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Cr Melky left out in the cold on curfew

p2466 ASTC Chansey SM
His picture of a town “under siege” failed to persuade his colleagues who made clear their preference for outreach services and grassroots community action with young people. Three NT MLAs (pictured) were in the chamber for the debate. Meanwhile, the issue of flying the Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill has been skirted. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

ICAC likely to target town planning decisions: Paech

2463 Chansey Paech SM



And the Namatjira MLA (pictured) says not much is happening at the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Rotary, Purple House allies in fighting illness

2463 Sarah Brown, Ian Riseley SM



Rotary International president Ian Riseley and Sarah Brown, nurturing links: A global service club which has helped to largely eradicate polio world-wide, and a Territory NGO dealing with spreading kidney disease. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Alice Springs losing the space race?

p2351 Robyn Lambley SM



A rocket launch site project in Arnhem Land is being discussed behind closed doors, writes Robyn Lambley MLA, Independent Member for Araluen.


Stealth party to mark 50 years of Pine Gap

Pine Gap

The spy base is coy about it: No media passes for their gala dinner. Can we go to the function for the ordinary folk? Ask Donald Trump’s mates in Moscow.

UPDATE 4:45pm:

Chansey Paech misses out.

UPDATE July 25, 11:30am Party for site personnel and invited guests only.” FULL STORY »

Coast to coast ‘grand tour’ for cycling architects 

p2465 Owen & Bobbie cu SM

How does place influenced the way Australians live? This is the focus of a year-long, east-west traversal of the country, by Bobbie Bayley and Owen Kelly, travelling on bicycles. After setting out in February, they’ve just arrived in Alice Springs. KIERAN FINNANE  reports. FULL STORY »

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.




Aboriginal flag celebrates a race, not a nation, says Cr Steve Brown who says he will be seeking re-election to the Alice Springs Town Council. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


More of Feds’ trillion dollar spend for Indigenous providers

2462 Finke CDP SM



By mid next year, 100% of jobs for the dole programs will be provided by Aboriginal NGOs or firms, says Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion. Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Land rights campaigner, atomic blast survivor remembered

p2465 Maralinga blast SM
The Territory Government and the NT’s  federal Labor representatives have paid tribute to the life of  Yami Lester OAM who passed away in Alice Springs on Friday, with the Territory Government offering his family a State Funeral. FULL STORY »

Police update on missing UK tourist

2462 Michael Denon-Ross OK


Michael Denon-Ross (pictured) has not been seen since July 8.


UPDATE July 22


UPDATE July 22 @ 1:30pm: The car hire company has notified police that Mr Denon-Ross is safe and well. FULL STORY »

Desert Festival launches with Henley-on-Todd

p2463 Festival pirates SM


The collaboration may be a win-win – an outlet for youthful creativity, revitalising the somewhat formulaic H-o-T, substantially extending what it offers, and perhaps also drawing H-o-T audiences to other festival events. KIERAN FINNANE previews the festival program. FULL STORY »

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?




There’s a fair bit of this: “Evidence to indicate that well integrity has been an issue for the onshore shale gas industry. However, recent technological improvements have resulted in a considerably improved performance in the integrity of modern wells.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


No quorum to debate Cr Melky’s youth curfew motion

p2462 ASTC SM
A fortnight ago Councillor Eli Melky said a curfew would do “more harm than good” but now it’s back on his agenda.  The meeting, which was also looking to council for direction on flying the Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill, was postponed until next Monday. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Getting youth issues into FOCAS

p1912 Bob Durnan SM



Sizzle, dance and basketball, and a bus trip home: Community action for kids that’s doing a lot more than complaining, as participant Bob Durnan (pictured) reports.


New proof that Aborigines have been in Oz 65,000 years

2462 Kakadu dig SM



“Toolkit” found in Kakadu site by Australian-led international team.


Fracking wells’ water use double CSIRO’s estimate




The interim report of the fracking inquiry shows that the drilling and fracking processes used for shale gas extraction come with inherent risks and can lead to unsafe outcomes and water pollution, writes Naomi Hogan (pictured), from Lock the Gate NT.


Bushmob: Wakefield is a million dollars out

2460 Bushmob car chain SM



Pleas for upgrading government-owned facilities to prevent absconding fell on deaf ears, says manager of the rehabilitation facility 90 kms east of Alice Springs. In the absence of a safe compound, vehicles are tethered to buildings to prevent theft. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Yaye’s Café at Araluen to close tomorrow

2463 Yaye's Cafe 2 SM



Culture Department gives no further details but says it will call tenders.


Youth crime: Consider tailored curfew, says Opposition




Shut-down of Loves Creek, robbery show Government measures aren’t working, writes GARY HIGGINS (pictured), Leader of the Opposition.


More Virgin flights out of Alice pushing down prices

p2462 Dave Batic SM



Northern Territory Airports is pushing Virgin Airlines to provide a Brisbane-Alice-Perth route after it increased its flights between Darwin and Adelaide via Alice. FULL STORY »

Alice council heading for Donald Trump style dynasty?

p2405 Donald Trump SM2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Mayor Damien Ryan is set to become the father-in-law of youthful council candidate Joshua Burgoyne (at right) in next month’s election. Walking in the footsteps of Donald Trump (at left)?


Another early intervention program for troubled kids

2461 Operation Flinders SM



And now “outdoor elements of army life and culture” are getting a shot. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Government concessions: some are not getting a say

2461 aged people SM



NTCOSS wants more time for public comment on the review of the Pensioner Carer Concession Scheme and says it should be extended to other people in need, writes Marnie Round of the Northern Territory Council of Social Service.


Scullion, Higgins demand GST action from Gunner




The NT Government must explain “what has gone so badly wrong” write Senator Nigel Scullion (pictured), Minister for Indigenous Affairs, and Gary Higgins, Northern Territory Opposition Leader.


27-year-old stands for council

2460 Joshua Burgoyne SM



Sport, kerbside recycling and encouraging small business would be his aims as a councillor, writes Joshua “Burgs” Burgoyne.


All over 65 should get same benefits: Seniors

2460 Seniors expo 2016 SM



Expert Review Group representing seniors makes its point to NT Government which is reviewing benefits being paid to them. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Seniors Expo 2016.


Shopping trolleys cause nuisance, danger in CBD

2460 shopping trolleys 1 SM


They block entrances to businesses, fire escapes and pedestrians who may avoid them by stepping on the road and get run over. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 4:15pm Council statement “blatantly incorrect,” says Mr Fraser.


Bushmob absconding: no reliable phone to alert police, resort

2459 Ken Davies SMp2233 Ross River SMBushmob CEO Will Macgregor tells Territory Families chief Ken Davies (at left) that the organisation is pulling the pin on Loves Creek because of a litany of neglect and incompetence of the department, and how these problems are linked with alleged offences last week at the Ross River Resort (at right) by five absconders. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

UPDATE 10:15am from police, Territory Families. FULL STORY »

Bushmob quits Loves Creek deal: Government let us down

2459 bushmob SM

Territory Families department failed to come good with promises to fix up the phone communication system, lighting, security cameras, basic fencing and access to adequate water and power supply, says CEO Will MacGregor. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

UPDATE 2:50pm

UPDATE 7:20pm: Statement by Minister Wakefield. FULL STORY »

Town camp women stand against violence

p2460 Women's march 1 SM

“We are not just numbers,” was the message at today’s march against violence, led by town camp women. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

House prices for quarter down 5%, units 7%, unit sales up.

2459 Gillen Araluen SM


And as for the year ending June 30, the local L J Hooker boss Doug Fraser says there was a marked increase in the number of houses sold but unit sales were at the lowest rate since the company started to keep records. PHOTO: Araluen, where in the June quarter 13 houses were sold but the prices dropped 17% from the March quarter, while next-door in Gillen there was the same number of sales but prices rose 2.4%.


‘Extreme concerns’ for Denny Jones

2460 Denny Jones SM



Police appeal for dash cam footage.


Fracking enquiry to be guided by union membership?




Territorians have been blessed with abundant supplies of natural gas which can form an important part of Australia’s energy supply and security into the future, writes GARY HIGGINS (pictured), Leader of the Opposition.


The power struggle: Schedule for new generators contested

2459 Territory Generation SM


An agreement between Territory Generation and the Electrical Trades Union is still far from reality on issues of supply reliability, remote control from Darwin of the operations and scheduling the shut-down of the Ron Goodin power station near the centre of Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from a TGen brochure sent to Alice households after disclosures in the Alice Springs News Online about ongoing concerns over blackouts.


UPDATE July 13, 12:20pm from the Power and Water Corporation.


5 abscond from Bush Mob, allegedly steal car, booze, cash from Ross River tourist resort and cattle station

2459 social media


Don’t approach them, say police.

UPDATE Saturday 10am from Families Minister Dale Wakefield.

UPDATE Saturday 12:15pm: Three arrests.


Triumphant painting revival at Papunya

p2459 Papunya Tjupi Tilau SMp2459 Papunya Tjupi group SM



Far from simply trading off the art historical prestige of their community, a new generations of artists at Papunya are reinvigorating  its proud tradition. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Street kids: Is Positive Loitering worth a try?

 2459 Kittles street kids SM
Turning the US and THEM into just US? Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.  


Cattle in great condition at the Show

2459 Show cattle 1 SM


Brilliant weather draws big crowd to Show. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Kids crisis: Town board to keep check on govt. agencies?




Town Councillor, conservative political activist and businessman STEVE BROWN, in a guest comment, calls for a local board to keep an ongoing check on the work of government instrumentalities, and for an overnight place for kids that is “the coolest in town” but that they can leave only if they are picked up by a parent or guardian, or are being bussed to a supervised home.


All bulls find buyers at Show sale

2459 bull sale 1 SM



Average prices just under $5000. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


We need to get these kids off the streets: Wakefield




Yesterday’s Kittle riot “behaviour is absolutely unacceptable” but all prevention measures the Minister (pictured) mentions will depend on the cooperation of the young people. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Bright future, sheer talent, the MONA effect: upbeat NAIDOC

p2459 NAIDOC Tjupi Crystal SMp2459 NAIDOC Chasney 2 SM
“We are here and really positive and happy to work towards a bright future for everyone,” says MLA Chansey Paech, who led today’s NAIDOC march. He also comments on Harold Furber’s announcement about merging the national Indigenous art gallery and the cultural centre projects.

Indigenous art gallery, cultural centre: combined or separate?

p2459 Lauren Moss (2411 ) presser CU SMp2459 NAIDOC Harold Furber 250


We will take advice, says Tourism and Culture Minister Lauren Moss (right) after Harold Furber (left) announces consultations will begin on “the entire project”. FULL STORY »

Kittles car yard empty after kids run amok

2458 vandalism Car to Car SM32458 Kittle empty 2 SM


The town’s biggest car yard today at 3:30 am (at left) and at 7pm. Police Acting Assistant Commissioner says: “They are not our kids. We can only react to what they are doing.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Australia’s top furniture designer in 2017: Alice’s Elliat Rich

p2458 Elliat Place full SMp2458 Elliat Placedrawer SM



A refined furniture piece designed by Alice Springs based designer Elliat Rich has won the Australian Furniture Design Award, announced at a gala occasion in Adelaide tonight. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Show is a snapshot of the region, says GG

2458 Governor General 3SM



Tomorrow’s Show will be a snapshot of the hardiness and pioneering spirit of people in The Centre, says Governor General. He spoke with ERWIN CLANDA. He is pictured with Nerys Evans and Ted Egan at a reception hosted by Mayor Damien Ryan yesterday.


Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit

2458 vandalism SM22458 vandalism SM1

Dozens of cars trashed, tyres burned. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

UPDATE 2:17pm: Take class action against government, says Councillor Eli Melky (see story comment).

UPDATE 3:54pm: From police. FULL STORY »

Advice on ‘insane’ air fares from blackfeller Bob Katter

2457 Q&A Bob Katter SM



Brief air fares debate tops last night’s Q&A which was short anything new about Aboriginal issues but the panel and audience alike were determined to be constructive. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Pictured: Mr Katter.


Respect language and the loss of language: NAIDOC forum

p2457 Apmere forum Felicity SM



There are a lot of different Aboriginal language groups in this town and,  within the Arrernte world, a lot of different experiences of language. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

NT Government creates Aboriginal Justice Unit




It will build trust and engagement on justice issues, focus on practical solutions to reduce the levels of Indigenous incarceration and deliver strategies for the implementation of more local decision-making in the justice system, writes Natasha Fyles (pictured), Attorney-General and Minister for Justice.


Government, council collaborate on spending $6.2 for sport

2456 Traeger oval 1 SM



New surfaces for tennis and hockey are among the possibilities, says council sports committee chairman Bruce Walker. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Traeger Park oval.


I’m not kungka, I’m arelhe

p2456 Apmere Lorrayne SM



The Pitjantjatjara word for woman, ‘kungka’, has become well known, but Pitjantjatjara is not the language of this place, Arrernte is, and  ‘arelhe’ is the Arrernte word for woman. KIERAN FINNANE reports. FULL STORY »

Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS

2454 Eileen Van Iersel SM


Justice must always present a fair and compassionate face, even more so as the deep flaws in the judicial approach to young offenders in the NT are under such intense scrutiny, writes Eileen Van lersel (pictured), CEO of Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid.


13 year old denied bail after rampage

2454 Middle Earth SM


Judge to offender: “You’re not going back into the community. The community can’t afford you. It’s quite clear that you and your family are not going to pick up the damages for what you’ve caused. And, presumably, and I infer this, you’ve got no understanding of that … you don’t know where money comes from other than the government gives it out.” ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Restaurant broken into.

EDITOR’S NOTE, 12:50pm June 21. FULL STORY »

Protective custody tailored for street kids an option?

2454 street kids mask 670


A spokesperson for Families Minister Dale Wakefield says there are talks with the newly renovated Youth Centre and the functions of the new Youth Outreach Centre are being developed. It will take NT and local governments as well as NGOs to deal with the problem. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. FULL STORY »

Will Minister keep delinquent kids off the streets?




Dale Wakefield (pictured) says a new facility in the CBD will provide “a safe, friendly environment for youth … aimed at diverting kids off our streets and on to a better path”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.