday to a sacred site where the dingo trapper Fred Brooks was killed by Aboriginal men in 1928, followed what has been called the Coniston Massacre. PHOTO: A monument that was unveiled, and woman dancing around it, in 2003 at Brooks Soak. FULL STORY »

What’s in this issue?


Current council could get extra year in power.

NT Government pays $300,000 contribution to Lasseters.

Campaign donations: what a mess!

Gough Whitlam: first Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Giles ducks car use allegations, Electoral Commission refuses probe.

NT Ministers win inaugural Mushroom Award.

Prison contracts: robust debate ends with “talk soon”.

Local business have nothing to fear: Prison bosses.

Cr Melky’s lonely triumph

Convention Centre: What’s $10m of public money doing for us?

Has Giles failed to disclose election donation? 

“Major Project” – Fact follows fiction.

Dole: Who are the bludgers?



Kilgariff blocks: $170,000 each to construct.

Alice based NGO Waltja tops national award.

Third rapist of European tourists, Bruce Impu, to plead guilty.

Good-bye cultural cringe, hello shared identity: Alice centre should lead nation.

Culture centre: No place like Alice.

Beats at bottleshops to stay.

Alice bakery to close.

Puzzle over gas tank near new flats. 

Masters Games: Pool the place to be, but cooler weather from tomorrow.

E. coli infection outbreak: community told to boil its water. 

Tangentyere to be more transparent – not by choice.

Outback Way: $40m in NT over next three years.

Strehlow conference: The power of ‘we’.

Hand back of Coniston Massacre site.

Bushfires: huge task, lack of men & machines.



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Central Australian music to be showcased to the world.

The light work of many hands.

Weekend of world movies at Alice Springs Cinemas

Born here and aged 25, that makes you old enough! 

Economy still affecting Maters Games.



Steve Brown: The boom is on its way! 



Police operation to target summer crime.

Gunner attacks Giles over ‘slush fund’.

The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act.

Lajamanu ‘Tip Top Tip’ winner 2014.

Palmer pushes for Federal probe of NT electoral donations.

Massive swing against Labor in Casuarina.

Row over CLP political donations heats up.

Community Bank sponsors life saving equipment. 

Anti fracking rally on Saturday.

Giles: No more Mr Nice Guy on fuel prices. FULL STORY »